Summary: Enraged over a Matsuda's open flirting to Light, L schemes to get him back. CRACK! OOCNESS! L x Light

Rated: T for Language

Warnings: Language, Homosexual / Bi-sexual ness, OOCness, CRACKness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So by now, L's jaw had gone slack in disbelief. His raven colored, messy hair covered his eyes but he was now obviously, to put it bluntly, pissed the hell off. His pale hands clutched in a fist, he raised his arms to cross them with a clatter of the hand cuffs.

"So, I heard you're gay, Light-kun," said Matsuda suggestively. His sharp brown eyes twinkling, his black hair spiked this afternoon. "Is that true?"

Light blushed, a pale red blush upon his tan face. "Er, yes, it is, Matsuda-kun. Are you also gay?"

'KUN?!' screamed L's mind uncomfortably. 'The hell? He doesn't call anyone kun! Not even me!'

Matsuda smiled. "I am, Light-kun! Well rather, bi-sexual." he laughed. Although L wasn't very pleased with this man he had to admit that he was quite handsome. "I suppose later we'll just have to…talk. When you aren't so cuffed." he laughed.

"Of course." Light smiled widely in politeness. He then bowed a slight bit as a goodbye gesture and Matsuda returned it. "We'll see you back at headquarters." L said curtly, rudely. He then yanked the chain that bound him and Light together to follow him through the doors of the headquarters.

"Ryuuzaki, what's wrong with you?" Light asked in annoyance.

"What's with you?!" L snapped back. "Flirting with Matsuda -- all the while you're with me! I'M your boyfriend -- not Matsuda!"

Light stopped, and placed his hands on his hips in a girlish fashion. "We weren't flirting! I was just talking to him. It's not like you to be so jealous, L!"

"I'm not … jealous…" L muttered.

Light laughed. "Yeah, sure." L narrowed his eyes at his lover then pushed him back so he wasn't in view from the door. "Crouch down," he commanded. Light raised his eyebrows but complied. L then did the same as Light did, but on the opposite side, then crouched down, his knees in front of his chest.

"What…what are we doing, L?" Light asked curiously.

"Just wait." L replied quickly.

They heard Matsuda yawn from outside in the sunlight, then stalk over to the door. "I should get back in," Matsuda mumbled to himself.

Step. Step. Step. L quickly calculated how many steps it would take for him to reach the door. 6. Step. Step. Step. Step. Step. Yank!

L pulled up his end of the chain quickly, and then all the two men could see was the blur of Matsuda's body falling, his arms flailing as he screamed a rather girlish scream.

Then, with a triumphant grin, L pulled a puzzled Light up to their room. He'd make up for his childish behavior there.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Heehee. I was snooping around on photo bucket when I saw a picture of those two doing this. So I thought I'd write a quick one-shot about it! Hope you liked it, it's my first OOC-y, crackfic. Please review!