The scene had moved on and Daniel was in the room, every word they had said was replayed for the audience, how he plotted to take the blame so she could avoid the consequences of her actions, Jack wondered if Hammond would be willing to overlook what he was seeing, allow Jack to take the blame after all. His record, as Hammond had pointed out before, was far from spotless, and if he had to spend some time in prison… well it wouldn't be the first time, and it would be worth it if he spared her.

The recording came to an end as Jack strode over to the SFs and admitted to attacking Sam. The paralysis released them, Jack turned immediately to Sam, she was huddled into herself, having slid down the wall, it was enough to break his heart. He pulled her up into his arms and whispered to her that she would be OK, he WOULD take care of it! He turned to face the other three men, that way she was looking over his shoulder and did not have to see their faces.

"This changes nothing" he told them "I am the senior officer and as such it is my responsibility to make sure nothing of this kind happens." He noticed approval on Hammonds face, his plan may have a chance at working after all, Jacob would want to protect his daughter, and Daniel had already agreed… everything rested on Hammond.

She stiffened in his arms and he held her tighter as he felt her pull away. "No! JACK!" she shouted in his ear, causing him to wince slightly and his hold to loosen.

"You are not taking the blame for this! I won't allow it, everyone just saw what happened!"

"Sam, no one saw anything, did you?" he asked the men. Daniel mumbled a no, Jacob looked at him as if weighing his daughter against the man who loved her and he eventually agreed he also had not seen anything, George Hammond however refused to answer.

"Sir?" she asked him, tears in her voice "You can't allow the Colonel to take the blame for this, the SGC needs him too much"

"Sam," he almost laughed "the one person the SGC needs is you. Look I'm getting older, my career is almost over, allow me to do this for you, please" the last word he whispered to her, he saw her eyes close and for a moment believed he had convinced her.

Then she opened them, he knew she wasn't going to back down, he had seen that look before, every time they were captured or in a fire-fight, grim determination.

"I can leave the Airforce and work in the SGC as a civilian scientist" she said, Jacob took a step forward, she raised her hand to stop him moving and speaking. "If I am pregnant I am not going to be going through the 'gate with you all anyway, I wouldn't want to risk the baby" Jack could hardly breathe! She was considering having his child!

She moved right against him again and looked him straight in the eyes, "I've only known Pete for 3 months" she said… what the hell did she have to bring that idiot into it for? "the reason Heimdall had to go back more than 6 years to erase the man I love from my memory is because, I met him 6 years ago" she had? Who was it? Why had she never mentioned anyone before? She laughed at him "You are a fool you know, you are trying to work out who it is? I bet everyone else here already knows" he looked around and all three men facing him were smiling. He looked down at her and she reached up and kissed him.

"How long have we know each other?" she asked

"About 6 year…" Oh! Right! He knew a soppy grin had spread over his face, she loved him! And she had for a long time! He did not know what he had done to deserve her, he kissed her deeply and only stopped when someone coughed behind him.

"About those charges" the General said, Jack straightened to attention. "I think we can put them down to a nightmare caused by alien interference."

"But sir…" Jack knew that someone was going to have to pay for breaking the fraternisation regulations. Hammond held up his hand, he turned to the two aliens who had been silently watching.

"Thor, I would like to invite you to see the leader of our nation, I'm sure we have a lot to discuss"

"I'll come too, you never know, 2 allies in favour of the match may work better than just one"

Thor moved a stone and a hologram of north America appeared, the generals took turn in pointing into the map until the Whitehouse was visible, a scan showed the layout and the humans inside it. They pointed to the Oval Office and suddenly they disappeared, leaving Sam Jack and Daniel still in orbit.

Daniel cleared his throat and said

"So, Heimdall, how many of the legends in Norse mythology are based on fact?" he steered the little alien to the doors.

"So if this works, wanna get married before the baby comes?" she kissed him deeply

"Yeahsureyabetchya" she replied.