"Mark?" She hurried down the hall to the nurses' station where Mark stood.

"Oh hey, Babe." He turned towards her. She wrapped her arms around his body. "Whoa, what's wrong?"

"I have a brother." She said into his chest as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

"A what?" He said making a confused face.

"My mother had a son that I didn't know about."


"I'll explain later. I just… I got out of my surgery, so I'll go pick up Abigail and I'm going to go talk to him more."

He nodded knowing not to push her.

"I love you." She kissed his cheek.

"I love you too." He grabbed her face and kissed her again. She walked off.


After getting out of surgery for 'personal reasons,' she picked up Abigail and headed down the waiting room. One the way, she thought of reasons why it would be stupid to trust him. But, she had finally placed why he looked familiar. He had her mother's eyes and a darker shade of her hair.

She walked up to him.

"Um, Tyler?" He looked up at her.

"Oh, hey." He stood up and noticed Abigail. "Who is this?"

"This is my daughter, Abigail Sloan."

"Hey there," He smiled at her. "Is she your only child?"

She nodded. "Unless you count the one in my stomach."

"You're pregnant?" She nodded. "I can't tell. I swear. How far along?"

She smiled. "Thank you. Um, I'm five months."

"Are you married?"


"How long?"

"Three years and half years."

"How old is Abigail?"


"So Mom met your husband?"

She nodded. "Yeah, she liked him except for the fact that he's my boss. I was five months pregnant when mom…" Her voice trailed. He nodded. "Um, do you want to…?"

"Yeah, sure."

They headed out of hospital.

"Do you want to go to a restaurant or my house?"

"Up to you."

"I guess we can just go home. Do you have your own car?"

He nodded.

"Okay, follow me."

She put Abigail in her car seat and shut the car door, before looking at Tyler.

"I'll follow you."

She nodded and got into her car.


"This is a really nice house, Meredith." Tyler said as they walked into the living room of the house Meredith and Mark brought soon after they got married.

"Thanks. Go play, Abigail."

"Kay, Mommy." Abigail said before skipping away. She smiled at her daughter before leading Tyler into the kitchen.

"So, um, what do you do?" She said trying to make small talk.

"I'm a lawyer."

"Oh, that's great." There was a long silence. "I still can't believe… you're my brother. How could my… our mother do this?"

He shrugged. "I don't know."

He opened the flap to his bag again and withdrew a couple of papers.

"Um, this is my birth certificate." He slid it to her.

She looked at it. It had her mother's signature. The father was written as unknown. The date was June 2, 1983. The name Tyler Jacob Grey was written on it.

"Are you married?" She asked.

"Yeah." He smiled to himself.

"Do you have kids?"

"She's two months pregnant."

"Oh, congratulations."

"To you too. You look really happy here."

"It took a long time to get here. My life use to be far from bright and shiny."

"What do you mean?"

"Um, do you mind if I cook?"

He shook his head. She bent down to get a pot.

"Um, when I started my internship, I started under Mom's ex-mistress, Richard Webber. I, also, had a one-night stand with a guy I met at Joe's bar. He turned out to be my boss, Derek Shepherd. Not only my boss, but what I came to figure out was he was married. He never told me about his wife until she, Addison Shepherd, showed up. Then, I found out that my father's daughter was a patient under the She-Shepherd. I didn't know about her."

"So this is all like déjà vu to you?"

She giggled. "Not exactly. I hadn't seemed my father in 20 years. Then, Derek and I… slept together at this stupid prom thing that we had to throw for the Chief's niece who was also a patient. He was still married, so I was once again a dirty mistress. They got divorced and Derek and I tried. But, I had commitment issues and I pulled away. My fake-mommy died."


"My fake-mommy was my father's new wife. She wanted to be in my life. Thatcher, my father, blamed me for her death and slapped me. I went and got drunk with my friends instead of talking to him. And we had already been having problems. He was mad at me for not swimming."


"There was a ferryboat accident, it set fire. So, we all, except for a few, had to go to the scene. I had bandaged up a guy's leg and he was freaking out about having to go somewhere. He tried to get up and he pushed me over the edge. I had been watching a little, lost girl, so when Derek asked she said I was in the water. He came to my rescue only to later find that I could indeed swim. I did swim at first but then my life flashed through my head and I figured, what is there really to live for. And it was cold, my body was locking up from the temperature, so I just sunk. But back to the original story, so I pulled away and Christina's wedding didn't happen. Burke called it off."

"Who are Christina and Burke?"

"Christina is my person. My best friend. Burke is our head of Cardio that she had been dating for a long while. He called off the wedding because he was making her something she wasn't. Then, I walked in on Derek cheating on me. A month later, my fellow dirty mistress and I were getting close."

"Fellow dirty mistress?"

"Derek's wife cheated on him back in New York with Mark. So we formed the dirty mistress club. We started dating. And eight months later, we got married. I was pregnant, but we love each other very much. Then, Mom killed herself. Now there years later, Abigail is three. I'm very happily married to Mark. I'm pregnant. I'm happy."

"I'm glad your happy."