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Naruto of the Lin-Kuei


The Vale

Once, nine great demons roamed the land. Each demon towered high into the sky, as though seeking to drag down the gods themselves. These foul beasts would wander the land, revelling in the destruction left in their wake, entire civilisations obliterated from the face of the land to sate their blood-lust, only dull memories echoing through the ages giving testimony that such places ever existed.

And so it was for many thousands of years that these great and terrible Biju, the tailed beasts, roamed the land, each tail a sign of the demons place in the hierarchy of Makai, the spirit realm. But such destruction in the mortal realms could not go unnoticed forever. And so it came to pass that the Elder Gods descended upon the land and spoke to the Biju, commanding them to leave the realm of mortals and return to Makai, there to wage war and destruction to their hearts content, satisfying their unquenchable battle-lust on their own kind.

The Biju laughed and scorned these gods who would dare command ones such as they, whose powers were unmatched. For you see, the Biju had been in the mortal realm too long, had grown too fond of the taste of death- a fate which was denied the immortal denizens of Makai, who even if their bodies were destroyed, would walk again given time- and addicted to the sense of power that was gained from having no equal to challenge their might.

With their laughter ringing across the land, their terrible mirth causing plants and trees to shrivel up and die, the horrifying sound of their laughter striking deaf those who managed to hear it, minds shattered as it echoed through their souls until their dying day, the Biju turned back from the Elder Gods and continued their revelry.

The Elder Gods were outraged by such disrespect, though few truly cared of what fate befell the mortal realm. So gathering their power, each God struck down one of the nine, imprisoning them within an aspect of their element, to suffer on helplessly in the realm they refused to leave.

But time moves on, and not even the Gods are without flaw. One by one the Biju escaped their prisons, wreaking havoc with renewed ire, their vengeance roused. This time however, it was mortals who would end their rampage. With ingenious manipulations these forces of nature were sealed away once more, this time into the very bodies of those which they sought to destroy and worse still, mere children to be their gaolers.

But this is a story you know all too well I expect. No, I see in your eyes the tale you wish to hear. The story of the greatest warrior of them all, the Eternal Warrior King who won immortality through battle from the hands of death, he whose footfalls shook the Heavens and brought Hell to its knees.

Yes, let the legend of the Maelstrom begin!

"Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin!" cried the Yondaime Hokage. A slight wince crossed his face as the ethereal form of the Shinigami appeared behind him, one arm reaching through his stomach to grasp the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the most powerful demon among the legendary Biju. With a single swing of one its nine mighty tails it is said the Kyuubi can shatter mountains and create Tsunami.

But even this power was not sufficient to defeat the pull of the Shinigami and so, with a final howl filled with rage and the promise of vengeance, the nine tailed demon fox was sealed away within the belly of a young boy, less than a single day old.

The Yondaime had just enough time to look at the face of the boy –no– the hero, he had chosen as sacrifice for the forbidden technique of his own design, before his own soul was consumed by the death god called up by his technique.

"Forgive me, my son…"

And with that, the greatest shinobi to walk the elemental countries passed from the mortal realm and into Death's domain.

High above the battleground two beings stood upon a dark cloud, observing the proceedings below.

"It is a pity that such a great warrior should perish in such a manner. He would have done well amongst our number."

The first beings companion nodded in response, his eyes never leaving the field below.

"Indeed, though he turned back from that fate long ago. Still, it is troublesome that the Biju were able to break free so close to one another in time."

The first hummed in response before going to one knee atop the cloud.

"Be that as it may, the mortals seem to have dealt with the threat for now. These events bear little consequence in the scheme of things, why is our presence needed here?"

The other chuckled, the sound like rumbling thunder in the distance.

"Surely Fujin, you do not expect me to leave my grandson amongst these people without first teaching him of his lineage?"

Fujin seemed surprised by this, evidenced by the slight widening of his eyes.

"They don't know? Surely these mortals could not be so foolish. After all, their Yondaime named his prized technique for his father. Indeed, the Hiraishin no Jutsu would not exist without your inspiration Raiden."

Raiden chuckled once again before replying.

"My son took great pride in using mortal means to replicate the technique of Gods. His opinion was that even mortals could surpass us, possessing within them infinite capacity for growth. A belief I share."

Fujin looked up at this, meeting the eyes of the Elder God beside him.

"Be that as it may, what will you do with your grandson? The others will not permit one such as he, born of mortal and possessing the spirit of the Makai king, to enter the heavenly realms."

Raiden nodded, his eyes still fixed upon a point far below where a wrapped bundle containing the small child that was subject of these great beings conversation lay.

"I have already decided this, my friend. Come, it is time to retrieve my grandson and take him to his new home."

