Chapter 75
Epilogue Part III: George and Angelina's Wedding

Author's Note: Before I begin, I will answer a question or two I received from the last chapter. Yes, I know it was a very "Muggle" graduation, but I couldn't decide how to make it more magical. I didn't include the valedictorian, but if I would, it would either be Hermione or Ginny. There were other questions about the possibilities of a sequel in the future, and other things. I will get to those at the final Author's Note at the end. This will be in multiple PoVs.

(Ron's PoV)

Ron walked back and forth outside Ginny's bedroom door. He wanted to speak with Hermione, but he didn't want to wake up Ginny. What he needed to talk about with Hermione was important, but kind of secret. He yawned as he tried to make a decision. It was very early in the morning… around five-thirty. His mother wouldn't wake up for another few minutes, ready for the day's busy duties that needed to be done before the wonderful event.

George and Angelina would be getting married under the same variety of marquee they had provided for Christmas. The house was already crowded. Harry had stayed the night so he wouldn't have to arrive in the hassle of the wedding preparations.

Bill, Fleur and baby Victoire had stayed the night, after a long drive. Because of Victoire, they were forced to drive everywhere when taking her somewhere. She was much too young to go with her parents in Apparation or Floo travel. George had stayed the night as well. Because of the tradition of "groom can't see the bride before the wedding", Angelina had stayed with her parents and would be arriving sometime mid-morning. Percy and his girlfriend, Audrey, would be arriving sometime before the wedding. With Percy, it was always hard to tell what was going on. It was unknown whether Charlie would be able to attend or not. But, as he said in owl post the day before, there was a good chance he might be able to make it. The rest of the guests would be arriving sometime before the wedding.

Ron and Hermione were temporarily living at the Burrow again until they could get a place of their own. The money they had made the short time they were at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, and the bit of pay Ron got during his first few months of Auror training was almost enough to pay for a new house. Ron could tell everyone was surprised when he told his parents that little bit of information. But he couldn't blame them. He hadn't told his parents, or anyone else, the other bit of information he and Hermione had kept secret. If everything worked out, that bit of information would be revealed today.

In mid-turn, Ginny's door opened. Hermione's head appeared in the semi-ajar doorway.

"What do you want?" Hermione asked, sighing.

"Is that any way to talk to your fiancé?" Ron whispered.

"Shh!" Hermione shushed him, "You're lucky Ginny's sound asleep! Do you want her to know --?"

"Actually," Ron said, "That is what I want to talk to you about."

Hermione sighed and walked out of the room, then closed the door.

"I think today should be the day," Ron said, "We should tell everyone we are engaged."

"I thought we agreed," Hermione said, "That today wouldn't be the right time. This is George and Angelina's day. We don't need to take the attention off of them."

"True," Ron said, "But what if we told George prior to the wedding? Let him know and see if he is okay with it."

Hermione sighed.

"I don't know," she said.

"Hermione," Ron said, "I'm sick of keeping this a secret. It's hard. You saw my parents' reactions when we told them we were working on getting a house of our own. They think we're moving too quickly. They don't know we're engaged, so of course they would think that."

"You don't think that in their mind," Hermione said, "That this engagement would be 'moving too quickly'. If we announce this today, it will be in front of everyone."

"Is that what your worried about?" Ron asked.

"Well, okay, it wouldn't be in front of everyone," Hermione said, "My parents can't come. They wouldn't drive down here, and they won't let me Apparate them in. But that's just it. We haven't told my parents. You don't know my parents as well as you should. They get weird about this stuff. The Muggle tradition is that the man is supposed to ask the woman's father for permission."

"That's the wizarding way too," Ron said.

"But we are already engaged," Hermione said, "You can't say 'Richard, can I get your permission for your daughter's hand in marriage' and then follow it up with 'oh, by the way, we are already engaged'."

"Are you happy we're engaged?" Ron asked.

"What?" Hermione asked, "Of course I am!"

"Then why don't you want to announce it to everyone?" Ron asked, "Your main argument is that it wouldn't be right, because it would take the attention off of George and Angelina on their special day. But you don't know George's answer yet, because I haven't asked him."

