Rating: K

Title: The Turtle-Who-lived

Author: Mikey's Kunoichi

Disclaimer: I don't own ANYthing in this fic, that is how poor I am! So I can't afford for people to sue me.

Forewarning: This Fic has MUCH Harry Potterness in it, so if you don't like Harry or Aren't allowed to read Harry -- Sorry!

He's after me The teenager thought to himself, dodging behind several chairs and sofas in an desperate attempt to keep some distance between himself and the evil man attempting to catch him. He pointed his wand over his shoulder and took aim.


The spell didn't work He thought, panicked. His feet slapped the cold stone as he ran to the first person he thought of.

"Hermione, Voldemort – He's after me! You HAVE to help me!" he pleaded frantically.

"Hermione? What the shell are you talking about?" The boy stared at his friend in wide eyed shock. Then slowly, his eyes narrowed.

"Death Eater!" he hissed, and backed away, withdrawing his wand from his belt.

"Whoa, why don't you put that down?" the Death Eater had obviously taken polyjuice potion. He looked just like Hermione, but it definitely wasn't.

"No! I won't put my wand down! I won't let Voldemort kill me like he did my parents!"

"I am going to KILL you!" Voldemort had caught up to him.

"You wish, Tommy!" and with that, the teen threw the nearest thing to him, which happened to be a pillow, at the dark wizard, and then he ran, his robes billowing out behind him.

"What is going on? You guys are disrupting my morning meditations." A new face presented itself, one which the pursued eagerly ran to.

"Neville! Help me! Voldemort is coming to kill me! And some death eater has taken polyjuice potion to look like Hermione! Please, help me!"

"What are you babbling on about?"

"Voldemort!" A rough hand grabbed the neck of his robe and jerked him violently backwards.

"Now I've got you, you little shell-for-brains!" Voldemort growled.

"Put me down, you murdering cockroach!" He squirmed to get his arms out of the old lab coat of LeatherHead's that had served him as a robe. Once out of it, he pulled the stick out of his belt and pointed it steadily at the Dark Lord's face. "I'm going to kill you like you killed my parents! Good-Bye Tom Marvelo Riddle! AVADA KEDEVRA!" He tapped the stick as nothing happened.

The wannabe Voldemort's, aka Raph, expression turned murderous as he advanced towards the Turtle-Who-Lived, known to many as Mikey, who gulped and ran away shouting stupefy and incendio over his shoulder. Raph gave chase, shouting obscenities at his fleeing little brother. Leonardo looked on in puzzlement, before turning to Don, raising a questioning eye ridge.

"And that was…?"

Don sighed "Mikey just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. He snuck up on Raph while he was sleeping, pointed that 'wand' of his at Raph and yelled Crucio. Raph woke up, and you know the rest."

"Why would I be Neville?"

"No clue. I just don't know whether to be insulted or complimented that he called me Hermione." With that, Don walked away, shaking his head.


Mikey burst into Master Splinter's room "Professor Flitwick!!"

Yeah, a little random, but I've read HPDH, my sis and bro have read it, my surrogate aunt is reading it, and my mom is reading. So the plotbunnies visited me wearing large glasses and having a lightening shaped scar.

It was very hard to write this and not give any thing about the Deathly Hollows away. I hope you enjoyed this.

MK (Mikey's Kunoichi)