Ouran High School Mix Up

I never thought I would end up here. I am in love with the girl I disliked greatly. My life has spiraled in a direction I had never even imagined. Kaoru has a crush, or infatuation, and it's totally mutual. But the weirdest part is that I'm totally happy with it all. I mean, it'll take some time having more people in our world, but it's totally worth it, especially when the person you let in loves you back.


Miyuki didn't like dances, she didn't really go to many of them. They were decorated lamely—this was the Valentines dance of all things—and the music wasn't that good. She could say in exception for this one since all of it's music was orchestrated. That hadn't been enough to convince her though. Hikaru had asked her to come, and she couldn't say no to that. She wasn't sure why he asked though, since the Host Club had taken advantage of the school's dance and were offering their services—which was dancing with their guests—at the dance.

Kuri sat next to her, anxious and fidgeting.

"What's up Ku-chan?" Kuri raised an eyebrow at the new nickname, but ignored it nonetheless.

"Kaoru said he'd dance with me, but he had to fill his quota first," Kuri read Miyuki's questioning stared and elaborated, "he struck a deal with Kyouya-sempai. He would host a certain number of guests and have the rest of the time off. Sempai agreed; Kaoru said he was unusually understanding."

"Weird. So, why so jumpy then?"

"I've got to keep watch, you know?" Kuri smiled then directed her attention back to the dancing couples in the middle of the room.

"Kaoru's heart belongs only to you, Kuri. Trust him," Miyuki chided her friend. Kuri shook her head.

"I trust Kaoru fully," she shot Miyuki a sideways glance, "I don'ttrust those girls, however. I'm surprised your not watching Hikaru."

Miyuki shrugged. She hadn't really thought about it and she trusted Hikaru and knew that he was kinda oblivious when it came to girls (hell, she would know). She swayed lightly to the rest of the song, and when it ended, Kaoru bowed to his guest and walked over to Kuri.

"Shall we dance, Hime?" Kaoru smiled jokingly.

Kuri giggled, "if you insist. See you later Yuki." Kaoru gave a little wave and they both turned around and Kaoru offered his arm and he escorted her to the dance floor.

Miyuki smiled and stood up, with her only reason to stay in the room gone, she figured she would walk outside for a while; it was getting much to warm. When she walked outside the cool breeze hit her instantly. She walked down some marble stairs—almost tripping on one—and went to sit beneath a sakura tree. She had a bit of trouble sitting down, and cursed the purple cocktail dress Kuri had made her wear—to get back at her for the dress Miyuki had made her wear at her mom's business party.

She leaned back against the tree and breathed in deep. It wasn't yet season for the sakura to bloom so they were only little pink and white buds contrasting greatly with the night sky. She stretched a little bit and spotted a couple making out behind a tree no less than 80 feet away. She started snickering.

"What are you laughing at?" Hikaru stood over her grinning, "they've got the right idea."

Miyuki stood up—again cursing the dress; getting up showed a bit more than she wanted—and laguhed. "Oh yea, 'cause making out is the answer to all relationship questions."

"We could test that theory," Miyuki made to smack him on the arm. Before her hand made contact, however, Hikaru pulled her in and gave her a quick kiss, leaving her flustered and blushing. "Distraction accomplished." Hikaru dragged her back inside just in time for the next song. It was a slow dance song.

Hikaru wrapped his arms around her waist, and she moved to rest her hands on his shoulders. Hikaru pouted cutely.

"You can't be serious, we've done this before, so don't even tell me it's embarrassing," Hikaru grinned. He reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck for her.

"Nothing's more embarrassing that you randomly kissing me out of nowhere," Miyuki had a blush splayed across her cheeks.

"But that's fun," Hikaru was still smiling. He started swaying to the song. "So Kuri and Kaoru decided not to tell us that they had become a couple while we were at the track meet."

"Go figure, huh?" Miyuki shook her head, "it happens when we're not here to see it."

