Chapter 20. A girl like you

Hoggle was the first to notice the pair materializing in the throne room. He rushed over to hug Sarah and assure himself she was alright. Sir Didymus was looking at the King, watching his face and kept his thoughts to himself. He was glad to see them return, but he found himself concerned with the King's demeanor. Hoggle kept patting Sarah's hand to be sure she was alright. Jareth called for the healer to bring Toby. When the boy was carried in, Jareth motioned the Healer to hand the boy over to Sarah. He refrained from holding him; this too was noticed by the little knight.

Sarah sat on the steps and looked at her brother, her eyes filled with happy tears. "Oh Toby." She hugged the wiggling little body close; she looked up at the King with sad eyes. "What do we do now? Liam did so much damage… poor Karen."

Kneeling at her side, Jareth looked in her eyes, "That, my darling is where having a Goblin King for your boyfriend comes in handy…" He motioned to the air, and a strange clock appeared. "I'll just reorder time… and have goblins set to right the mess we found in the nursery."

"You can do that?" she asked.

He winked, "That and much more."

"And you're willing to?" she hesitated.

Jareth nodded, with a sad expression, "I'd love to have you and Toby stay here with me… but I know the timing is wrong… you're not ready… and I promised I would not force you."

Sarah leaned forward to kiss his cheek. "Thank you." She said softly. "So what do we do?"

Jareth stood up and putting his fingers to his lips gave a shrill whistle. Dozens of goblins poured into the chamber from every opening. "I need a clean up crew." He announced. "We are going to set to right the things that were messed up by the Nightmare Master… Lady Sarah and little Lord Toby are returning to their home… and will need protection there as well, so who volunteers?" little hands went into the air, and Jareth smiled as he hand picked the crew.


Karen in her dazed state sat up and smiled, "Coming home…they are coming home…" She closed her eyes and slept.


Jareth moved the hands of the clock carefully, the days that had past would seem like only moments to the mundane world. No one would remember, he'd seen to it. He froze time as he, Sarah and the baby passed from the ethereal plane into the mortal plane. The house was just as they had left it, and the clock was nearly ready to chime.

Sarah looked at him, "Is the bedroom cleaned up?"

Jareth nodded, and took the baby from her. He was once more dressed in the mundane clothes of Jareth Carlin, "But let's not take Toby up there, let's have a few moments under the stars."

"The night is warm, and the stars are beautiful," she looked at her brother, so happy in the arms of the King. "Alright, let's sit in the back garden." She led them to the kitchen door and out to the patio where she sat on a bench with the King and her brother as the King pointed out the different constellations and their meanings.

The front door of the Williams house was unlocked, and slightly ajar. The lights were on in the parlor and so was the stereo. Karen ran up the stairs two at a time and when she reached the room where Toby should be sleeping she let out a strangled cry of anguish. The room was empty, Karen was coming back down the stairs and crying "Their not upstairs!" Robert saw her come to the stairs, her face was paper white. "He's not here… the room… Robert, my baby… where's my baby…where's my Sarah?"

Robert called out, "Sarah? Sarah are you here?"

Sarah heard her parents' frantic voices. She and Jareth entered the house from the patio. "You're home early." She said as if nothing were wrong and saw the surprise on both her parents' faces as Jareth stood beside her with Toby in his arms perfectly happy. "Dinner didn't go well?"

Karen looked ready to collapse. "Toby…" she reached out and Jareth handed him over to her. She looked up at him, and for a moment it was as if she recognized him. She held her little boy close and hugged him. She looked at Sarah, "You didn't answer the phone…where were you?"

Robert placed a hand over Karen's shoulder. "We ran into Kent…" his voice was a little harsh.

"Kent!" Sarah snapped lightly, "Let me tell you about Kent! He's an…octopus…doesn't understand the words 'not interested.' I told him I was expecting my beau and he still… oh never mind… look…Kent and I had a loud argument...and Jareth here heard us from out side…. He more or less chased Kent off… and Toby had awakened…so we took him out to the patio to look at the stars…."

Robert was now staring at the man standing beside his daughter. "And you are who?"

