The small wolf froze, eye twitching to the occupants inhabitating her room. There was a spider, pulling pranks with devilish lime eyes; a hippo eating food; a green praying mantis…praying; a butterfly with a circle on her head…going in circles; and many other animals.

"Ah. Umm, why the hell are you animals in my room?!"

Natsuki the Wolf Cub tried to growl them off, but the bigger animals just did the 'we-did-all-this-for-you-so-you-better-enjoy-it' stare. Whimpering, the small cub went to the corner in depression.

"Whaa- the big animals are MEAN!!!"

Suddenly a Princess with Beautiful Red eyes appeared, and hugged the wolf cub.

A few years later, the wolf cub became human with some native American ritual, defeated World of Warcraft, and shot some random thug.

The Princess and The Used-to-be-cub-but-now-became-human lived happily ever after.


"WTF?! You bought me this piece of-"

Shizuru covered Natsuki's mouth before she let the foul curse spill into the ears of her friends. Everyone sweatdropped and scratched their cheeks, before telling Natsuki is was the best they all could afford.


"Natsuki, no bad words."

"Shizuru, please don't tell me this is all I get!!"

Shizuru winked. "Oh, you'll be getting' sum'n-sum'n later…"





Natsuki entered her room.

There was a cake.

Shizuru came out of the cake.

God knows what the hell they did after that, so I'll stop writing.