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Story Recap: Harry started this story as a pregnant, abused spouse. Despite, or rather because of, already having one child, Aiden, with the abusive husband, Michael, Harry chose to stay with the abusive husband because he had read that taking children away from their parental figures could result in problems with their magic along with psychological trauma. Severus rescued Harry from his own home and took him to Hogwarts where he gave birth to his second child, Ian. While at Hogwarts Michael came to take Harry home, but first he decided to have fun and, Severus, who felt Harry's panic at being raped, burst into the room and banished Michael to limbo. Harry had a stint as a Hogwarts teacher, during which his husband kidnapped him with a group of Death Eaters, including a distraught Narcissa and Bellatrix, and was killed in the attempt. Harry took Narcissa to Draco's house and later visited her for a talk and again that same day with his family, including Severus. Harry got together with Severus after getting drunk after Michael's with his ex-sister and mother-in-law, Martina and Elaina. Harry later decided that he was still too raw to get into a real relationship with Severus and decided to move to a house he owned in Canby to take a break from everything and heal with his family. His family here included two distant cousins, Gemma and her sister Shauna, Gemma's werewolf cousin, Rae, and her mate, Genevieve, and Gemma's aunt, Melinda. At Christmas Harry returned to England for dinner and celebration at the Weasley's house where he made up with Severus and they agreed to date on weekends and holidays until Severus moved in with Harry and lived there for an entire year before they got married and bonded at the beginning of the next summer and they finally celebrated their nuptials that night.

They celebrated their nuptials many times that night and then many times on a semi-deserted island and about twice on the airplane rides there and back (it was something Severus really wanted to try). Both of them thoroughly enjoyed both positions, so neither ever permanently established dominance or the submission. About a week after they returned from their vacation Severus started getting these horrible bouts of nausea, they assumed that it was some kind of latent food poisoning ("I told you that you shouldn't have eaten the pig." "It was thoroughly sterilized so shut up.") and, after about a week of waking up and immediately going to worship the porcelain goddess, Severus relented to getting a check up. Of course, he absolutely refused to see anyone who wasn't Poppy and they received some of the most shocking news they'd ever received, Severus was carrying a child. The reason the news was shocking was not because Severus had not had many chances to become pregnant, but because Severus had been told that he no chance of ever carrying a child as his body had taken too much abuse after his many years as a Death Eater. Poppy didn't want to tell Severus that the odds of him actually carrying this pregnancy to term, but she felt obligated to do so and neither of them took the news well but were completely unable to even contemplate terminating the pregnancy despite the incredibly high chances in it ending as miscarriage.

After eight months of dealing with crazy mood swings and food cravings (such as hot sauce and ranch dressing on broccoli) Severus gave birth not only to Keira Lily Snape-Potter, but also to Rory Evans Snape-Potter, both of whom were blissfully healthy though their "mother" had almost died in the process.

Aiden decided that he wanted to be a Snape-Potter and legally changed his name about a month after the twins were born. When Aiden finished school he went on to become a quidditch star and during his thirty year career as a beater he got married to a witch he met in school named Mariana and had two children with her, Isabella Elena Snape-Potter and David Harry Snape-Potter

Ian, who was a quiet baby, grew into a quiet child and eventually a quiet man. Severus loved his children equally and liked Ian the most despite the fact that he was sorted into a category equivalent to Ravenclaw at school. Of course, at the tender age of twenty-four, he officially became the youngest President of the AAW (Association of American Wizards; they ruled over both North and South America) there had ever been; it helped that he knew Spanish, French and Portuguese by the time he graduated. He married after four years as Minister to a man named Matthew and they had a grand total of seventeen children over a thirty year period (wizards typically lived to be about four hundred, so they kind of had them all in their twenties by muggle standards), Matthew birthing them all.

Keira and Rory were inseparably as children and Aiden was often the one trying to parent them. Keira held all the traditional Slytherin qualities; she was cunning, conniving, and was as sharp and brutal as a knife when she needed to be. Given that she also had mastered the air of innocence by age five, is it any surprise she became a highly successful lawyer? She got married to a muggle named Josiah and they had one child, Hannah, whom they spoiled endlessly. Keira and her husband grew apart over the years and she did not follow him when he died at the age of ninety-two.

Rory was a boisterous and temperamental child, much like Harry used to be. He was the one who often enacted Keira's ingenious plans (which often resulted in him getting the blame). Unlike the rest of his siblings, Rory did not go after a life of fame and was satisfied with being a DADA teacher at Melinda's school where he met his husband, a Muggle Studies teacher named Vladimir, who was the complete opposite of Rory; this was due in large part to the fact that he was a vampyre and was accordingly very, very calm. The two started as friends and eventually started dating with Vladimir telling Rory that he did not intend for them to become an item as he had eternal life and didn't intend to ever inflict his curse upon some unfortunate soul. After thirty years of "dating" (they had lived with each other for twenty-five of those years) Vladimir turned Rory when he tried to kill himself in order to get Vladimir to save him (it worked). Despite becoming a vampyre (and getting married), Rory remained, shall we say, energetic. Rory and Vladimir traveled around the world during the summers for the next three hundred years before settling down in a remote part of Canada. They were rumored to train accidentally turned vampyres so they would be able to overcome their bloodlust, but no human ever saw them after they said their final good byes to Rory's family.

Harry raised all four of his children and held a part time job at the hospital until his children all moved out of the house. Severus continued to work at the school for a very long time, eventually replacing Melinda as headmaster and then passing that title on to one of his grandchildren. After four-hundred and eighteen love-filled years together, Severus's magic stopped being able to completely support his health and both he and his husband spent their remaining time visiting family (they even briefly found Rory) until Severus's death and Harry's four hours later.

There was a small funeral with just the children (Rory is recorded as attending here too, he attended all his siblings and their spouses funerals) and, when the news leaked to the British media, an official 'Harry Potter Day' was established there. His children and relatives were incredibly unhappy with this as they knew he would not have wanted it and his name was Harry Snape-Potter. After the funeral, the siblings created four more copies of the self updating photo album that Severus had first found when looking through Harry's pants in search of the infamous book and had later come to cherish as it helped them to know what was happening with their children even when they didn't write. The original still updates itself from inside the combined Potter and Snape vaults.

And so ends this tale of misery and ecstasy; a damsel in distress (so to speak) is rescued and the valiant prince gets the love of his life in reward for his hard work; they both get their happily ever after and that is all that really matters because in the end our damsel took the help offered by the prince, whether he wanted it or not.


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