Jareth smiled, "Jareth…Jareth Carlin… Nice to meet you both at last," He extended his hand toward the disgruntled father.

"Carlin?" Robert was placing the name. "Carlin Exports Ltd?"

Jareth nodded, "Imports, exports actually." He smiled at Karen. "That is one fine boy you have there, Mrs. Williams… a precious treasure… when the right time comes I hope to have a dozen just like him."

Sarah shot him a look that would have killed. "A dozen?"

Jareth winked at the girl; "When the right time comes."

Robert sniffed, "How do you know Sarah?"

"We've some mutual friends…in the antiques business." Jareth said knowing it sounded like the truth. "Sarah has a fine eye for the unusual."

Karen nodded, "I know, she gets that from her mother…her real mother…You know that her mother is Linda Williams the actress, don't you?"

"Yes, I'm aware." Jareth said gently. He smiled softly at the woman holding Toby.

Sarah looked at her father, "I'm sorry I didn't answer the phone, Daddy, but you can't hear it out there!" she pointed to the patio. "I really don't mean to make you worry. Karen let me take Toby and put him down, he looks ready to go back to sleep."

Karen and Robert were left standing in the foyer with Jareth. Karen saw the glasses with cider in the parlor, "Would you care for some more cider?" She asked Jareth, he nodded and she went quickly to the kitchen to regain her composer.

Robert motioned Jareth into the parlor and took a seat in his armchair. "So young man… Kent gave us the impression you and Sarah were…."

"I'm afraid that was my fault…"Jareth sighed, "The little buck was trying to put the moves on my girl, and then had the audacity to sound me out… I sort of led the little snot on…. Let him think there was more to my relationship with Sarah than the hugs and kisses stage…" He looked at the concerned face on Sarah's father. "Sir I assure you, my regard for Sarah is real, and I would never dishonor her."

Robert squinted, "You talk like a European."

"Yes, well…" Jareth spread his hands. "There you have me… I'm not a native of America… And I still travel the continent when I have to… I've homes here and in Europe…Where ever my job takes me."

"I see." Robert cleared his throat. "She's not yet sixteen."

"I can wait." Jareth said to her father softly, "Forever if I have to."

Duly impressed the man smiled at the handsome young man sitting opposite him. "I'll be watching."

"I should hope so." Jareth smiled back. He turned toward the sound of Sarah coming into the parlor. "Is the boy alright?"

Sarah nodded, and took a seat beside the King, placing her hand in his. "He's dreaming of all kinds of good things. He's got such a smile on his little face."

Karen brought the fresh pitcher of cider in and refreshed everyone's glass and served Robert a glass. "Mr. Carlin, do you have family here…in town?"

"No, just associates." He said sipping the cider.

After a half an hour of small talk, Jareth stood up and made his farewells to Sarah's parents. He was happy when she offered to see him out the door. She pulled the door close as they stepped out onto the porch. "Thank you." She said softly.

Jareth held his hands out to her, "Sarah, for you…I'd move the stars…"

She looked at him, "What happens now?"

"I go back to my big, lonely castle and pine for you…" He teased pulling her into his arms and hugging her. "Seriously? Well that depends on how quickly you choose to grow up… but in all likely hood, we'll court."


"Court." He repeated. "Now that your parents know there is a man in your life…it would be very rude of me to just…disappear." He saw Robert peering out the window, and released the girl from the embrace, "So, unless there's a summons, how about me coming to take you and Toby to the Park Sunday afternoon?"

"Oh is Toby our chaperone?" She teased.

"We are going to need one." Jareth assured her in a low growl, kissed her forehead and walked down the steps of the porch.

"Why me?" She called after him.

Jareth paused in the walkway; a sly smile crossed his lips; "Because there has never been a girl like you before." He waved and began to walk away. He said to himself as he did. "Besides, you fit…oh so well…"

Sarah heard a bit of what he said and giggling leaned on the pillar on the porch. She sighed, Toby was home and in bed safe. Her parents were happy and she was the girl friend of the Goblin King…. She smiled broadly, turned and entered the house….


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