With that the being known as Raiden disappeared, his body turned to a bolt of lightning that struck towards the ground, leaving only empty space where he previously stood.

Fujin shook his head as he chuckled at his companions antics, the sound of his mirth like a breeze rustling through the trees.


And in a whirl of wind he was gone, following his friend down to where the mortals rapidly approached.

"Who are you and what is your purpose here?" Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage demanded of the men standing before him.

Both of the men looked up from their examination of the newly born child, resting peacefully within a bundle of cloth resting in the elders arms.

Both of the strangers were dressed in an outlandish fashion, which is saying something when coming from a shinobi, especially one as well travelled as Sarutobi.

The younger seeming of the two was dressed in soft dark blue fighting slippers, spiked metal bracers on his ankles holding his loose fitting green silk pants close too his body. Around his waist rested a thick golden metal belt, small diamond protrusions on the sides, from under which cloth maroon coverings fell to his thighs, hemmed in gold. Spiked metal bracers adorned his wrists, metal shoulder guards under loose maroon cloth covering his upper body, leaving his arms and sides bare. His long grey hair was twisted into a battle braid, held together by four golden metal rings along its length. An imposing warrior, his presence screamed power, his silver eyes unnerving the aged Hokage.

The elder seemed more relaxed than his companion, an amused smile resting on his face. Unlike his companion, his own grey hair hung loose to slightly below his shoulders in the back, cropped short at the sides and front beneath his large straw hat. Whilst the man next to him was obviously a warrior, he seemed to be a fighter monk for though his upper body was dressed in loose white robes with wide flaring sleeves, they only extended to the knees and were left open, possessing a long slit at the back for manoeuvrability and tied tight at the waist with a wide strip of black silk. Like the younger, he too had the cloth covering on his upper body extending to mid thigh over his other clothes beneath his belt, though his own was deep blue and trimmed in gold. His pants and slippers were the same as his companions though once again white in colour, the bracers on his arms and legs black with gold runic inlay patterning their surface.

Once again the Hokage found himself unnerved by this mans stare, an electric blue reminiscent of the Yondaime, but more piercing, more powerful. He could practically feel the power radiating from the pair. It was doubtful he could survive a battle with them should it come to such. Sarutobi hoped it would not, Konohagakure had lost too much already this night and to leave the village leaderless would be a needless blow.

The elder chuckled, a sound like distant thunder rumbling forth from his chest before replying to the Hokage's question.

"I have been known by many names, though you may call me Raiden."

The younger then spoke up, as though this was a well practiced speech between the two.

"And I am known as Fujin."

'Lightning and Wind? Likely those are just code names given for their Jutsu specialties. At least I know what to expect if it comes down to a fight.'

Bringing his attention back to the two before him, Sandaime addressed the one called Raiden since he seemed to be the one in charge.

"And what is your purpose here? You don't bare the markings of a hidden village, though you are obviously powerful. Are you friend or foe?"

Once again Raiden chuckled.

"Neither, we are simply observers. Though our purpose here is more personal in nature, I am here to pay respects to my departed son, who died in battle against the Kyuubi. I will also be taking my grandson from this place, to be raised by allies of mine who will teach him the ways of Shinobi, as his father would have wanted. As for Fujin, he's here to make sure I don't get into trouble." Raiden replied with a smile, mirth dancing in his eyes.

Sarutobi wasn't called the Professor for nothing and he quickly put two and two together, remembering a long ago half forgotten conversation with his successor.

Relaxing his stance he smiled sadly at the two men standing in front of him.

"So you are Arashi's father. He once told me of you and your accepting nature towards death. I see he failed to mention the two of you shared your… mirthful… nature."

Raiden barked a laugh as Fujin smiled. Seeing this, the Sandaime continued.

"You will be taking Naruto then?"

The two nodded simultaneously, their faces becoming serious.

"Yes, I will take him to a clan of allied ninjas that owe me some favours. From them he will learn the way of shinobi whilst I teach him of his lineage and history, amongst other things."

The Hokage nodded in acceptance. This was Raiden's right after all as Naruto's grandfather and likely head of family. Still, they had to know about the Kyuubi and he felt that Arashi would have wanted his son to become a Konoha ninja. It was his responsibility to represent his late Successor in this matter and so he spoke up.

"That is your right, as he is your grandson. However I think that Arashi would have wanted Naruto to become a Konoha Ninja like his father, not to mention with the Kyuubi trapped inside him Naruto will probably need additional special training to control its power."

Fujin spoke up now, for the first time since introducing himself.

"He will get all the training required, I will see to that."

Raiden was a little surprised by this, having expected Fujin to wash his hands of this matter once he had finished observing. Nevertheless his surprise didn't show as he smoothly responded to the Sandaime's questioning.