Hermione sighed yet again. She looked into Ron's eyes and her mouth turned from a mid-frown into a smile.

"Fine," she said, "If George says it is okay, then I'm okay with it. But don't tell anyone else yet."

"Not even Harry?" Ron asked, "He's our best friend. He should know too."

"He'll find out when everyone else does," Hermione said, "We should finish this. Your mother might be up, and we'll be lucky if nobody heard this."

Hermione smiled and turned back to go into the room.

"Hermione?" Ron said.

Hermione turned back around.

"I love you," Ron said.

"I love you too, Ron," Hermione said.

She kissed him quickly and walked back into the room. Ron smiled and began his ascent back up the stairs. When he reached the next level, the door to his right opened. George peered out.

"Oh, it's you," he said, "I keep expecting Mum to knock on my door. I swear I am this close from tying her up until the wedding. I just know I am not going to get any peace today. What are you doing up? I thought you would still be asleep."

"I thought you would too," Ron said, figuring to delay his real question for a moment.

"I can't sleep," George said, "I keep thinking about the wedding."

"I understand," Ron said, "George, can I ask you something?"

"You just did," George said, grinning, "But you may ask another."

"If I tell you," Ron said, "I need you to keep it secret. Not for too long, though."

"I can't answer if I don't know the question," George said.

"You know the day I woke up from the coma?" Ron asked.

"Er… yeah," George said.

"Hermione was in the room," Ron said, "And I was awake for a bit longer than she realizes. Well I heard her talking, and it got me thinking. Well, when she took my hand, those thoughts were forced out of me. I… er… asked her to marry me, and she said yes."

"So you and Hermione are engaged?" George asked.

"Yeah," Ron said, "Only we haven't told anyone. You're the first person. And I only tell you because of what I need to ask."

"Go ahead," George said.

"Okay," Ron said, "I know today is yours and Angelina's special day. But I want your permission for me to reveal my engagement to Hermione during the post-wedding party. It's okay if you say no. I'd hate to take the attention off of you and Angelina."

"Hmm," George said, "Well, I will make you a deal. You will be one of my best men for the wedding right?"

"Er, yeah," Ron said.

"If you don't do something foolish and predictable," George said, "Like lose my ring --"

"I would never lose your ring!" Ron said.

"I'm joking," George said, "Anyway, I want you to be the ring bearer too. If you do that, and do it well, I give you permission to give your announcement."

"Thanks," Ron said, "By the way, congratulations."

"You too, mate," George said, winking, "Oh! I think I hear Mum. I need to hide again. I think you should too!"

"Good idea," Ron muttered.

Ron was up the stairs before George's door shut. He walked into his room at the top of the house and shut the door behind him. When he did, Harry's eyes blinked open.

"You're awake early," Harry muttered.

Ron shrugged, having no good response.


(Harry's PoV)

At seven-o-clock, Harry and Ron decided it was best to leave the security of the small bedroom, lest Mrs. Weasley would come and investigate as to why they were not awake on such a special day. When Harry and Ron reached the bottom floor, they could hear Mrs. Weasley's voice.

"When is Angelina going to be here?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"I told you three times already, Mum," George said, annoyed, "Around ten-o-clock. She is apparating in with her parents."

"And they know where the Apparation point is, right?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"Yes, Mum," George said.

"Good," Mrs. Weasley said, looking up at the stairs, "Hi, boys!"

Harry and Ron walked in to the kitchen.

"We're having waffles," Mrs. Weasley said, "Simple breakfast. I have way too much to do today to worry about breakfast."

"It looks great, Mrs. Weasley," Harry said.

"Where are those girls?" Mrs. Weasley asked, looking at the stairs, her hands on her hips.

"Relax, Mum," George said, "I don't hear you wondering where Bill is."

"Bill deserves his sleep," Mrs. Weasley said, "He had a long drive and a baby can make you very tired. Believe me, I know. You were a loud baby, George. Your father and I could hardly get sleep."

