Jack watched as Daniel dialled the last symbol and pressed the activation button in the centre. He scanned the surroundings, they seemed to have managed to elude their followers for a while, though he had no idea how, after all they HAD to know that the humans were headed for the Stargate! He had expected a fire-fight to gain access.

"GO!" He shouted and Daniel headed for the gate, as he did so a bright light seemed to pierce his body, reminiscent of the scan that Thors hammer had done to them all those years ago on Cimmeria. Jack watched as the scan passed over Teal'c and himself and settled on Carter, the light flashed brightly and then… they were all stood exactly where they had been, but the wormhole was disengaged.

"Daniel!" he shouted and the archaeologist ran back to he DHD dialling again, Jack scanned the treeline and shouted "Everyone OK?", he got positives from his three team members and then he saw movement "Heads UP!"

The wormhole whooshed into existence again, Daniel using his remote as he ran towards the shimmering surface. Jack and Teal'c shot into the oncoming Jaffa and waited until Carter and Daniel had disappeared and backed towards the horizon, he felt the cold envelop him and suddenly he was looking at the blue surface stepping backwards onto he ramp.

"Close the Iris" all four of them shouted together and the metal spiral moved into place.

Jack turned "What the hell was that?" he asked

"SG1! What happened?" Hammonds voice came over the speakers, Jack noticed that the SFs had not stood down as they usually would when they had a closed iris.

"That's what I just asked Sir, we were being chased, we dialled, headed for the 'gate, there was a light, then suddenly the gate was… off" he waved his hand in front of him "we had to dial again and only just escaped before we were overrun by Jaffa"

"The gate activated and your code was sent through over 30 minutes ago!" Hammond said. "We tried to dial back when you didn't come through but we couldn't get a lock"

"30 minutes sir?" that didn't make sense. He knew it was not the first time they had 'lost' time, but if they had been there for a full 30 minutes the Jaffa should have captured them, they were only a minute or so behind them after all.

"Report to the infirmary, De-brief at 14:00" Hammond said.

Jack unclipped his weapon and handed it off to the Master Sergeant, watching as everyone else did the same, Carter was the last to hand hers over and it had no sooner left her hands than she collapsed on the floor.

"MEDIC!" Jack shouted as he rushed to her side. They must have been standing by just in case because the blast doors opened almost immediately and they efficiently lifted her onto a trolley and wheeled her out while the doctor was attaching the gas/blood-pressure thing to her finger.

The three male members of SG1 fell in behind the parade, having to wait for the lift to descend again to pick them up, putting them a couple of minutes behind Carter arriving at the infirmary.

The new doctor was buzzing around Carter and the men refused to be seen until he paused and came over to them.

"You may as well get your medicals now, then you will be free to stay or go as you please"

"Carter?" Jack asked him

"Don't know yet, we have to run some tests, get an MRI first, then, well we will see. It could take a while, but it could be that she just fainted"

"Carter doesn't 'just faint'" he insisted "something happened to us when we got to the 'gate, we were scanned, or something, the light hit Carter last"

"I will review Dr Fraisers notes on Major Carter and see if there is any hint as to a cause, and then I will also have a baseline to work the tests from" All the infirmary staff paled slightly at the mention of the recently deceased doctor, the new man didn't seem to notice in the slightest. He pointed each of the men at a trolley surrounded by almost fully drawn curtains, each with a nurse standing by. They looked at each other and Jack gave a shrug with his head, and they separated and went for their post mission physical.

By 13:30 there was still no news from the Doc about Carter, her scans showed no snake, her blood-work, that which could be done in the time so far, showed no abnormalities, her heart was strong, he blood gasses fine, her brainwaves showed she wasn't sleeping, but she wasn't awake, she showed no signs of consciousness.

The phone in the doctors office rang and he came out towards the men sitting around the bed. "The General asked me to remind you that you have to de-brief in 30 minutes, and I suggest you have something to eat before going."

The team-mates just looked at him and then focussed on the patient on the bed again. "Colonel!" he sounded irritated.

"We will eat after the de-brief" he told him "We don't have enough time now"

"Make sure you do sir, your files show a marked disregard for your own welfare while one of the team is injured, Dr Fraiser may have allowed it, but I certainly won't, if you do not co-operate you will be barred from the infirmary" he faltered as Jack turned his gaze upon him, and retreated.

He had used the look on him that he would have given Baal if he had suddenly appeared in front of them, Daniel smiled slightly, Teal'c just inclined his head in respect.

15 minutes later they stood as one, with no visible sign of communication and trouped out of the ward.

They told the General everything they knew about what had happened on the planet, which wasn't that much as they had run into a Jaffa patrol after being on the world for less than 3 hours. They had quickly retreated, but were seen and pursued, then they dialled, saw the 'scan' light and then they dialled again!

Jack mentioned the similarity between the beam and the scan from Thors Hammer and the General ordered Walter to send a message to the Asgard to see if they had had anything to do with the lost time. Jack was doubtful, after all whoever it was dropped them right back into what could have been trouble, and had not asked for help, as the small grey race was wont to do.

