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Brown Eyes

Chapter 10: Full Moon

The full moon was tonight and Hermione was prepared. She had overheard the guys say that they would transform separately. Each of the boys were taking a different portion of the lake. From there they would meet up with Remus; after he transformed he was supposed to run to the lake.

She just had to time it right and make sure when she caught Sirius no one saw her. She had looked up a cloaking spell, that would give her the sent of a bird so he wouldn't smell a human.

Hermione couldn't help feel nervous, for the last few days she had a sinking feeling in her stomach. Something wasn't right, she could feel it deep inside that something was going to happen tomorrow.


Hermione jumped. "Don't frighten me like that," she slapped Peter playfully on the arm. The look on his face was priceless, he looked like no one had ever done that to him.

"Sorry, I've been calling your name for the past five minutes."

Hermione blushed. "I have a lot on my mind."

"Tell me about it," Peter mumbled.

Hermione heard him and her eyes narrowed. "What was that?"

Peter shook his head. "It was nothing."

"So-- Peter, how was your talk with Professor Sprout?"

Peter's face just lit up, no one had ever really been interested in what he had to say. "She said that a student had told her that I really liked Herbology and was thinking about taking it up as my career after Hogwarts. So she told me that she was looking for intern and that if I wanted she would love to have me."

"That's wonderful! I'm so proud of you." Hermione gave him a hug, for awhile he didn't move. Until he slowly lifted his arms to hug her in return, and he tightened his grip around her waist. It was beginning to hurt, but she wanted him to feel wanted.

She heard the common room portrait swing open, but thought nothing of it. Until she heard the sound of books falling, and she turned around quickly still attached to Peter.

"James, what's wrong?" Hermione asked hesitantly. His body was radiating with energy that was just waiting to get unleashed.

Peter heard the strain in her voice and felt a shiver go up his spine, so he turned to see what was up with James. He gulped, he knew James was powerful, but this was amazing.

Hermione knew something bad was going to happen if James didn't calm down. "Peter?"

"Yes, Mya."

"Go get the Headmaster as quick as you can," Hermione looked directly at Peter when she said her next words. "Use whatever means necessary."

Peter's eyes widened, but he got the hint. As soon as he was out of sight he transformed into his animagus and scurried off. While Hermione stayed behind to deal with the energized wizard.

"James, tell me what's wrong."

He shook his head rebelliously, and she took a step forward. His magic flared in response, but caused her no harm. 'That's odd, there's no burn.' She took another step to test it, and when it still caused no burn she sped up her steps.

Just as Hermione was getting to a few feet of James the fireplace burst into flames. Through the flames Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall walked out, followed by a frightened Peter.

"Mya, don't get any closer." Dumbledore's commanded, but Hermione paid him no mind. Her focus was solely on calming James down right now, and what he said didn't filter through. But James heard and he didn't like it.

James' magic flared into a wider circle, burning everything in it's path. The headmaster was at a loss of what to do, and he couldn't understand how Hermione wasn't harmed. His first thought was James held affection for Hermione, but he immediately pushed that one away. A wizard can only control their magic towards someone blood or soul connected. His mind was spinning in circles, trying to find the right answer. Until it hit him, the prophecy.

'James isn't controlling his magic, Mya is. She's stopping him from harming her, and she probably doesn't even realize it.' It was astonishing to witness the power of a goddess.

Just as the energy was going to hit the Headmaster, Hermione touched James' shoulder and the energy immediately evaporated and James fainted.

Harry's eyes were glazed over and he wasn't moving, when Remus walked into the Head common area. Remus could tell he was having another one of his parents memories. After Remus' last episode Albus had set up a schedule that Harry and him needed to be close to one another. It was set up in fifteen minute intervals, with a two hour break in between and he slept in a room that was added to the Head chambers. Since both didn't want Hermione's room touched the opted for another room.

Remus had been lost in his thoughts for a good five minutes and Harry still hadn't moved from his stop on the couch. Albus had explained to Remus that the memories took a great deal of time and a lot of energy. So for all anyone knew Harry could be sitting for hours, it just depended on how much time wanted him to see.