"Yes, we've all heard how loud I was when I was younger, Mum," George said, "Are you going to relive all my embarrassing moments because it is my wedding day?"

"Where are those girls?" Mrs. Weasley asked, ignoring George.

George rolled his eyes. Harry heard the sound of footsteps above and a moment later, Hermione and Ginny were seen walking down the stairs.

"There you are, girls," Mrs. Weasley said, "Good morning. Want some waffles."

"Not hungry, Mum," Ginny said, looking from Mrs. Weasley to Harry, "Want to go for a walk? Lovely day out."

Harry nodded.

"Don't be too long, dears," Mrs. Weasley said, "We need to start getting preparations ready.

"Mum!" George said, "The wedding is not for another four hours or more. Give them a break."

"We won't be gone long, Mum," Ginny said.

She looked at Harry with a "Let's get out of here!" expression. Harry grinned and walked outside with Ginny. As they headed for the small pond, Harry broke the silence.

"I guess you wanted to get out of there like everyone else," he said, snickering.

"Yeah," Ginny said, "Mum is almost unbearable today. You know, Hermione and I heard her talking all the way up from our room?"

Harry laughed.

"I've been wanting to talk to you," Ginny said, "I haven't had much of a chance to spend time with you since I got back from Hogwarts."

"I've been busy with Auror training," Harry said

"Yeah," Ginny said, "Ron told me."

"We finish in a couple of months," Harry said, "If we aren't doing anything, I may get to spend more time with you then."

"That is what I've been wanting to talk to you about," Ginny said, with a frown, "Ever since graduation, Gwenog Jones and I have been sending owl post back and forth to each other, and from what I figured out, I start training camp in a couple of months. Well… the camp is in a remote area a bit north of London. It is much too far for me to apparate from here. I can't ask Dad to always take me, and while the league office is giving me some starting money, it isn't enough to even rent a flat. Look, my point is… do you remember what we talked about during Christmas Break?"

Harry remembered, but he made an expression to look like he hadn't. Ginny sighed.

"Fine, I will just say it," she said, "Do you think I could move in with you?"

Harry's heart beat faster. He rested up against a large tree, hoping to calm it down. He hadn't really thought about it much. Did he want Ginny to move in with him yet? What would her parents say?

"I would talk to my parents about it, of course," Ginny said, quickly, "And it wouldn't have to be right away. It could be closer to the time I start training camp. I know this might seem quick, but I just… I miss you, okay? I haven't seen you since graduation. We rarely write to each other, but even that isn't enough."

Ginny's voice was almost pleading. Harry sighed.

"As long as your parents agree," he said, "Yes, of course you can."

Ginny smiled, leapt at Harry and hugged him. She then kissed him, and Harry returned her kiss. Ginny's fragrant perfume found its way up Harry's nose. He loved it. Its fragrance was almost like magic, and Harry wondered if it was some kind of weak love potion.

"Thank you," Ginny said, "This means so much to me."

Harry smiled.

"I think we should go back," Ginny said, "Otherwise, Mum might exclude us from the wedding."

Harry laughed and agreed.

(Ron's PoV)

Angelina and her parents arrived at half-past ten, when everybody was preparing for the wedding. Mrs. Weasley stopped what she was doing and escorted Angelina up to her bedroom and said she was supposed to be left alone until the wedding. When Ron went in to take a quick bathroom break, though, he thought he saw George walking quickly up the stairs away from the room where Angelina was in. Ron grinned, but kept his promise, knowing any revelation of this moment to anyone could break the agreement between him and George.

At eleven-o-clock, Mrs. Weasley lined up Ron and Harry near the marquee as the escorts. Ron and Harry were in a couple of dress robes they had rented from Diagon Alley.

"Where's the girls?!" Ron asked his mother, "Shouldn't they help us?"

"They are getting ready for the wedding," Mrs. Weasley said, "They will be down when they are finished."

She smiled when she looked at Ron and Harry.

"Don't you two look lovely?" she said, rhetorically.

She smiled and returned to the house.

"Is she gone?" an invisible voice said.

"Who's that?" Harry asked.

George suddenly appeared, taking off a large top-hat.

