Chapter 7

Chapter 7

69 and the Mission

At Seretei

"Hey Shuu-han what's the meaning of that number on your cheek?" Yumichika asked prodding at the tattooed number 69 on Shuuhei's cheek.

"You know I heard from Abarai-kun that that number has a perverted meaning on the current living world" Matsumoto said drinking her sake.

"So you're a closet pervert Hisagi?" Ikaku asked as the sun glinted of his bald head. Few seconds passed but Hisagi's attention was still on his paperwork, not taking mind to the three other shinigami's that was on his office drinking sake like they would do in a bar in Rukongai.

"You know Shuu-kun your really making us feel unwelcome" Matsumoto pouted, still Hisagi remained silent still concentrating on his paperwork.

"Come on Shuu-haaan don't be so reserved, don't you think I'm beautiful?" Yumichika said leaning on the said fukutaicho's desk crumpling the paperwork underneath.

"yumi get you elbows off my paperwork." Hisagi said stonily willing his temper down and trying not to just kick the other three other Shinigami out of his office. Why where they here in the first place anyway, Oh yeah it was all his fault and he hated to admit that. Damn his luck for agreeing to let Matsumoto stay on his office, why the hell did he say yes. That's right blackmail; this was really not good for him. Talking with himself on his head, it surely wasn't good right? 'Right, absolutely' he thought to himself. Bottom point; Matsumoto was not a good influence and neither were the two 3rd and 4th seat of the 11th division.

"Oh sorry Shuu-han…" Yumichika said sliding back to sit down but the paper caught in his elbow and the other end on Shuuhei's hand ripping the document in two. Shuuhei's mouth hang open as Yumichika just stared and said "I'm really sorry Shuu-haaan…"

It's okay Shuu-kun, that always happen to my paperwork" Matsumoto said gripping both pieces of the paper and pulling it towards her, unfortunately both pieces were still stuck on Yumi's elbow and Shuuhei's hand making the two pieces into four pieces. Shuuhei's face fell and he was ready to commit suicide right then and there. Matsumoto just gathered it and hid it under the sofa.

"As the say Shuu-kun if the report isn't on your table then it doesn't exist" Matsumoto grinned proudly. Somehow that didn't make him feel relieved not in the remotest possible way. He somehow felt a great amount of pity towards Matsumoto's taicho, and he voiced it out loud.

"Nah taicho's used to it already." Matsumoto happily declared which made even Ikaku and Yumi felt sorry for the child prodigy taicho.

"Anyway how do you know about the 69 perversion Shuu-han?" Yumi asked.

"How would I know? I don't even know anything about that." Shuuhei grumbled.

There was a knock on the door and Shuuhei remembered the sake that Matsumoto was drinking and he lunged for it, unfortunately due to his hectic movement he slid straight across and fell on the other side of his table. Then he felt the familiar reiatsu mentally kicking himself for not noticing that it was Kira.

Kira peeked inside and saw Shuuhei upside down; his feet on the table and his face on Yumi's lap, while Matsumoto drank sake and Ikaku holding the sake bottle that Hisagi was after. Without thinking he blurted out. "That isn't normally the 69 position you know."

The other shinigami's fell silent at Kira's comment. They looked at him stunned, Kira didn't notice and he continued on explaining on how the 69 position was supposedly done not knowing that the other shinigami's didn't even know that it was a sexual position; only the vague idea that it was perverted.

"Hold up, hold up how'd you know about that?" Matsumoto asked quite curious as to why the silent and introvert Kira would know such things.

"Nanao-chan told me" Kira said

"Whaaat?" the other four shinigami's screamed out. Completely bewildered as to why the sweet Nanao would tell the innocent Kira something like that.

"How… How… did she know about that stuff?" Ikaku asked Kira, trembling slightly from the revelation that the other fukutaicho's wasn't as innocent as they looked.

"Well she told me that when she was a kid she was close to the 8th division fukutaicho and she tells her perverted bedtime stories." Kira said.

