A/N: Written for the "Rain" challenge from Cressida.


'These are sad clouds,' Faramir said, pointing at the grey cluster in the sky.

'Sad?' Denethor looked at his youngest with curiosity.

'Yes,' Faramir nodded. 'And when they cry, it rains.'

'Who told you this, Faramir?'

The child shrugged. 'No one. I know it myself.'

Denethor smothered a laugh at the note of confidence in Faramir's voice.

'What about thunderstorms, Faramir?' he asked. 'Which clouds bring those?'

'Well… angry clouds!'

They walked on, Denethor taking great care to have their backs turned on the East…

For there were clouds he did not wish to discuss with his little son yet…