"Invisibility Hat!" George said, "I updated the headless hat! Very useful, especially for dodging the mother of the groom!"

"Indeed," Ron said, "Why can't I have one?"

"No can do, little bro!" George said, "You still living up to our deal?"

"I got the ring right here," Ron said, indicating his pocket, "Are you?"

"Keep your end and you can do whatever you fancy!" George said, "I need to be somewhere."

"Visiting Angelina again?" Ron asked.

"What?" George asked, "No! Of course not! I can't see the bride before the wedding. Shame on you! Besides…" He added with a frown. "Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet are keeping her company. They're her bridesmaids, as are Hermione and Ginny."

"Really?" Harry asked, "How are Katie and Alicia? I haven't seen them in a while."

"Just peachy, I think," George said, "Oi! There's Mum!"

George put on his Invisibility Hat again and disappeared. Ron turned around. His mother was walking over to him, with Hermione and Ginny in tow. Both girls were wearing long dresses: Ginny's was the palest pink, while Hermione's was light-blue to the point that it was almost white.

"Help Ron and Harry with escorting the guests," Mrs. Weasley instructed them, "Speaking of… here they come!"

Ron turned. Coming up the driveway was a queue of people.

"Is Auntie Muriel coming?" Ron asked his mother.

"I don't know to be honest," Mrs. Weasley said, "I can't keep up with everyone!"

Mrs. Weasley started walking back to the Burrow.

"Oh, look!" Hermione said.

The first two in line were Luna and her father, Xenophelius. Both were dressed in yellow outfits.

"At least Luna's dress isn't made from curtains," Ron muttered, "Ow!"

Hermione had smacked him on the back.

"Hello!" she said to Luna and her father, "May I take you to your seats?"

She walked off with the Lovegoods in tow.

"Here goes nothing," Ron muttered, before offering to take a couple of his distant relatives to their seats.


At noon, every one of the guests were seated under the large marquee. Though the air was a bit toasty, the marquee's magic kept everyone nice and cool. Ron, Harry and Bill, George's best men, were standing at the back of the marquee. Mrs. Weasley was also there.

"You all know what to do, I assume?" she asked them.

"Yes, Mum," Ron said.

"Wonderful," Mrs. Weasley said, "I need to see how the bride and groom are doing."

She walked back to the Burrow. Ron looked around at the guests. A few rows behind the front, near the aisle, he noticed Fleur and Andromeda Tonks were talking to each other. On the ground, Teddy was playing with baby Victoire. Teddy was changing his hair every few seconds and Victoire was giggling at him. Professor McGonagall and Hagrid were sitting at the back. Oliver Wood, Lee Jordan, Verity and a few more of Ron's classmates were scattered along the seats. Auntie Muriel had arrived (unfortunately in Ron's opinion) and was chatting away to one of Angelina's family members, perhaps about Rita Skeeter's new book.

A few minutes later, George and Mr. Weasley made their way behind the rows of chairs. George, understandably, was looking a bit nervous. George looked at Ron, silently, and Ron knew what George was asking. Ron motioned to his pocket once again. George grinned. Ron rolled his eyes. Did his brother doubt him that much? Mrs. Weasley arrived a few minutes later, and as she did, the instruments behind the empty podium started playing the wedding march. Mr. Weasley walked up to the front and took his seat. Ron then noticed that the podium had become occupied: Kingsley Shacklebolt would be doing the honors of marrying George and Angelina.

"Get ready!" Mrs. Weasley muttered to Ron, Harry and Bill, before joining arms with George.

Ron nodded and got in line. Harry and Bill joined him. George and his mother started their journey down the carpet. Ron, Harry and Bill followed in suit. Everyone looked at them as they walked down in front of the podium. When they got in position, Mrs. Weasley kissed George on his cheek and she sniffled, then walked to her seat beside Mr. Weasley. Suddenly, the instruments played louder and everyone stood up. Angelina, her father, Hermione, Ginny, Katie and Alicia were all barely visible as they made their way to the center behind the chairs. They all made their way down the aisle with Angelina and her father in the lead. Angelina was wearing a traditional white dress. When Angelina and her father stopped, her father kissed her on the cheek and sat next to his wife, who was in silent happy tears.

