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"I reckon Prongs will be the first to die."

"Oh yeah? And why is that genius?"

"Stupid as you are, you'll probably get yourself killed by some maniac."

Sirius docked as a pillow James sent him flowed past. Peter laughed as he stared at his two friends.

"You know, I have to say I agree with Padfoot." Peter declared, "Probably because of Lily too!"

This time, Peter wasn't fast enough and the pillow hit him square in the face. The Marauders laughed as Remus took a sit next to them in the common room. "What do you agree with, Wormtail?" he asked, opening the book he had gone to fetch and starting to read.

"They say I'll be the first of us to die," James informed him, "Because of Lily. And that I'll be killed by some maniac."

Remus chuckled, "That's the first intelligent thing I heard those two say." He told them.

"Hey!" Sirius complained. "I say intelligent things!"

"And maybe that's the reason you'll probably be the second to die." James said.

"I didn't get that." Sirius said confusedly.

"Because of some intelligent thing you said to some girl you dumped. She'll kill you." Remus explained, laughing as Sirius pouted at them.

"I am so not going to be killed by a girl!" he said, "They love me!"

"Yeah, yeah. Say that to yourself and maybe someday you'll start believing it." Peter stated.

"You say that now. But you'll be the third to die. Won't be able to live without both of us." Sirius said, still pouting and pointing to James and himself. "Then you'll regret you didn't believe me."

"Great!" Remus said, dropping the book in his lap and grinning, "That means I'll be the last to die!"

Sirius nodded, "It seems so."

"I suppose that doesn't come as a new. I've always been the smarter of the four." He laughed as three pillows hit him. "Anyway, how, pray tell, will I die?" Remus asked curiously, with a raised eyebrow at his friends.

"Old age." Sirius answered easily.

"Food poisoning." Peter said.

"Some noble cause." James threw in.

Remus smirked, "So I'll die three times?" he asked.

The other three rolled their eyes. "Why don't we bet on how you die?" Sirius suggested with a maniac face, "Then you have to name the one that is right your kid's godfather!"

The three stared at him with bemused faces, "Sirius… we'll be dead." James said.

"Oh, right. Forgot that." Sirius said, as his face fell. But it wasn't for long. In some seconds, he was grinning again. "Then you just have to name our kids instead of us!" he said, "Wouldn't it be nice? My kid being Remus' kid godfather?"

Remus and James groaned. "Sirius, that's also impossible."

Sirius looked at them confused before he made an "Oh." of comprehension and nodded to himself.

Peter looked between the three. "Why is it impossible?" he asked at last, "I didn't get it."

The others laughed as James ruffled his hair with affection, their previous conversation lost in their laughs.

Five years later, James Potter was killed in his house in Godric's Hollow by the Dark Lord, while trying to protect his wife, Lily Potter, and his son, Harry Potter, from him.

Fourteen years after James' death, Sirius Black was killed by his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange in the Ministry of Magic. He fell through the veil.

Two years succeeding to Sirius' death, Peter Pettigrew killed himself in the Malfoy Manor, guilty weighting on him for the death of his friends.

In that same year, Remus Lupin was killed during the final battle against Lord Voldemort, fighting for his own noble cause, and for his long lost friends.

Somehow, in the middle of it all, Harry Potter- James' son and Sirius' godson- was named Ted Lupin's- Remus' son- godfather.