A/N: And this one is also for a challenge from Cressida, who has been the best inspiration ever for my drabbles! The idea is somewhat borrowed from her latest story, Red Sky, which, along with other wonderful fanfiction by diverse writers, can be found in the newly released Volume 4 of The Noble Steward's Chronicles, available for download at the Brothers of Gondor discussion board.

The challenge was "Blue"...and thanks a lot, Cress!

Once again

There, over the distant, dark mountains, the sky is blue once again.

Faramir watches from the wall intently, the strong chilly wind smoothing his raven hair back from his brow. The air is clear and cold, and the young Steward shivers a little and wraps himself warmer in his long woollen cloak, but does not leave.

He almost trembles with anticipation, but waits patiently. Long he has lived deprived of the glorious sight that is about to unfold before his eyes now.

There, over the distant, dark mountains, the golden sun rises in the sky that is blue once again.