"Dearly beloved," Kingsley said when everyone sat down, "We are gathered here today to unite two families, the Weasleys and the Johnsons, in holy and magical matrimony."

Ron looked over at Hermione, who was watching the Minister. One day in the not-so-distant future, he would be in this same position as his brother. Perhaps they would be on this very lawn, perhaps under a marquee like this. They had graduated not so long ago and he was already making the next big step in his life. True, he and Hermione were already engaged, but they would be officially announcing it to everyone shortly.

"Do you George Weasley," Kingsley said, "Take Angelina Johnson to be your wife…"

At this, Ron noticed that Hermione was looking at him with a deep smile.

"I do," George said.

"And do you Angelina Johnson," Kingsley said, "Take George Weasley to be your husband…"

Ron smiled back at Hermione.

"I do," Angelina said.

"Do you have the rings?" Kingsley asked.

Harry nudged Ron, who nearly jumped. He quickly dug into his pocket and took out the small box. He handed it to George. Angelina took hers from Ginny. They placed the ring on each other's hand.

"If nobody objects," Kingsley said.

After a long pause, Kingsley continued.

"As the Minister of Magic, I now pronounce you husband and wife!" he said with a smile.

George and Angelina kissed. Everybody stood up and applauded. Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Johnson were both in tears. Kingsley clapped and the marquee disappeared and turned into a dance floor with tables all around it.

While the instruments started playing happy music, Mrs. Weasley, Mrs. Johnson and Fleur magically summoned the food and cake to the tables. George and Angelina started dancing a slow dance. Ron and Hermione joined in. Ron led Hermione over to George and Angelina.

"Congratulations, you two!" Hermione said.

"Thank you, Hermione!" Angelina said, "I guess I should congratulate you too."

"You told her?" Ron asked.

"I can't keep secrets from her," George said, "When are you going to announce it?"

"Soon," Ron said, "After everyone settles down."

"You can tell them now," George said, "We don't mind. Right, Angelina?"

"No," Angelina said, "Of course not."

George puts two fingers to his mouth and whistles loudly. Every one quieted down and looked at George.

"First of all," George said, "I would like to say thank you for coming to our wedding. But at the moment, I think one of my best men has something to say."

Ron, being the only best man near George, was completely red in the face. George had just put him on the spot. He looked at Hermione, who smiled and nodded.

"Er…" he said, looking at everyone, "First of all, congratulations to George and Angelina. I wouldn't be saying what I am going to say next if I didn't get permission from George. So here goes… ahem… Hermione and I are engaged to be married."

Ron, not wanting to see the reaction of everyone, looked at Hermione. Suddenly, everyone clapped and cheered. Ron looked at Harry, who was, at the moment, in awe. He then joined the applause. Mrs. Weasley nearly dropped a tray of cookies, which Fleur caught. She walked over and hugged Ron and Hermione.

"You didn't think we'd be happy, did you, Ron?" she said, "I can tell by your face. I'm thrilled, of course I am!"

"We have something else to tell you," Ron said, "We've actually been engaged since a few moments after I woke up from the coma. I heard Hermione talking to me and it just came out."

"That's romantic," George said, sarcastically.

"George, I'd slap you if it wasn't your wedding day," Mrs. Weasley said.

Angelina smacked George on the back anyway. Mrs. Weasley hugged Ron and Hermione again and walked away. Harry and Ginny walked to them.

"So… engaged, eh?" Harry asked, looking at Ron and Hermione.

"I wanted to tell you before this, mate," Ron said, "I did. Hermione didn't let me."

"I couldn't be happier for you, mate," Harry said.

Ron smiled.

"Now," Hermione said, "This is George and Angelina's day. Want to dance, Ron?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Ron said, grinning.

Ron and Hermione started dancing, and so did Harry and Ginny. Ron was happy. He was engaged to the love of his life and everyone was happy for him. It was the perfect ending and a new beginning.

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