Peter sat at the end of his four poster bed, hugging his pillow. It felt as though someone was swinging a bat against his skull. Sirius was lying on the floor, groaning, as Remus held a wet towel to his forehead.

'Oh God,' Sirius croaked 'Why did I drink so much…'

'You should have drunk the non-alcoholic Butterbeer.' Remus shook his head.

Sirius managed a smile.

'When do you think Prongs will wake up?' Peter asked, wincing as he felt a bump in the back of his head. He had no idea how it had gotten there.

'Well he drank enough Firewhisky to knock out Hagrid. He should be comatose for a few more hours-' At that moment there was a loud groan from James's bed.

'You don't think he brought Jacobs back with him do you?' Sirius joked from the floor. Peter laughed, and Remus only just managed to repress a grin.

'Alright Prongs?' he called, ignoring Peter and James's winces at his raised voice.

'What? Who...what happened?' James asked hoarsely, sitting up. His eyes were bloodshot and swollen, his hair looking even messier than usual.

'Good sleep?' said Remus brightly.

'What day is it? Which exam do we have?'

'Exams are over bonehead.' Said Sirius, still on the floor with his eyes closed.

'Oh,' James looked slightly confused. 'How was the party?'

Sirius raised his head, Remus's eyes widened. Peter looked at the two of them and then at James.

'Don't you remember anything?'

'I remember Firewhisky.' said James, falling back onto his pillow 'Lots and lots of Firewhisky…'

Remus raised his eyebrows at Sirius, who looked oddly humorous.


Peter looked back at James, wondering what-


Half an hour later, Peter and Sirius were sitting in the middle of the dorm playing wizard chess. Remus had already started packing. James was marching around the room, holding the wet towel to his head, and muttering a stream of curses under his breath. Sirius's bishop took Peter's rook, which swore loudly. Sirius glared at James.

'Look what you've done! Now you've taught them how to swear I can never play this in front of my parents again!'

'When did you ever play in front of your parents?' Remus asked as his put his potions scales into his trunk.

'That's not the point.' said Sirius with a grin as he demolished Peter's last pawn.

James rounded on them.

'What the hell am I supposed to do?'

Sirius moved his queen.


'What?' cried Peter indignantly.

'I'm serious Padfoot!'

Sirius got up and put his hand on his best friend's shoulder.

'Prongs, if Evans was your girlfriend, I'd say you're fucked. But she's not, so I say get over it.' He patted James on the arm and sat back down. Peter spotted his second rook, and moved it in front of his king.


Sirius moved his queen straight through Peter's rook so that she knocked his king sideways with a swing of one of her heavy stone arms.

'Who's the man?'

'Padfoot! What if-'

'James shut the hell up and put some clothes on.'

As the four of them walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast, Peter smiled to himself. These were the best friends he had ever had. Remus always made the right decisions.

'Get away from my wife you death eating bastard!' Remus threw himself at the cloaked figure, wand forgotten on the ground, and punched the masked face with all his might.

'Remus! No!' A pink haired woman was pulling his shoulders, trying to tug him off.

The mask in front of him fell off, and what he saw made him freeze in shock: A pair of beautiful blue eyes, a heavy brown fringe, the now lined face contorted with hatred.


As the werewolf walked along next to Sirius, he smiled, brushing his hair off his scarred face. Sirius was talking loudly, his face alive with the joke he was about to tell.

A black haired witch was firing green light at him, but he dodged every one.

'Ha ha! Is that the best you can do?'

'Avada Kedavara!'

The green light hit him square in the chest, and as he felt the life leave him, the last thing he saw was James's face, still young, looking at him in shock, and his best friend's voice, shouting his name.

As he said the punch line, James laughed loudly, hitting Sirius jokingly on the shoulder.

'Lily! It's him! Take Harry and go! I'll hold him off!'

James stood in the tiny hallway, the walls of which were hung with photos of their wedding day and of baby Harry. He glanced briefly at a photo to his right, in which four boys were standing together laughing. His mind wandered back to a summer's day so long ago, when they were walking through Hogwarts to the Great Hall, at the end of exams. The door burst open, pulling him from his memory, and a terrible figure stood there.


Peter felt a warm glow inside him, and smiled inwardly at how lucky he was.

'You know,' he piped up 'You guys are the best friends I've ever had.'

The three boys looked around at him. There was a moment of awkward silence, and then they burst out laughing

'What? I'm serious guys!'

'Well now we know what to get you for your birthday Wormtail.' Sirius laughed.

'Yeah, some balls.' chuckled James.

He was standing in a cell, his right arm extended in front of him, an odd silver glove gleaming at its end. He was strangling someone. A red-headed boy was standing in front of them, his wand raised, but Peter was holding all the cards. Then the person in his grip spoke, and it was James.

'You owe me Wormtail.'

James was looking at him, and Wormtail remembered telling this face that he was the best friend he'd ever had…and his grip slackened.

'I hope there are waffles for breakfast.' said Sirius.