"What kind of person would tell a kid stories about that?" Ikaku cried out his bald head glinting.

"Dunno, I think she was called Riza or something." Kira said while eyeing the sake, ever since Matsumoto made him drink sake he was a bit intoxicated by it. "I think she was exiled a millennium ago with some other high ranking seated officers, exile, killed or escape it wasn't really sure since Urahara-san was involved with it."

"The same time Kinsei-sama disappeared." Shuuhei thought out loud not noticing the others looking at him.

"Who's Kinsei?" Yumi asked.

"He's the 9th division captain a thousand years ago he's also my idol and he has a tattoo on his stomach too, this same number." Shuuhei said pointing at the number on his cheek.

"Well anyway, have you read the new mission?" Kira asked.

Shuuhei had a bad feeling on the pit of his stomach as he remembered the delicate paper that Yumi tore, he doesn't acknowledge it as an accident, had a heading mission. Yumichika and Matsumoto must have figured it out as well because Matsumoto retrieved the papers under the sofa and sure enough it was the mission paper of Shuuhei. Of all the papers that can be torn, it has to be the paper that so-taicho personally reads and checks the signature; only for captains, vice captains. How unlucky he was.

"Help me Kiiiira!" Shuuhei moaned holding on tightly on Kira's shihakshou while pointing at the paper Matsumoto was holding and doing his puppy dog eyes that he rarely use in his advantage. Kira looked at it and finally understood.

"No big deal, I'll take care of it Shuu" Kira said smiling taking the papers from Matsumoto. "Anyway since you don't seem to know; the mission is to have Matsumoto-fukutaicho of 10th division, Kira-fukutaicho of 5th division, Hisagi-fukutaicho of 9th division and 4th seat Yumichika of 11th division assist the substitute shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo and Abarai-fukutaicho of the 6th division against the bounto threat, we are to leave in a week" Kira narrated.

Shuuhei stiffened as he heard the mission at hand. He was to assist the two people he was trying his hardest no to see. He didn't want to see Kurosaki because he felt guilty and he didn't want to see Renji because he was still not over what they did, his heart still ached for him and for his touch.

Matsumoto could tell that this was going to be one hell of a tough mission. Emotions would probably be on the rise and the possibility of failing the mission was pretty high. Kira and Yumichika doesn't actually work good together since they both harbor feelings toward Shuuhei; but Shuuhei was either too dense or he doesn't care.

Kira felt confused, he didn't know if the mission was good or bad. He was obsessed with Shuuhei that was true so obsessed that he had asked everyone what 69 meant; even Kuchiki-Taicho, and when he heard it from Nanao he wasn't able to sleep for weeks. But he was also smart enough to see that Shuuhei liked Renji more than just a friend.

Yumichika didn't really mind as long as he's with Shuu-han he's fine, though having Kira around was a bit unsettling. Seeing Kurosaki and Abarai happy together would probably help him snag Shuu-han all to himself. He was pretty sure Shuu-han wasn't straight, with that handsome face for 1000 yrs it's impossible he isn't dated by other pretty boys. 'kyaaaa… have to stop or my pretty nose will have a massive nosebleed.

"Aaahhh… it's good I'm not in that jungle of a mission" Ikaku grunted, happy enough that he isn't involve with the obviously gonna be crazy roller coaster love mission, though he was a bit disgruntled with Yumi's pre blissful face.


'What am I gonna do with this?' Kira thought to himself looking at the torn mission sheet. That damn Hisagi used his secret weapon puppy dog eyes and it left him no room to brook for an argument. 'Fuck you Hisagi' Kira mentally screamed, though I'd rather he fuck me. Thinking this his reclusive side finally won over and he brooded on the side of the hallway making everyone who passes by give a chill of depression.


Han is a cute way of saying san. Also Riza and Kensei for those who doesn't know are both Vaizards like Hiyori and Hirako. Do you wonder what Matsumoto blackmailed Shuuhei-sama about?