"Indeed. Your children are not accepted into the ranks of shinobi until age thirteen correct?"

Sarutobi nodded in response.

"Very well then, Naruto will return in thirteen years time to take his place among Konohagakure shinobi. After that point it will be his own choice what path his life will take."

Sarutobi nodded with a smile, thankful that the Yondaime's legacy would not be lost to the village.

"Thank you."

The two nodded with smiles of their own.

In a flash of blue lightening and crack of thunder, Raiden and his cargo disappeared. At the shocked look upon the Sandaime's face Fujin chuckled, drawing the Hokage's attention.

"Till next we meet."

With that the air seemed to twist around his form and he too disappeared, a slight breeze marking his passage.

Sarutobi was glad now that those two had taken the boy. The reaction of the village when they had heard of the Kyuubi's sealing had forced the Sandaime to institute a new law forbidding it to be spoken of in the hopes Naruto would not be ostracised when he returned to the village.

Needless to say, Sarutobi was disappointed in the villagers' reaction of hatred towards a boy that they had not even seen yet, calling him a demon and demanding blood once it was announced he would return in thirteen years to become a ninja of Konohagakure. Looking down upon the celebrating village from his office in the Hokage tower, Sandaime turned his gaze to the stars above, sending out a thought to the distant son of the Yondaime.

'Grow strong Naruto. You will need it to face the trials ahead.'

At the same time, far distant from the Elemental Countries, on another world altogether, two gods sat in conference with the man code named Sub-Zero, Grandmaster of the Lin-Kuei Ninja Clan.

"Greetings Raiden, Fujin." Spoke the Grandmaster with a deep bow from his kneeling position on the Tatami rugs of his clan's tea room, his head touching the floor briefly before he straightened "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

Nodding marginally in response to the greeting, the two gods knelt on the soft mats placed before them for that purpose, graciously accepting the Sake proffered to them before replying.

"I have come to ask a favour of you Sub-Zero, and your clan as well. This," said Raiden, revealing the sleeping blond, whisker marked face of Naruto from within the bundle of cloth in his arms, "is my Grandson. I want him to be trained in the techniques of your clan."

Sub-Zero felt a great deal of pride at this announcement. It's not often an Elder God asks your clan personally to raise and train one of their lineage.

"It would be an honour Lord Raiden." Said Sub-Zero humbly, once more bowing deeply.

Raiden chuckled.

"Good, I am glad you are so agreeable. But there is more to it then that. This boy contains a Makai lord known as Kyuubi. As such he will need to learn how to use Youki in addition to Chakra. For that both myself and Fujin here will be torment-I mean training him once he is old enough to begin teaching, in addition to the lessons with your clan."

Sub-Zero nodded, it was understandable after all, and none of his clan mates had any experience with Youki other than in battling against demons.

There was more to be said, however this time it was Fujin who spoke up.

"You will train him in your family arts, Smoke will teach him the Shadow Arts, Shujinko will teach him the Nameless Arts and Reptile will teach him the arts of stealth and illusion. Anything else he picks up from other senseis is acceptable. Those three and yourself are the only teachers he requires constantly. I may take him to learn from some of my associates from time to time however."

Sub-Zero frowned at this.

"That might be a little difficult to arrange. None of those three have ever consented to teach an apprentice, Shujinko even refuses to pass on his teachings to any who ask, the other three are still in service of the clan and show no interest in passing on their knowledge yet."

Raiden was the one who responded to the Grandmaster's words, Fujin apparently having said his piece as he returned to sipping his Sake.

"Well the boy won't start real training for three or four years yet, so there is time to convince them."

'I had forgotten that actually.' Thought Sub-Zero, the fact they were speaking of a mere babe less than twenty-four hours old having slipped his mind.

"Well, time for us to go. We'll pop in from time to time to see how he's doing."

With that the two stood up to leave, Raiden handing over Naruto to the waiting arms of the Grandmaster. As the two gods turned to leave, Sub-Zero realised he had overlooked an important fact-he didn't know the child's name. As he was about to call out to the departing duo to rectify this, Fujin turned so he was half facing towards him and answered the unvoiced question, as though reading his mind.

"His name is Naruto."

With that the two were gone from the Lin-Kuei compound, though they would return many times in the years to come. Looking down at the bundle in his arms, piercing electric blue eyes peered back at him from the now awake child, Sub-Zero smiled.

"Naruto eh? We will have to see whether another name is more fitting, come your naming day."

Looking deep into those with his own ice blue orbs, Sub-Zero felt for a moment he could see a potential for power there, deep and unfathomable, ferociously twisting and turning like…

"Yes, Maelstrom indeed."

Authors notes:

Look up Fujin from Mortal Kombat on wikipedia to get what I'm saying in the descriptions if you can't visualise it.