The doctor sat apart from the team, 2 places away from Teal'c, and gave his report, such as it was, there was no sign of infection by a symbiote in any of them, nothing showing up in any of them that differed from the norm, except the fact that Major Carter wasn't awake.

Hammond told the new man to keep him informed and told Jack he knew where to reach him if he was needed and dismissed the team.

Teal'c and Daniel peeled off to the commissary and brought their lunches and Jacks to the infirmary, the doctor was about to object to them eating in his nice clean ward but another of Jacks basilisk stares was enough to shut him up.

"He isn't going to last long here" Daniel said quietly

"Good" said Jack, and kept on eating.

At 22:00 Daniel headed off to sleep, on Jacks orders, which only came 2 hours after the Doctor had tried the same. Teal'c decided to Kel'no'reem for a few hours and Jack settled in the uncomfortable plastic chair for his vigil.

He was relieved by Teal'c at 03:00, he had no news to pass on. Daniel was there on his own when he made his way back to her bedside at 09:00, he too had nothing to report. So it continued through the day, always at least one of team sat waiting for her to rise.

The Doctor complained officially to Hammond about the behaviour of SG1, at 16:00 and was told to 'suck it up', there was no way in hell he was going to order them to not be there, he knew how pointless such an order would be, and how many SFs he would need to arrest Teal'c for disobeying an order, never mind Jack!

The doctor filed a formal protest and was on his way back to the academy hospital before the ink was dry.

A doctor they had met slightly a few years earlier, when they had a load of refugees from a planet to look after, arrived within an hour of the other doctor leaving. She was calm and collected, she studied Carters file and the test results and then asked to talk with the team and the General.

"I want you all to talk to her, as much as you can" she said, which they had actually been doing "Also I am a great believer in touch, hold her hand, wipe her forehead, anything, but try to keep a connection." Jack shifted uncomfortably, the last thing he wanted was to be touching Carter… actually that was a total lie! He would give anything to touch her, all over, but she had a boyfriend and the rules and situation that had kept them apart for the last…almost 7 years… were unchanged. He caught Hammond looking at him sympathetically and he cleared his throat.

If Carter needed it, he could do it, Daniel wouldn't have a problem with it at all, Teal'c was not a very tactile person, but Jack knew he also would do whatever he could to aid her recovery.

Daniel took the first shift after this talk, and when Jack came back 5 hours later he was stroking her arm with one hand and holding the hand at the end of it with his other, and he was talking 19 to the dozen! The Doctor came over as soon as she saw him and told him Carters…something waves… were more… something… he tuned out the babble. When she noticed his lack of attention to the graph she was displaying she simplified things for him.

"It looks as if she may be coming out of it, whatever IT is" she told him, he sighed in relief, at last another Doctor who could speak English! Daniel beamed and Jack clapped him on the shoulder.

They sat together for half an hour then Daniel rose and said he was off to bed, Jack sat in his place but made no attempt to touch her until he was reminded by the departing man. He picked up her small delicate hand, amazed as always that she had accomplished so much while seeming to be so fragile, this tiny hands held a P90 at full burst without wavering, they had blown up a sun! Without realising it Jack started talking to her about all the amazing things she had done over the years, he never even noticed when Daniel actually left.

The clock was just moving into the next day when she moved her head slightly, he stood up and brushed the hair away from her face gently.

"Wake up now Carter, I think you have slept long enough" he saw a slight smile on her face as she moved again. "Come on! You don't want me to get Daniel again do you? I swear he could put a glass eye to sleep" he tucked the errant strand behind her ear and her lips moved.

He leaned closer to her to hear what she was saying, but it seemed she wasn't actually talking. He got the now mostly melted ice chips that were sat in a glass by her bedside and fished a few of the floating pieces out and slipped them past her parted lips. She swallowed them, her smile broadening.

A nurse was passing and he told her to go get the doctor, she hurried off and soon the doc was there, stroking Carters other arm and asking her to open her eyes. Still she didn't awake properly. The doctor patted her pockets and gave a whispered "damn" under her breath and went off to her office again.

"Major" he said louder that he had been talking before "Wake up!" again she smiled in her sleep and moved her lips as if speaking.

Jack had learnt to read lips as part of his training, easier to spy out enemy camps if you can do it from a distance, and though a little rusty he could swear she was not actually saying ANYTHING, just moving her lips. Unless of course it was a different language she was speaking!

The Doctor returned having found her dreaded penlight and she opened one eye at a time and shone it in. She shook her head.

"She isn't actually waking as yet Sir, though this is a good sign, her pupils are reacting properly, but as you will have seen, she didn't react!" Jack had had enough lights in his eyes in his time to know that if you were waking and they did it, it blinded you, he almost always swore at whoever did it. The doctor went back to her office and left him alone.

He stayed stood up, stroking her arm as he had seen Daniel and the Doctor doing, and telling her she had to wake. Suddenly she was looking up at him, he gave her a beaming smile and received one back as a reward. She moved her lips again, he offered her the melted ice through a straw but she shook her head, she motioned him closer and as he bent down to hear what she had to impart she lifted her head and kissed him!