"And we're the ones who worked so hard to being them together," Hikaru sighed.

"They don't know that, though," Miyuki said, then added, "and I don't think they need to know." Hikaru nodded in agreement. The song ended.

"Not to mention, they decide to tell everyone about their relationship today." Hikaru puffed out his cheeks, miffed at Kaoru for keeping him out of the loop

"That reminds me, what about your customers?" Miyuki stopped swaying and waited for the next song.

"What, you think I'm going to let Kaoru have all the fun? I got the same deal he did."

"Wow, did it take you longer or something?" The song started up again and so did the swaying.

"No," Hikaru pouted, "you just decided to disappear to where ever the hell you did."

"Hehe, sorry."

"No matter," Hikaru tightened his hold on her waist and pressed his forehead to hers, "because now that I have you here, I'm not letting you get away."

"What about oursecrecy?" Miyuki fought her rising blush.

"Maybe we should tell everyone about us," Hikaru smiled.

"Speaking of which," Miyuki gave him a light kiss on his jawline, "congratulations."

It was Hikaru's turn to blush, "w-what was that for?!"

"For getting second place in the track meet."

"It took you that long to think of that?" Hikaru raised and eyebrow, "and what did that have to do with the previous conversation?"

"Absolutely nothing!" Miyuki stated happily, "I just remembered it now."

"Hmm…" Hikaru looked around, "have you noticed that Kaoru and Kuri are nowhere to be found?"

"Something tells me I don't want to know," she thought about it, "yet, something tells me to go find them."

"Let's not." Miyuki nodded in agreement. "Though we could go create some of our own fun." His eyes flashed excitedly.

Miyuki didn't like the sound of that. "Like what?"

His smile turned smug, "not what you're thinking, I'm sure. It's supposed to be my job to think like that." He grinned.

Miyuki blushed violently. "I wasn't thinking of it like that!" she insisted.

"Sure," Hikaru rolled his eyes. "Well, let's go, it's getting way to warm in here anyway." He grabbed her wrist and pulled her from the crowd of swaying couples. Miyuki stumbled behind him trying to keep up in the obnoxious sandals Kuri had her wear. He pulled her outside, but it was different from the outside you got from exiting the dance hall.

He pulled her to a near by bench and sat down, she sat next to him. "You weren't kidding when you said you were a hopeless romantic." He swung one leg over the bench and leaned against the wall next to it as she mumbled an apology.

"Idiot," he positioned her so she was leaing back against him.

"So," she started after a lengthy silence, "what was so important about coming to this dance?"

"I think that after this point, we shouldn't hide that we're together."

"Does that mean you'll be randomly kissing me at schoolnow?" Miyuki facepalmed.

Hikaru smiled and encircled her waist in a possessive embrace. "Maybe." He kissed her neck and laughed when she jumped, he could only imagine the look on her face. "You're so cute," he rested his cheek on the top of her head. She moved away.

"Miyuki?" she turned around so she was sitting on her knees in front of him. She was smiling.

"You're really cute too, Hikaru," she leaned forward one hand gripping the bench on either side of him. Hikaru turned crimson, "especially when you blush." She was still smiling. "And you know what? I love you too, Hikaru Hitachiin." She closed the distance between them.

They separated when the need for air arose. Both teens were violent shades of red but they were both smiling.

"I knew you loved me," Hikaru swung his leg back over so he was sitting normally, Miyuki followed suite, "but it was nice to hear it from you." He put am arm around her and they sat like that for a while.

- - -

"See, wasn't that fun?" Hikaru said when he dropped her off at her house.

"Yes, we should totallydo it again," Miyuki rolled her eyes.

"Alright! It's a date!" Hikaru gve her a kiss goodbye and walked back to his car and drove off. Miyuki blushed violently after realizing what he had said just now, even though she knew he was kidding. 'Though...'she smiled, something similar ot that would be just fine with her.

End Ouran High School Mix Up