Just when the fifteen minutes were up, and Remus was getting ready to leave Harry came out of his memory induced state.

Harry's head fell to the side for a minute before he shook his head and collected himself.

'He really is James and Hermione's child. Where'd that come from?' Remus still couldn't remember anything about Hermione, but Moony did.

"Remus!" Harry smiled. "I'm sorry if I was out long."

They had found solace in one another. Harry needed some link to Hermione and his father which he got through Moony. While Remus needed a link to Mya and James to calm down Moony.

"You have no need to apologize, it's your time to see Hermione." Remus' voice came out more bitter than he would have liked and Harry looked guilty. "No, no. I'm sorry, Moony was reacting. I guess Hermione and I are closer in the alternate time period, and Moony needs her."

"I can't let you give you the memories, but if you'd like I'm sure I could let you see them for yourself or I could tell you about them."

"I don't know how Moony would react to actually seeing them in person, so I think it's best to just hear about them from you." Remus smiled gently.

"Of course Remus, you know it's no trouble at all. I actually like talking about them, it makes the experiences more real. Cause when you're the only one that can see it, you have no one to talk to."

"Well, I'm always available if you need someone to talk to."

So for the next few hours Harry told Remus of every memory he had seen so far and they shared laughs and moments of regret. It that moment they bonded in a way they never could before, because Remus wasn't seeing Harry as his dead friend's child, he was seeing Harry as his confidant. The one person he could talk, and he couldn't talk to Tonks anymore. After Hermione left the present time Moony wouldn't let him anywhere near Tonks without wanted to cause her physical harm, and so far he didn't know why.

They had talked well into the night before they finally noticed how late it was. It was almost eleven o'clock, and most of the students were all in bed.

"Thanks again, Remus, this really helped."

"It was no proble--" Harry's wand began to shake hysterically, and Harry's eyes widened frightfully. Which worried Remus, there wasn't much that scared the boy-who-lived. "What's going on Harry? Why is your wand doing that?"

Harry took a deep breath. "It's the night of the full moon."

Remus was confused about what Harry was babbling about. "What are you talking about Harry? The full moon isn't for a few more weeks."

"No, I mean the full moon in the past. Don't you remember I told you about Moony's memory? It happens tonight."

For the first time Remus was actually worried for Hermione, so far she hadn't been through anything dangerous even thought her task is dangerous. Hermione had been playing it safe, but now she was walking into the danger blind.

"Well, what do we do?"

"We can't do anything, but wait and see." Remus didn't respond to Harry, so he turned to look at him. Remus was sitting in front of the fire place, with his eyes golden and glazed.

Harry panicked and ran to the fireplace and threw in some floo powder. "Dumbledore's office," and he stuck his head in.

"Mr. Potter?"

"I think Remus is having a memory, he has that look in his eyes."

"Why would he be getting one?"

"Tonight is the night of the full moon."

"Mr. Potter, I hope you are awa--"

"No, in the past. It's the full moon in the past."

"Ahh, so Remus is only reliving what Moony already knows. It will be good for him. I believe he needs to see them."

"What do I do in the mean time?"

"Take a nap, relax and wait. There is nothing more that you can do, but be there for him when he comes out of the memory."

"Should I notify you when he comes out of it?"

"There will be no need." Dumbledore's eyes sparkled. Giving Harry the impression that he knew something they didn't. So Harry just nodded and broke the connection. When he returned Remus was still in the exact same place; so Harry got comfortable and got prepared for a long night.

Hermione watched as the four boys snuck out of Hogwarts and split up as soon as they left the castle. Just before Sirius was out of sight she used the cloaking spell on herself and a temporary invisibility spell.

She was only a good distance away from Sirius so he wouldn't get suspicious, but as soon as he came to the lake she climbed the tree. For a moment the moonlight shined brightly and Sirius stood there watching it. Until finally he glimpsed at his reflection, and what Hermione saw shocked her.

