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Summery: Something pushes Ellis Grey over the edge. Not even Richard knows what it could be. Three years later… Family secrets are revealed, shaking the life Meredith Grey had finally built for herself. Slightly AU. MerMark, but isn't centered around them.

Disclaimer: You know, I wish I owned Grey's. I REALLY wish I owned McSteamy and McDreamy. Sadly, only in my dream I dos. I don't own it, nor do I own any or the McPeople.

Changes: Ellis never got Alzheimer's.

In one fair swoop everything seemed to be knocked down. Her life became mixed with the rubble of everyone else's hopes and dreams that were smashed for one reason to the next. She didn't want to remember. She refused to pay attention to it. She didn't want to remember her old life. People would pity her, and she refused pity. She didn't want to be pitied nor did she take pity on others. That might have been why she did it; why she stood in front of the mirror looking at herself only to put a bullet in her brain.

The note she wrote out was simple to understand and apologized to her daughter for everything she did or didn't do. She wasn't going to deny the fact that she was a bad mother if she was just going to the ground. She didn't explain why she did it, only reminded her daughter to keep going and be strong. She told her to learn from mistakes of her mother.

She placed it on the table with her daughter's name written neatly upon it. She dialed 911 on the phone letting it sit off the hook on the table. She turned to the mirror for one last look, before picking up the gun.


Meredith Grey walked through the door of the hospital and rode the elevator to the locker room.

"Hey," She nodded at her friends.

"Hey," They all said in their 'morning voices.' It was the voice they used before their third cup of coffee.

"Dr. Sloan?"

She turned her head from the locker to look at who stood in the door.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Why wouldn't I be here, Chief?"

"Meredith, today is…"

"I know full and well what today is, Dr. Webber. She died three years ago. I'm fine."

"Can you work without getting too distracted?"

"Who said I would be distracted at all? Somewhere down the line you're going to have to stop asking me if I'm okay!" She stormed into the changing area.

He sighed and raised an eye brow at the others before leaving.

"Damn, Meredith's pregnancy hormones are kicking in." Alex laughed.

"Shut up, Alex." Christina hissed.

"You know what today is." Izzie snapped.

"Sorry," He rolled his eyes at his friends and turned back to his locker.