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fukutaicho-vice captain

sotaicho-captain commander

Gomen- sorry


ryoka-outsider of some sort

Nani- what

neh, oro- expression

Daijobu-are you ok?

shihakshou- shinigami clothing

Chapter 1: The Ryoka

The ryoka's that came to save Kuchiki Rukia of the thirteenth division have given seretei problems. It seemed that the ryoka's were somewhat capable of taking down there assailants, the lower seated shinigami's have been completely beaten. Also with the problem of Aizen-Taicho's death the whole of seretei is blaming it on the ryoka. Hitsugaya Toushiro was deep with in his thoughts, he has reasons to believe that Ichimaru Gin was somewhat related to this events though he has no proof to it, he only had overheard the situation between him and Aizen but no actual evidence, no hard fact.

"Hitsugaya-Taicho what are you thinking about?" Matsumoto Rangiku fukutaicho asked loudly leaning over the Taicho's desk and almost suffocating the Taicho with her breast. Hitsugaya was already used to the vice-captains rude interuptions when he was thinking. He was worried not just about Aizen but also of Hinamori, she had been withdrawn and cried almost everytime he had seen her. He didn't know how to console the girl that he had referred to as his sister.

"Matsumoto get that thing off my face." Hitsugaya said gruffly a bit irritated at being interrupted.

"Nani? Is something the matter Taicho? You've been thinking about the ryoka's and Aizen-Taicho, also Hinamori-chan neh?" Rangiku pressed also pressing her self forward.

"Hitsugaya-Taicho, Matsumoto fukutaicho there was a report that the ryoka in shinigami uniform had defeated Abarai fukutaicho of the 6th division. Also Tousen-Taicho said that Kurotsuchi-Taicho of the 12th division was also defeated by a Quincy among the ryoka but currently he is in the cells with a boy that Shunsui-Taicho had taken down." A third seat officer reported breaking the captains thoughts of how to make an icecube out of his vice-captain.

"Hai, arigato" Matsumoto replied and dismissed the third seat. "Neh, the ryoka's seems stronger than expected."

"Come with me Matsumoto" Hitsugaya taicho said, thinking of Abarai Renji, he had liked the brash and loudmouthed fukutaicho but of course it remains a secret though he suspected Rangiku might already know. His fukutaicho might look stupid but she didn't get into her rank by just looks. He supposed he didn't have a choice now, he trusted his vice-captain enough to shut it.

"You know taicho Renji liked his boys rough, he gets turned on by people who beats him to a pulp, wonder who the lucky ryoka is, neh taicho?" Rangiku exclaimed.

"Matsumoto" Hitsugaya growled, he was sure wrong about his vice captain shutting her mouth about it.


At the same time Kuchiki Byakuya Taicho of the 6th protection squad division also received the same report and he quickly dismissed his subordinate. He was quite curious about the ryoka though he would never admit it. He had been curious of the spirit power the ryoka possessed when he had met him on the living world. To think that his fukutaicho has been defeated by the said ryoka, it intrigued him to limits how a human had achieved such powers. He had reached to a point that he was having dreams that could kick him out of the Kuchiki clan if found out. He would think of Hisana whenever he had dreamed of the boy, but he could still see in his minds eye taming the powerful ryoka and no less in his bed which he now found to be quite irritating. He did of course like his fukutaicho, but the brashness and the fact that the fukutaicho would never submit to him made him resigned.



"Hai, Tousen taicho?"

"You're friend Abarai fukutaicho seems to have lost"

Silence followed the brief remark of the blind taicho.


At the day of Kuchiki Rukia's execution a battle had ensued that disseminated much of seretei's buildings and properties not to mention captains fighting all over the place. The whole of seretei was shocked that all that happened were staged by Aizen-Taicho. There were many that were injured Hitsugaya-taicho, Hinamori-fukutaicho, Komamura-taicho, Byakuya-taicho and Abarai-fukutaicho. The ryoka's were treated as heroes after the whole episode came to an end. Who would have thought that the ryoka's has changed soul society, especially the ryoka Kurosaki Ichigo.

"Taicho I just saw the ryoka, he is such a gorgeous boy! Those die for me brown eyes are sooo hot! No wonder Abarai fukutaicho is making his move on that boy." Matsumoto squealed.

"Matsumoto, I have no interest of your likes towards the ryoka. It does not concern me."

"It doesn't concern you that Abarai-fukutaicho is going to jump his bones?"

"Matsumoto" Hitsugaya growled, somehow he was a bit irritated of being fun off in such a way

Outside the room Shuuhei Hisagi sighed as he heard the conversation inside the 4th division treatment room. He was wondering if Matsumoto had teased the captain just because she wanted to, or, there was another reason behind it. He sighed. No one seems to notice that Shuuhei Hisagi is alive, the only 3 persons that understood him wasn't there. His taicho Tousen was an enemy now and Komamura taicho was still in the hospital bed, sleeping. Abarai Renji the closest friend he could get was somewhere trying to figure out the ryoka boy. Shuuhei sighed he had come to love Abarai Renji, after that time when Renji together with Hinamori and Kira had saved him from the hollows. He had been closer with the loud and unpredictable Renji, but Renji seems to be either too dense to his feelings or just not interested in him. For such a long time he had hid his feelings toward the fukutaicho but even so he knew that he was quite obvious on some times, those times that he had lowered his guard down. Shuuhei sighed the third time; he stopped not noticing that he was outside the doors of Komamura-Taicho's quarters, might as well come inside he thought.


"Neh, Inoue-san"

"Hai Renji-kun?"

"U-uh… Are Rukia and Ichigo…?"


Renji made a gesture pairing his two index fingers together.

"Inoue, he means if they are together." Sado grunted like he didn't want to say it. Renji looked at the big guy and was a bit curious that he had talked. Sado was a silent type who would rather observe than talk, maybe he was curious as well.

"Aaahh, I don't think it's like that Renji-kun, Sado-kun." Inoue replied shaking her head vigorously then continued with her index finger pointing upward. "Kurosaki-kun just thinks highly of Rukia-san 'coz she's the one who changed his life. She gave him something that can make him help and protect the people that he care's for that is why he came here to save Rukia-san"

"Oh, Ichigo is one weird kid, neh?" Renji said looking at Kurosaki running around the 11th squad division, running away from Kenpachi-taicho.

"Yes, he is weird not to mention baka" Ishida said from a nearby tree.

"You freakin' scared me quincy" Renji howled twitching that he wasn't even able to detect the reiatsu of the said teen

"Hmmmm, you're as stupid as Ichigo not being able to sense spirit force"

"You were hiding you're spirit force, baka"

"tsk..." Ishida muttered, no way in hell will he admit that he lost his spirit power, well most of it anyway.

"Anyway, why did you ask that question Renji-kun?" Inoue asked.

"Neh, just curious" Renji blushed as he answered her question.

"Oh, oro oro you like Kuchiki-san don't you?" Inoue hypothesized starting to think of things that really had no basis. She sometimes goes of her handle and flies to her fantasies in who knows where. She added "Though Ishida-kun also likes Kuchiki-san"

"Nani??" Ishida gasped, thinking that maybe just maybe Inoue needed a psychiatrist

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