"Holy Hell!?"

The wolf looked at the snake, in a bikini and stunna shades.


The animals transformed back to their rightful bodies, and stared at each other in silence. "What, what?!"

The snake, now Shizuru, was in baggy clothes and a lop sided SF hat, and her hair was tied in a messy bun. Natsuki sighed. "Ghetto posing BOP!"

"OMG, you called me a BOPPER, i thought you loved me! Beezey fo' sheezy!"

"Oh hell no! Bitch slappin' time homie G...i mean, S!"

The two started making out, and soon had hot hot sex.


"ACK! i forgot! Happy birthday Shizuru! Your 21! Let's buy some booze!"

Shizuru smiled at her naked lover. "Ima Buy you a drink, ooh oooh ooooh..."

"Old song."

"G-L-A-M, O-R-O-U-S yeahhh, we're flying first class, up in the sky-"

"Shizuru! Old. Song!!!!"

The two sighed...

"I love it, i love it, you love it, you love it, everytime, everytime, we touch'n, we touch'n. I want it, I want it, You want it, you want it, I'll see you, I'll see you, in the morning, in the morning..." Shizuru sung, quite beautifully in Spanish.

"Shizuru! Shut up!"

Shizuru kissed her lover, and sung on. "Ima run my fingers through your hair, wrap me up in yerrr legs, and love yah till your eyes go back…"

"Ach! Sexual Connotation!"

Natsuki covered her naked ears that we're naked to begin with and never really had clothes therefore there weren't really naked, but Natsuki thought not, and she put mittens on her ears and started running around.

"The British are here, The British are here!!!"

"Uno, Dos, Tres, Quato, Synco, Ses!"

"WTF Shizuru!!!"

"And oh, I'm into you and
Girl no one else would do
With every kiss and every hug
You make me fall in love
And now I know I can't be the only one
I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight
With the love of their life who feel
What I feel when I'm with you, with you, with you, with you, with you... girl
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you... Oh girl"

"Shizuru! Stop it! Do you even know Chris Brown?"

"No. Lmao, is he brown!"


Shizuru gaped at Natsuki. "Your Racist!"




Happy birthday :) Shizuru Fujino. Written because I think (idk if it is) Shizuru's birthday because other people are putting up fics…might as well update this :D.