'How can that be?' Hermione lost her train of thought when Sirius transformed into Padfoot and ran into the night.

She climbed out of the tree slowly, too shocked to comprehend what she was doing, and didn't want to take the chance of falling. When she got to the bottom of the tree you walked over to the lake to look at her own reflection. Thinking maybe it had changed while she was in the past. A twig snapped behind her, and she jumped.

Before her stood Moony, the menacing werewolf. Even with the wolfs bane he couldn't stop himself from attacking a human, it was in their nature. Hermione sighed, she had nothing to worry about she was still invisible and cloaked.

Something popped, and it was a sound Hermione would come to dread. She was now vulnerable, and no longer protected by her magic. Moony sniffed the air and licked his chops, his eyes glowing an eerie yellow.

"Remus, it's me Mya. You don't want to hurt me, and I don't want to hurt you." She held her wand steadily in her right hand, and she moved away from the lake. It she was going to fight Remus she didn't want her back to be facing the lake.

'I don't understand why he came here if he couldn't spell me to begin with.' Than it hit her. Sirius' location had been the closest to the shrieking shack. It was a game they must play, and Sirius' smell would be the strongest as he is how the dog variety. 'Merlin, save me.'

Remus got down on his hind legs and got ready to attack. Hermione wished that someone would wake her up, and tell her this was all a bad dream. Than everything would be back to normal.

"Remus--" He growled angrily. "Moony, than. I'm your friend. Don't you remember? I'm Mya Granger, and I met you guys over a month ago. Please, I don't want to hurt you." Hermione pleaded with him. Werewolves were tough to injure and she didn't want to take the chance that she wouldn't survive this.

Before she could try to calm him down he pounced, and she swiftly moved out of the way. 'That muggle combat training with Moody actually paid off, who would have thought.' Hermione thought wryly.

'Is this really the time?'

'Sorry it's kind of difficult to focus on something when you have a werewolf who wants to eat you chasing after you.'

'Well try harder. I don't want to die tonight, and we have too many important things to accomplish before we die. Do you understand me?! So use your head and keep us alive!'

'I'm trying.'

Hermione looked around and tried to figure out the best way to get out of this situation. She saw a broomstick, and for a minute she was tempted to face the werewolf.

'Don't be stupid!'

'Well, good thing James gave me a crash course the other day.' She ran right towards the broom, and grabbed it while still running.

"Ok, you can do this Mya. It's a piece of cake. All you have do is mount and lean back." Hermione practically threw herself on the broom and leaned back, and she lifted into the air. Moony jumped to catch her, and ripped the back of her shirt; missing her skin by a centimeter.

She let out the breath she was holding while she flew through the air and towards the Hogwarts castle. She was completely focused on how she was going to get to Sirius' possessor, Lucius Malfoy.

Harry had been watching Remus for the last hour and a half; waiting for him to awaken from his stupor. He had been agonizing for the last hour about whether Hermione was okay.

Remus blinked; once, twice, until he finally cleared his head. "Harry, how long was I out?" Remus' voice was raspy from misuse.

"Just an hour an half," Harry was impatient to hear the details. "So what happened? Is Hermione okay?"

"Well, she found out who was possessing Sirius, but I never got a chance to see them. After Sirius left, she got ready to head back to the castle, and she was met my me." Remus' eyes were sad.

"Moony, Remus. It was Moony, not you."

"Ok, Moony taunted her for a little bit before he got tired. He went to attack her, but she was too quick and she got away. He chased her for awhile, but he could never catch her. There was some sort of force field keeping him at a distance, and when the barrier finally lifted she flew off."

"That's all."

"Yeah, she didn't fight me or calm me down. She just kept me away and ran. Maybe what I said was wrong, maybe Moony's memory was incorrect."

"I don't think so, when you said it you looked so sure of yourself. It wasn't something for even Moony to kid around about." Harry began to pace. "Maybe this wasn't the right full moon, I just assumed it was this one because it was the closet one."

"Harry, you didn't know. It was logical to assume. All the signs pointed that it would be this full moon, I went into a memory state and from what you learned Hermione would be in a situation she had no control over."

