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The Family Battle

Bellatrix watched as the pale form of her master's body fell to the ground. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. The soft thud of his lifeless form landing on the cold hollow ground, the slight sway of his robes as he lay there motionless, and the boy, the filthy half-blood, catching Voldemort's wand with his unworthy hands.

"NO!!" She shrieked, and threw one last curse at Mrs Weasley, stunning her, before turning on Harry and pointing her wand at him in fury.

"Bella no!" Narcissa yelled and grabbed Bellatrix's arm. Bellatrix struggled against her sister, her eyes black with rage, her face etched in fury like she'd never felt before.

"Let me go, Cissy! He's MINE!" But Narcissa refused to let go of her. Knowing the danger she was in, that they were all in, she started to pull her sister back, running towards the Forbidden Forest.

"LET GO OF ME!!" Bellatrix screamed after she shot out a curse in Harry's direction but missing him because of the way she was being pulled back. Curses flew from her wand and Aurors chased them through the thick trees of the forest until Narcissa stopped and disapparated, taking a screaming, protesting Bellatrix with her.

Bellatrix barely registered what had happened. She was caught in a fit of grief and rage, and she pulled her arm roughly from her sister's grasp. Her eyes could barely see the walls around her, though she knew she was in a room. The distinct smell of mold invaded her nose and she could only guess she was in some sort of cellar.

"Bella please listen to me!" Narcissa pleased, her hand reaching for her sisters. "I have to go back, I have to get Draco! Stay here, promise me!"

Bellatrix wrenched her hand out of her grasp and screamed a sound full of pain and fury. Her hair was straggled all around her face and she looked between wanting to cry and wanting to kill.

"He... killed... my... my lord..." she breathed, furious, her fists clenching and unclenching around her wand. "HE MUST PAY!" she shrieked, and a lightning bolt left her wand and with a crack made a scorch mark on the ground beneath them.

Narcissa put her hand on her sisters arms, to half comfort and to half hold her. Bellatrix was shaking with rage, and stared at the dusty window not far from them, trying to will herself to shatter it with her eyes.

"Bella look at me," Narcissa pleaded. Bellatrix either did not hear her or refused to do so. "Look at me!" Narcissa shrieked, causing Bellatrix to jump slightly, but only due to the shock that she hadn't heard her sister speak to her in that way for a long time. Bellatrix looked at her, eyes dancing with unresolved fury.

"We will," Narcissa said softly, "We will make Potter pay. But please, if you go back you'll be thrown back into Azkaban. Please stay here, Bella. I'll come back, I promise."

Bellatrix's shaking subsided, but she still looked slightly mad. Her eyes took in every part of the room she could, as the adjusted to the darkness. She was in the Malfoy's basement.

"Fine," she said, shortly and abruptly. "Get your son. But we go after Potter as soon as you get back."

Narcissa let go of Bellatrix and nodded, "Of course." With that, she was gone.

An hour passed, maybe two before all three Malfoy's arrived back at the Manor. They were greeted with the form of a dark woman, sitting in front of their massive fireplace, the light reflecting off of what could only be the remaining wetness from the tears she had shed during her grief and anger. She did not speak and she did not look at them. She just started at the flickering flames in front of her.

Narcissa motioned to her husband and son to leave them, silently. Lucius took Draco by the shoulder and steered him out of the room, leaving the two sisters alone.

Narcissa moved quietly over to where Bellatrix was sitting, though stopped a few feet before. "Bella?" She asked, tentatively.

She did not speak, and she did not move. "Bella?" Narcissa tried again. "Bella we're back.."

Bellatrix continued to start into the fire and answered in such a low voice that Narcissa had to strain to hear her, "He will die."

Narcissa didn't speak, but came closer to her darkest sibling. Her blonde hair hung in her face and she made no effort to remove it. "He will, Bella, but not today. Not now."

Bellatrix turned so fast towards her sister it made Narcissa flinch back a little in surprise. Bellatrix's eyes looked like fire, and Narcissa couldn't tell if it was from the fire next to her or because of her anger. "What do you mean, 'Not Now', Narcissa?"

The use of her full name was barely ever used by her sister. She knew Bellatrix must be extremely angry, so angry she passed the point of her insanity and rage and went onto calm madness.

