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Chapter 2-An Old Dance

...Say that you'll understand
That tonight is our night to love again
Sweet memories of kisses we've blown in the wind
And I'll cherish this quiet time we spend...

On a mild, starry night in late March an old familiar tune drifted faintly on the wind. A silver haired man stretched out his arm and offered his now aged, but still strong hand to his companion. The woman smiled sweetly at him and put her hand in his. Her own hand was now also wrinkled with age, but still strong. A gold wedding band on her finger caught the moonlight and glinted dully from decades of being worn. And as they had 50 years ago, the man wrapped his arms low around the woman's waist and nuzzled his masked nose and mouth tickishly warm close to her ear. The woman nestled against his chest and entwined her arms underneath his, taking in his scent.

All I have is you to pull me through
This world that I knew
My love, between you and I...

With the exception of the wrinkles prominent around his one exposed eye, the silver-haired man didn't really seem to have aged. He still stood tall and strong. His wife was the same. Her pale pink locks of hair may now have their own streaks of silver and her face was no longer the smooth creaminess of her youth, but her bright green eyes still stood out from her aged, mature face, radiant and joyful.

In her husband's embrace, Sakura let out a soft laugh.

"What?" Kakashi asked, smiling down at his wife and looking into those still youthful green eyes.

"My wish came true," Sakura smiled back up at him.

"What wish?"

"The one I made on my sixteenth birthday...This is what I wished for."

Captivated so surreal...

Kakashi smiled warmly at her, the realization settling in, and lifted his wife's chin with a finger and softly pressed his masked lips against hers.

"I will love you forever," he murmured softly.

"And I will love you always," Sakura quietly replied in return as she nestled herself back into his warm embrace and they swayed to the familiar old tune under the starry night sky. Around them, the blond-spiky haired Hokage, their friends, their children, and their children's children watched on smiling as the old couple danced this old dance of theirs that they had been dancing their whole lives.

Between you and I
Baby just can't stop loving you...

The End