"Your right, but now I have to worry about next month as well."

Hermione now knew who's house she had to go to in order to protect Sirius, but now that she knew she had a hard time making herself concentrate. She knew without a doubt the type of wizard Lucius was from her meetings with him in her time, and from what she saw he wasn't someone to cross. So the question was did she really know what she was getting herself into.

She took a deep breath and began deliberating. From what she remembered the Malfoy mansion was heavily guarded and protected. So the first thing she needed to do was locate it.

'Wasn't Lucius the governor now?' Hermione remembered reading one time that he had become the governor in the marauder's fourth year at Hogwarts, but she needed to make sure.

So she walked to the front of the library. "Madam Pince, excuse me?"

"Can I help you Ms. Granger?"

"Yes, I wanted to know if Mr. Malfoy is the governor?"

"Of course Ms. Granger, he has been the governor since your fourth year here." Madam Pince looked at Hermione worriedly.

"Well, remember I'm a transfer student. I just moved to English wizarding world as of this year, so I wanted to make sure."

"Oh, of course. How could I forget?" She laughed. "I usually have such a good memory of all of my students, but I guess I feel like I've known you for years now."

"I feel the same way, but I really must get back to my studies. Thanks again for your help."

"Of course child, that's what I'm here for."

Hermione walked back to her hidden alcove in the library; she didn't want to be disturbed. 'Ok, this should be a little easier. As the governor he should be fairly easy to locate.'

'Of course he is, all you have to do is ask one of the teacher's. Or maybe even Severus.'

'No, that wouldn't be a good idea. He would be too suspicious, he was already suspicious of me on our last meeting.'

'Well, all you can do is ask a teacher than.'

'But they'll be suspicious as well.'

'Not Professor Binns. If you remember correctly he made an assignment the other day about influential people in the wizarding world. Just explain to him that Mr. Malfoy is one of the wizards on your list and you want to get some background information of him.'

'You know sometimes I feel like you're a completely different person. I mean you talk as if we're not the same person.'

'Maybe we're not. Think about it.'

Hermione was confused, but she did have some answers. Tomorrow she would just ask Professor Binn's about Mr. Malfoy. Right now Hermione needed to rest from her escape from Moony.

"I pray to Merlin that Remus doesn't remember what happened. He would be devastated if he thought he almost hurt me."

Hermione walked slowly from the library and waved goodnight as she passed Madam Pince. She had a slight limp from the cut on her leg, blood slowly dripping from her wound. Painting the Hogwarts floor with a light trickle of red blood leading to the Gryffindor common room.

After she was done getting ready for bed she laid her head down, and fell fast asleep. With no worries of people being possessed, of horcruxes, of James, or of Voldemort. Her mind was free and for the first time since she dropped into the past she fell sound asleep.

The next morning Hermione couldn't wait until her afternoon classes. She really needed to speak to Professor Binn's about Lucius. So she could finally rid Sirius of his possession, and she wanted to fix this as quick as possible. So she could focus on more important things, but first she needed to make sure she was surrounded by only allies.

She noticed Remus' lack of response when she was around. He remembered and he knew that she knew.

Remus couldn't look her in the eye, and he didn't know why she hadn't ratted him out to everyone yet. He hadn't mentioned to the rest of the marauder's that Mya knew who he was. He was too afraid of their reactions, too afraid of what they would say if they knew.

It was already the afternoon and no one had looked at Remus any differently. No one had looked at him as if he was a monster, and that was something he didn't understand.

Right when they were about to enter History of Magic, he pulled her aside. "Mya, I need to talk to you."

"But Remus, class is about to start," Hermione complained. She really wanted to get the information from Professor Binns, and quickly.

"This will only take a moment, and Professor Binns wont notice our absence regardless."

Hermione crossed her arms below her chest, and watched him suspiciously. "Ok, fine. You have my attention. What do you want?"

"You were there last night."

Hermione was a little shocked at his blunt statement. "Well you don't beat around the bush," she mumbled. "Yes, I was."