The following is an explanation of some terms that is mostly for curiosity's sake, as well as so I don't forget things. This is slightly different from traditional Mortal Kombat ideas as well, though they did inspire it.

In my story there are many realms, each separated into worlds i.e.- Elemental Countries are in one world in the "mortal realm", Lin-Kuei clan is located in another world in the "mortal realm".

Makai is one world in the "spirit realm"

Netherworld is another world in the "spirit realm"

"Heavenly realms" is where the gods live, the worlds there aren't separated and are called realms individually instead of worlds because it makes the Gods feel special. Each individual realm has a specific name like for instance, the realm of Valhala- where the Lesser Gods of the Norse Pantheon live.

Most of that will be explained in the story if it comes up however, so don't worry about it.

Character info:


Clan: Lin-Kuei

Rank: Master Assassin, Confidant/Friend of Sub-Zero

Status: Active

Race: Human

Long time friend of Sub-Zero and a master of the Shadow Arts, the art of manipulating, shaping, altering and entering shadows and the so called "Shadow Realm" though little is known about the full extent of his abilities outside of Sub-Zero himself. Gained the codename Smoke due to his preference for a particular technique which allows the user to temporarily turn themselves into a black "Shadow Mist" that resembles smoke to avoid attacks, enter secure locations or move between two points separated by a distance extremely rapidly (near instant), due to the massive reduction of friction and wind resistance upon the "Shadow Mist".


Clan: Lin-Kuei

Rank: Master Assasin

Status: Active/Insane

Race: Human

Likes using poisons/chemicals and illusions, skilled in being invisible and stealthy (like a Chameleon) this in combination with his use of chemistry-poisons and acids primarily-resulted in his code name given on his naming day was Reptile. None who have seen what lies under his facemask have lived to tell the tale.


Clan: Lin-Kuei

Rank: Elder

Status: non active/scholar

Race: human

Master of the Nameless arts-called such because he created them himself after travelling across many realms and worlds learning from as many martial art masters as would teach him, many of whom had reached such great age and dedicated so much of themselves to their art they had long since forgotten their own name, thus becoming Nameless Masters. His style is named in respect for his previous teachers who were so dedicated to their art they gave up their own name. It is for this reason he no longer goes by his code name as do other Lin-Kuei.


Clan: Lin-Kuei

Rank: Grandmaster of the Lin-Kuei

Status: Active

Race: human

His family have dedicated their life to perfecting the arts of Sub-Zero manipulation, which is extreme cold energy and ice manipulation. Because of this, each head of family is given the code name Sub-Zero upon taking that position whilst lesser members of the family hold their normal Lin-Kuei code names, usually something to do with cold or ice ie-Frostbite, Snow, Blizzard, Frost, Ice etc.

The current Sub-Zero is the greatest master of Sub-Zero manipulation in over one thousand years, able to produce ice even in a volcanic arena and capable of turning an area of up to one-hundred metres in diameter into a frozen wasteland.


Clan: The Seven Elements

Rank: Elder God

Status: Immortal

Race: Gods

This god holds dominion over the wind and was one of the first seven gods to come into existence, the oldest and most powerful gods in all the realms. Closely tied to Raiden, the two have been friends since creation began. Fujin is a warrior amongst gods and greatly feared and respected for his actions during the War of the Realms.


Clan: The Seven Elements

Rank: Elder God

Status: Immortal

Race: Gods

This god holds dominion over lightening and was one of the first seven gods to come into existence, the oldest and most powerful gods an all realms. Holds close ties to Fujin, the two having been friends since creation began. Raiden has long been a guiding force in the realms and is greatly respected for both his wisdom and battle prowess, his words hold a great deal of weight amongst the Elder Gods. Having a great deal of fondness for certain humans, Raiden has had a child of union between himself and a mortal woman, the only Elder God to have ever done so.

And finally some techniques translated in case you don't already know them.

Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God) -allows user to instantly travel between two points by using a kunai inscribed with complex seals to summon the user to the kunai. Each kunai must be specially made and inscribed with seals by the user, in their own blood and chakra. In addition the seals on the blade are specific to each individual user. This technique was the ultimate creation of the Yondaime Hokage, Kazama Arashi.

Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin- (Sealing technique: Dead Demon Sealing) –Forbidden technique designed by the Yondaime Kazama Arashi to seal away the soul of any living creature within another, either the user of the technique or another human vessel. The user sacrifices their own life in order to summon the Shinigami to seal the targets soul within themselves or the chosen vessel. The target is then dragged down into the underworld when the vessel dies. If the vessel is the user of the technique then the target dies on completion of the technique. If the vessel is another person then the targets body dies immediately whilst their soul and mind lives on within the vessel until the vessel dies.

Until next time!