Mystical Babies

The 6 are turned into magical babies and the A.D.R tries to steal something out of Koenma's Vault. Will Kuwabara and Mikey be able to stop the A.D.R while babysitting the others?

I don't own anyone but the A.D.R, the old guy Madison Young, and the powers the 6 get.

With the A.D.R

"Wow, our plan succeeded." Bongo says.

"That it did, mate." Hang Roo says.

"We got our new partner with easssse." Snake-Eyes say.

"I think I'll like this better than being a pet to some old crank." Dingo Starr says.

"So you don't miss that master of yours?" Bongo asks.

"No, what had to endure to do those dumb dog shows." Dingo Starr says angrily.

"Wait a minute, Mate." Hang Roo says. "Doesn't your master own some stones?"

"Yeah, they're called the Scale Stones." Dingo Starr replies. "Why did you ask?"

"Because we're going to steal them, Mate." Hang Roo says.

With the guys

"I can't believe this!" Mikey screams.

"What Mike?" Kuwabara asks.

"I'm going to be in the cat show." Mikey replies.

"So am I, Mike." Kuwabara says.

"What do you mean?" Mikey says. "You don't have a cat."

Kuwabara shoots Mikey angry look.

"Oh yeah." Mikey says nervously. "My cat's going to win."

"Mine will." Kuwabara says.

"Are you two going to fight about your cats all day?" Don asks.

"Besides Koenma just informed us the A.D.R are going to strike the man who owned the Dingo that A.D.R stole." Kurama informs.

"Madison Young!" Mikey says.

"Let's go." Leo says.

Everyone got to Madison Young's Mansion

"There it is, mates." Hang Roo says. "Madison Young's Mansion."

"Are you ready for the reunion, Dingo?" Snake-Eyes say.

"Yeah." Dingo Starr says.

With the guys

"There they are guys." Leo says.

"Ok, let's go." Raph says.

"Not yet we need a plan." Leo says.

"We need go now!" Raph yells softly.

"We don't have time for this." Yusuke yells softly.

"Hiei, where are you going?" Kurama asks.

"I'm to go down there and stop the A.D.R and not listen to this squabble." Hiei says.

With the A.D.R

"I miss you, Dingo." Madison Young says.

"I miss you too, old crank." Dingo Starr says with his arms folded by the corner.

"Dingo, what has happen to you?" Madison Young asks.

"We happened, mate." Hang Roo says as he and the others surround the old man.

"What do you want?" Madison Young asks.

"Your Scale Stones." Bongo says.

"Not so fast, A.D.R!" Leo says.

"It's the detectives and the turtles." Dingo Starr says.

"Giant Turtles!" Madison says as he faints.

"Great!" Hang Roo says.

"I know where they are." Dingo Starr says.

"Ok." The other A.D.R says as they follow Dingo.

"Let go after them, guys." Yusuke says.

"Kuwabara and Mikey, stay here and help Mr. Young." Leo says.

"Ok." They both say.

The 6 got down to where the Scale Stones were.

"Well, well, mates." Hang-Roo says. "Our favorite friends are back."

"Well, we'll make them our favorite babies." Dingo Starr says as he threw the Silver Scale Stone at the 6.

Their eyes glowed and they turned into…

"Let's escape before the other two shows up." Dingo Starr says.

The Animal Demon Robbers escape.

"Guys are you ok?" Kuwabara asks.

"I hope they're ok." Mikey says in a worried tone.

They hear crying.

"What's that crying?" Kuwabara asks.

"Oh, no," Mikey says in surprise. "The guys are babies."

The Babies cry harder.

"Calm down, guys." Kuwabara says as he picked up baby Yusuke, Kurama and Hiei

"What do we have to do?" Mikey says as he picked baby Leo, Don and Raph

"Go to Koenma."

Kuwabara and Mikey went to Koenma with others in hand.

"Oh, my." Koenma says surprised.

"What happened to them?" Mikey asks.

"The Silver Scale stone." Koenma explains. "It turned them into babies."

"Oh, no, we're not baby-sitting." Kuwabara says in a disapproving tone.

"You both kind of have to until the A.D.R. show up again." Koenma says.

"Great!" They both say flatly.

At the Turtles lair

"Come on, Raphie, eat your veggies." Mikey says.

"No!" Baby Raph says.

"Come on, Hiei, eat your food." Kuwabara says.

"Hiei just laughed and all of sudden blew fire at Kuwabara.

"Ha ha, Hiei." Kuwabara says sarcastically as he got the ash off of his face.

"Donny, sit still." Mikey says.

"No!" Baby Don says as he shocked Mikey with electricity.

"Ow!" Mikey screams in pain.

"Kurama, here your go a nice toy for you." Kuwabara says.

Kurama babbles and all of a sudden grabbed Kuwabara and slammed him up and down.

"This is crazy!" Kuwabara yells. "Koenma said they were turned into babies and now they have powers!"

"I think Koenma knows more than we know." Mikey says in a frozen voice as he tries to stop Leo from turning him into an icicle.

"Ok, Hiei's got fire powers, Don has electric powers, Kurama's got super strength, Leo's got ice powers and what does Urameshi and Raph have for power?"

"Uh…Kuwabara." Mikey says.

"What, Mike?" Kuwabara answers annoyed.

"The babies are gone." Mikey says.

"What! Where are they, Mike?" Kuwabara asks in worry.

"I don't…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Mikey screams.

"What! Urameshi!" Kuwabara screams.

Baby Yusuke was climbing a shelf.

"Urameshi, get down from there." Kuwabara screams as tries to get Yusuke.

Baby Yusuke all of a sudden transforms into a wolf.

"Oh, no, I think Urameshi's a werewolf." Kuwabara says annoyed as Baby Yusuke bit him in the hand. "Ow!"

"Kuwabara, help." Mikey yelps as baby Raph turned into a dragon.

"I wish we knew where those Animal Demon Robbers are and when I get my hands on them." Kuwabara growls as he got Yusuke off of him.

"Hey, Kuwabara and Mikey, I got a fix on the A.D.R." Koenma says.

"Where are they?" Mikey asks.

"In my vault again." Koenma says.

Kuwabara and Mikey groans as they got the babies.

With the A.D.R

"As soon as we get the important item that idiot Koenma has we can get any rare demon treasure, we want." Bongo says.

"Yesss, we will be the richessst Demonsssss in the Makai." Snake-Eyes say.

"Not so fast, A.D.R." Mikey says.

"Oh, look, Mates." Hang Roo says "It's the baby sitters."

"We'll stop you no matter what." Kuwabara says angrily.

The A.D.R laughs

"You two are the most pathetic…Ow!" Dingo Starr says as Baby Hiei blew fire him.

"Those babies aren't just babies. They're mystical babies." Mikey says slyly.

Baby Don uses his electric powers to shock Snake-Eyes.

Baby Leo freezes Bongo.

Baby Kurama slams Hang Roo up and down.

"Uh, mates, these babies are more than they appear." Hang Roo says dizzily.

"YOW!" Bongo says as Baby Yusuke as a werewolf bit him in the butt.

Baby Raph just turned into a Dragon.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh." Hang Roo screams as he and the other A.D.R. ran off leaving the White Scale Stone.

"Well, I guess the guys did the work for us." Kuwabara says as he uses the White Scale Stone to turn the others back.

"Welcome back." Mikey says.

"What happen?" Yusuke asks.

"Let's just say that the A.D.R got scared like babies." Kuwabara chuckles.

Mikey laughs and the others did too.

To be continued…

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