"I suppose we'll have to be civil at least." Harry said to Draco when he finally got through laughing at the amazed expressions on his aunt and uncle, or rather when Dudley saw them and decided it was Harry's fault and so gave him a particularly nasty black eye.

"Yes perhaps" Draco agreed. Then he grabbed the wand in his pocket. "You don't mind-do you?" He asked looking around the room in distaste-the wand still in hand.

"No not really-just so long as everything not green and silver" Harry said. He wasn't paying attention due to the fact that he was back at the desk.

"Exparia Refamica" Draco spelled. Harry jumped slightly when his desk too changed into a luxurious mahogany and gold desk/Vanity. He then decided to finally look at what Draco had done to his room. There were two four poster beds in his now size altered room-one green and silver-one red and gold. A golden dragon clawed at the wall. A large Cherry-pine amore was backed against the wall. A Persian rug carpeted the floor. Silk tapestries adorned the second wall. Quidditch posters hung on the only bare wall. Harry and Draco looked around for a moment-Harry in awe, Draco in satisfaction.

"Wow" Harry said after a few moments.

"I like it-but it's kind of modest" Draco admitted

"Modest?" Harry repeated-not quite believing he heard it. Draco nodded then-going to a door that wasn't there before he then proclaimed

"I'm going to take my shower and change." Before he could there was a knock on the door

"I'll get it" Harry said calmly. The one behind the door happened to be a fully recovered, angry, red faced Uncle Vernon. Uncle Vernon took that moment to look at the small cramped room he had given his nephew, and gasped at the sheer splendor of it.

"NO" He roared grabbing Harry and flinging him in the cupboard that he called home for eleven years. Moments later a wet Draco with only a towel around his waist and hair was flung in as well.

"What was that about" Draco asked as they heard multiple locks being clicked.

"We used magic-that's taboo here" Harry explained rummaging threw his trunk to find his wand.

"Taboo?" Draco asked, confused-in his home Magic was encouraged.

"Yeah Taboo" Harry clarified while spelling the room so that it was big enough to fit them and had two beds.

"What about my clothes?" Draco asked. Harry got an old outfit-so old in fact that it actually fit Draco pretty well, granted he had five inches on Harry-nothing compared to Dudley's foot and a half-but being well nourished had something to do with height.

"Little Baggy but it's O.K." Harry said while surveying the outfit on Draco.

"This means we're going to sneak upstairs and get my clothes soon right?" Draco asked

"I don't know-My aunt and Uncle might give you something" Harry said. Draco nodded his understanding.

I meant for this to be longer but I had no time to type it-sorry.