Remus waited for her to continue, but she gave him no slack. He could tell she wasn't going to make this easy. "Mya, you know about me."

"Yes, I have for some time."

"Can you tell me how?"

"That's not your concern."

"Of course it is! I need to make sure I don't make the same mistake! Obviously there was something you could see that told you, and I need to know what it is to avoid this from ever happening!" Remus whispered angrily, while looking around to make sure no one was listening.

Hermione sighed. "It was nothing you honestly did that was noticeable. I have a friend who's a werewolf, and you carry the same symptoms as he did when I figured it out. He disappeared every full moon, he was in the hospital the day after, and he always had new scars."

"That's all." Remus was practically hysterical.

Hermione placed her hand softly on Remus' shoulder. "It's not something you can hide from people who know what to look for."

Remus looked into Hermione's eyes, his eyes glistening with tears. "One more thing." Hermione nodded. "Why haven't you stayed away from me? Why haven't you told anyone?"

"Remus, you are a wonderful wizard, and you being a werewolf changes nothing. You are exactly the same person you were when I first met you."

"But I'm a monster."

"No, if you were a monster you would have no control, but you can control this. With the wolfs bane potion; it gives you a level of control your looking for."

"Wolfsbane? What's that?"

"It's a potion that would give you control of your mind during your transformation. So you would control the werewolf and not the other way around."

For the first time during there discussion Remus looked hopeful. "Why hasn't Professor Dumbledore given me this potion than?"

"The Wolfsbane isn't a very popular potion, and after it was created there was a lot of controversy around the authenticity. Many believed it wouldn't work, and so right before the book was published it disappeared."

"Than how does that help me."

"Because the book is lost at Hogwarts, the person who created the potion was a student here. He created the potion while still at school, and the book is very small. From what I remember the book is called; The Key to Control the Beast Within. Find it and bring it to Dumbledore, I think it'll help."

Before Remus could ask anything else Hermione slipped quickly into the classroom, and quietly took her seat. Her eyes unconsciously looked for James, but he wasn't back from the hospital wing.

Hermione took a seat in the back and began taking notes to distract herself from thinking about whether James was okay. When she should be focusing on what she was going to ask Professor Binns after class. She glanced quickly at Lily and noticed her worried gaze was on the seat next to Sirius; Remus never followed her in.

Before she knew it the bell had rung signifying the end of class. Hermione packed her things slowly, and gestured to Lily that she would meet her later. After everyone filed out she walked to the front to talk to the Professor.

"Professor, may I speak to you?"

The ghost turned slowly around before setting his eyes upon Hermione. "Of course, Ms. Gangrer. How can I help you?"

"It's Granger."

"Yes, Ms. Gangrer."

Hermione smiled tightly. "You know the assignment you gave the other day about influential wizards, and I'm stuck between two. Governor Malfoy and Auror Moody. I was hoping you could give me some background information on the Governor before I make my decision."

"Go on."

"Well, I have a few questions. First, I wanted to know where he lived. Secondly, I wished to know on a day to day basis what does he do? Lastly, I wanted to know why he was elected Governor." Hermione listed her questions off, and put up a finger to emphasis each one.

"Well, that's quite a lot to ask."

"I believe in being thorough about every aspect of my life."

"Yes, yes, I see. I am aware of that fact by your homework." If a ghost could be sarcastic that's exactly what would have come out.

Hermione was a little shocked, as a ghost Professor Binns wasn't the type of person to display any emotion, and to even attempt it was astonishing. "Professor Binns, if you can help me it would be a great help."

"The Malfoy Manor is actually not that far from Godric's Hollow. It's just past in a town called Eve. On what the governor does on a day to day basis you'll have to ask the governor himself. He was elected the governor because the wizarding world thought he was the best wizard for the job."

Hermione watched him angrily, he was trying get on her nerves. "Thank you, Professor Binns. This has been most… enlightening." With that she dashed off and began to set up her plan to infiltrate the Malfoy Mansion.