Narcissa did not move away, but locked onto the dark eyes staring back at her and said calmly. "The Ministry is rounding up Death Eaters on the scene. We barely made it back. We have to lay low for awhile, Bella."

Bellatrix instantly pointed her wand at a long marble beam in the living room and it shattered, making Narcissa jump up and away from Bellatrix as she tried to shield herself from the falling marble.

"Lay low?" Repeated Bellatrix, in a madly calming voice. "Lay low? What are you? A coward? My own sister..." she pointed her wand at the fallen pieces of stone and cast them out the window, shattering that as well. She turned to look at Narcissa, "No sister of mine is a coward."

The words stung Narcissa more than any blow ever could. She stared into Bellatrix's eyes and whispered, "I am no coward."

Bellatrix laughed and stood up to be the same height as her sister. "Not cowardly then, when you lied to... him.." she could not bear to speak his name. "Told him the Potter boy was dead, so that you could save your precious little son?" She stepped closer to Narcissa, rage boiling in the pit of her stomach.

Narcissa took a step back and whispered, "No.. I didn't... that's not why..."

But Bellatrix wasn't listening. "Not cowardly then, when you fled from the battle, taking ME with you?" She stepped closed once more and Narcissa stepped back a couple steps and her back pressed against the far wall.

Bellatrix continued to advance on her, "Me, who would have gladly died defending him then flee with you?!"

"You WOULD have died!" Narcissa shrieked in desperation.

Bellatrix laughed, her black hair looking more tinted with silver gray then ever, "You don't get it, Cissy! I would have rather died there! AND YOU TOOK ME AWAY!" Her eyes were red with grief and anger and she launched at her sister, her wand pointed at Narcissa's throat.

Narcissa's eyes were wide with fear and her heart seemed to have leapt into her throat, "Bella please..."

"Bella please..." Bellatrix mocked with a laugh. "You were never faithful to the Dark Lord! You were content when it didn't interrupt with your picture perfect life. But as soon as you find your son in danger, you betrayed him at the drop of a hat! You betrayed ME at the drop of a hat..." Her wand touched the skin on Narcissa's throat and she gasped like it burned her.

"No Bella, I didn't betray you.. I'm sorry... Bellatrix I'm sorry... I'm your sister..." Narcissa's eyes were watering with tears and as the first one fell down her cheek it was like something slapped Bellatrix in the face. She stared at Narcissa, and then at her wand, and then it slipped slowly from her fingertips just as she was blasted backwards and into a stone wall, cracking it.

"Don't touch my wife!" She heard Lucius yell, though it seemed in the distance somewhere. She heard heavy footsteps coming over to her, standing over her.

"Lucius no!" Narcissa screamed and ran to her sister's side, covering Bellatrix's body with her own.

"Move Narcissa, your deranged sister almost murdered you, and your protecting her? Move!"

"No! She dropped her wand before you hit her Lucius! Leave her be she's in pain cant you see that?!" Bellatrix could feel the drops of her sisters tears on her own flesh and she stirred and opened her eyes, though everything seemed to be swimming. There was something wet on the back of her head, in her hair...

There was a long silence when nobody spoke. Bellatrix could only assume the couple was having a battle of wills. After a few moments it was Lucius who spoke. "Fine. But she does not stay here. I want her no where near my son. Take her away." He paused and added in a low voice, "And you'd do good to stay with her as well. For awhile anyway."


"I have made my decision, Narcissa!" Lucius hollered back at his wife. "You can come back when you put our safety above your insane sister."

Bellatrix's vision was starting to clear and she could make out Lucius' retreating form, his long black cloak following in his wake. His last words were almost a whisper, "Leave now, Narcissa." And then he was gone.

Bellatrix tried to get up as she heard her sisters sobbing becoming significantly louder. Narcissa stood up and crossed the room to retrieve Bellatrix's wand. Bellatrix's muscles seemed not to be working and all she could do was lay there, her face against the cold floor and a puddle of blood creeping around her head.

Narcissa crossed back across the room knelt down next to her older sibling. She touched her face lightly and brushed her dark blood coated hair away from her face. She sighed as tears rolled down her cheeks and she grabbed her sisters hand and disapparated.

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