-1A/N: Hey there. Just a very short one-shot I wrote while bored. It's my first Inuyasha fic, so sorry if it's a little off. Also, I spelt it 'Tessaiga' not 'Tetsusaiga'. The first is supposedly the right way. Does it really matter though? Enjoy!

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Their scent was everywhere. Multiple eyes stared at them from all sides. They were surrounded.

Kirara growled at them, despite the blood that matted her fur from numerous wounds. She stood faithfully beside her friends.

Shippo was standing half behind her, the large cat demon offering protection to the small fox demon.

Sango crouched on tired legs. Her giant boomerang, Hiraikotsu, seemed to be growing heavier with each passing minute.

Miroku stood on Kirara's other side, panting. He clenched his right hand reflexively, his left tightly gripping his prayer beads. Standing between the monk and the demon slayer were two figures.

Kagome had her bow drawn, her last arrow ready and waiting to be fired. Her face was set into a determined grimace.

Inuyasha stood tall and proud, ignoring his many injuries. He held Tessaiga as steady as he could. He could smell blood everywhere. The air was thick with it.

The bodies of countless demons littered the barren wasteland. The six companions were battered, bruised and bleeding. They looked pitifully small against the massive force they faced. Together, on the blood-drenched land, they silently seemed to pass a signal to each other.

Shippo nodded, fearful, but determined not to show it.

Miroku's grip on his beads became tighter, his knuckles white with strain.

Sango shifted her weapon, ready to throw it one last time. She wanted to make sure she got the best shot to take as many with her as possible.

Kirara tensed her body, her two tails standing erect. The fire-cat demon bared all of her sharp fangs, growling ferociously.

Kagome drew her bowstring back a little further, stretching it to it's limit. She poured all of her remaining power into her last arrow. The last arrow she would ever fire would purify many on it's flight through the throng.

Inuyasha bared his fangs and snarled. He narrowed his amber eyes. With an inhumane cry and a wild jump, he leapt into the air and swung Tessaiga as hard as he could.

The hundreds of demons that were obliterated by the Wind Scar seemed to be the signal the rest were waiting for. They rushed at the six, a terrifying sight. One flew straight for Kagome, jaws gaping. It's fangs were inches from her face -

"Aaaaagh!" she screamed, falling to the floor with her bed sheets tangled around her. It took her a few moments to realise that she had just had a nightmare. Sighing thankfully, she made a vow to herself.

"Okay, no more leftover pizza and late-night horror movies for me!"


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