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Chapter One: Just Another Day

A gentle breeze whispered through the leaves. Many small animals paused to listen to the soft rustling. They quickly scampered away after picking up the scent of a predator.

Keen ears twitched, picking up the soft sounds.

Kagome glanced at Inuyasha's ears. Seeing them twitch, she longed to touch them. She had once, when she first saw Inuyasha. Ever since then, she had been itching to do it again. She sighed, knowing he would never let her.

Sango glanced sideways at her friend. She felt like sighing herself. They had been wandering aimlessly for four days, searching for clues to Naraku's whereabouts. Inuyasha had been a little edgy since they set out and nobody knew why. A small, sudden weight on her shoulder shook Sango out of her thoughts. Kirara meowed in her ear, nuzzling Sango's cheek and earning a smile in return.

'Ah, Sango's smile is so sweet.' Miroku thought, finding himself smiling as well. He edged closer to Sango, his hand reaching out -


"Pervert!" Sango yelled, glaring daggers at the monk. She sped up, leaving Miroku behind to nurse his red, hand-printed cheek. Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo just rolled their eyes.

"Are we near any villages? I'm tired of walking!" whined Shippo. He turned big, innocent eyes towards Kagome, knowing he'd never convince Inuyasha by himself.

Kagome turned to Shippo. "I'm tired of walking, too. Do you guys know of anywhere nearby where we can rest for a while?" she asked, looking around.

"I believe there is a village a little more than a day's travel ahead if we continue in this direction," Miroku said. "There is a large mansion there. It is said the Lord who owns it has a beautiful daughter that…" he trailed off after catching the murderous look Sango was throwing him. "That always welcomes travellers!" he said quickly, hoping to avert the demon slayer's wrath.

From the front of the group came a familiar huff.

Kagome and Shippo fought back giggles. "That monk is hopeless," Shippo whispered to her. "Do you think he'll ever learn?"

"I'm not sure, Shippo," she replied to the young fox demon. "But if anyone can break his lecherous ways, it's Sango." Shippo nodded in agreement. Raising her voice so he could hear her, Kagome asked Inuyasha if they could stop at the village Miroku had suggested.

Inuyasha did not turn to face them when he answered. "Whatever. But you had better not complain anymore now, Shippo. You got that runt?"

"What? I was not complaining!" Shippo yelled at the half-demon's back. "You just said that 'coz you like picking on me!"

Inuyasha whirled around. "Yeah?" he growled, "I wouldn't if you weren't so annoying!" He lunged for Shippo. "Come here!"

Inuyasha had made three unsuccessful attempts to catch Shippo when Kagome decided enough was enough.

"Sit, boy!"

The enchanted necklace glowed, dragging Inuyasha face-first into the dirt with a thud.

"What was that for!?"

Kagome gave another sigh.


Far away, a little girl was questioning her travelling companion.

"Master Jaken, Lord Sesshomaru seems to be acting a little different. Have you noticed?"

"Rin! You should never question anything Lord Sesshomaru does!" The small, toad-like creature snapped at the young girl. "I still don't know why Lord Sesshomaru hasn't left you somewhere."

Rin either did not hear his last comment or chose to ignore it.

Jaken silently agreed with her though. His Lord's behaviour had changed slightly during the past few days. He seemed more thoughtful and focused, as if he knew something that no one else did. Even more so than usual.

"Keep up," came the cold, flat command from ahead.

"Wait, Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken wailed. Rin smiled and ran in front of him, laughing as he stumbled.


It was late evening when Kagome insisted they stop for the night. Shippo sat down happily, giving Kirara a pat when she sat beside him. Sango smiled at the two small demons and sat down nearby, glaring at Miroku to make sure he sat an arms-length away. He did so, somewhat reluctantly. Inuyasha wandered off to find some firewood.

The companions relaxed, the tension that had been slowly building in the last few days temporarily leaving. The mood became much lighter after Inuyasha returned and they got a fire going. Sango and Kagome rummaged through her yellow pack for something to eat.

As they all nodded off to sleep sometime later, Inuyasha lay awake. He gazed at the stars as though they held an answer for him. He had been feeling strange lately. He couldn't shake the feeling and he didn't understand it. It had been making him more rude and edgy as a result. He internally winced every time he accidentally snapped at someone. He didn't know why he was taking it out on them. He just wanted it to stop. He couldn't tell them, they wouldn't understand. He didn't even understand! How could he explain to someone else if he couldn't explain to himself?

'What's happening?' he thought sadly.


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