Author's Note: This takes place ten years after the Buu Saga, Goten is Seventeen, and Trunks is Eighteen. Also, I love reviews, please review, and last but not least, I need someone who would be willing to be this story's and future stories editor. Contact me if you are good with gramma, and can edit things quickly. Thanks, and enjoy the first chapter.

More Then One

Chapter 1

Trunks handsomely dodged a golden ki blast that headed his way. His blue eyes didn't leave the source of the blast, and source's own jet black eyes didn't leave his. The two opponents seemed to be glaring at each other, determination to win the spar sparking in both saiyan's eyes, but at the same time, enjoyment blazed in those eyes as well. "Not bad Goten." Trunks called out, "But not quite good enjoy."

The purple haired saiyan raised his hand and formed his own blast, then launched it towards his friend. The confident smirk Son Goten wore did not vanish as the energy ball flew his way. He just as easily dodged that blast, and laughed, "Not bad either Trunks."

Goten turned his body so he would be able to see Trunks easier, but his friend was no where to be found. "Trunks?"

Suddenly his arms were locked behind his back, Goten sucked in a deep gasp of air, confused at what had just happened, before everything clicked together. The younger man squirmed awhile complaining loudly about his capture, "Trunks, no fair!"

Trunks only laughed behind his, the older boy's warm breathe tickling Goten's neck, "Fair? Goten we've been sparring long enough to know what is fair and what isn't." Trunks tightened his grip as he spoke, "Now yield."

Trunks could tell, without even looking directly at Goten's face, that the younger man was pouting in defeat, but Goten didn't say the words to end the spar. Trunks tightened his grip only a little more, Goten gasped in response before muttering a simple, "I yield."

Trunks laughed and let go, deciding not to drag out Goten's defeat any more.

Goten slipped out of his hold like puddy, and fell to the floor, panting slightly. Trunks walked around his collapsed form, watching his friend with intense blue eyes. "Not bad today." Trunks spoke up, unable to hide his triumphant smile.

Goten shot him a quick glare, but Trunks knew there was no real dislike in it. The younger man scoffed and turned his gaze away, before his lips turned up into the usual smile, "Yeah, I guess, but I'll get you next time."

Trunks crossed his arms, "Really?" he challenged.

Goten stood up stiffly and smooth his orange pants out as he spoke, "Yeah, but for now, I'm hungry." He laughed a little as he said this, and Trunks sighed before turning to exit the gravity chamber.

"Well come on then, don't want you to starve."

Goten made a happy noise before following Trunks out of the room.

Outside of the gravity chamber was a small common room, with a fridge which Bulma always kept stocked up, and a small changing room down the hall. Goten made a beeline for the fridge and began to pile up his chosen foods. Trunks shook his head as he began to take off his black work out top. "Goten," Trunks called once his shirt made it over his head, mildly messing his hair, Goten didn't stop piling up his foods but Trunks knew he was listening, "Hey I'm going to take a shower. Try not to eat everything, I'm going to want a snack when I come out."

Goten gave a muffled response, half because he had stuffed a small apple in his mouth, and half because his head was buried deep into the cool fridge. Trunks shrugged and began to make his way to the changing room.

Once his friend had stepped out of the room, Goten began to make his way to the large couch was pushed against the wall. The young saiyan kicked the fridge door close with his foot, then tottled over to the couch, keeping a watchful eye on the small tower of food that he had collected into his arms. Once he reached his destination, he dropped the snacks and fruits on to the small coffee table, and made himself comfortable. One hand reached for a remote that was propped on the arm of the couch, while the other clutched the apple in his mouth, allowing him to take a large bit out of it. Goten happily chewed the juicy fruit while he turned the TV on and channel surfed. He heard the shower begin in the room behind him, but he shrugged it off.

Trunks usually took long showers, he had plenty of time to eat must of the food he had gathered before his friend would come in and rudely snatch up his stash. Goten stopped on a news channel, and finished his apple as the anchor man's voice carried on. It wasn't long before the apple was devoured, and the teen threw it towards the trash can.

A few minutes ticked by as the news man covered five or six stories, Goten devoured most of his collected snacks. After the fifth apple, the saiyan patted his stomach happily and declared his lunch a good one. It was then that Goten threw a curious look towards the entrance of the changing room, Trunks still had not come out, though the water had stopped running.

Goten pouted, being alone wasn't fun, and with the boring anchor man on the television Goten actually found himself wanting a nap. He grabbed one side pillow, and stretched across the couch. After a hard work out, a nap was something Goten found he would quite enjoy.

Besides, Trunks would wake him up.

A large hand gently shook his shoulder, Goten mumbled something while he turned on the couch, and curled up into a ball. However the hand continued to shake him, "Trunks," the young saiyan mumbled sleepily, "I'm tired, let me sleep." It only seemed like he had just started sleeping, and Goten really wasn't ready to get up.

The hand disappeared for a brief moment, and Goten relaxed, "Thanks," he mumbled.

"Who are you?" a familiar voice said from above him, Goten's eyes shot open at this weird question, and he quickly sat up looking around the room in confusion. Everything seemed to be the same, he was still in the training common room, the TV was still on, what was left of his pile of food still laid on the coffee table, and Trunks was standing in front of him, his eye brows raised and eyes looking confused. Goten sighed in relief.

"Oh nice one Trunks, ha ha, you got me up, are you happy?" Goten complained, running his fingers threw his jet black hair which was growing longer as the days passed.

Trunks' confused look didn't leave his face, and he looked as though he was about to say something, when another familiar voice came from the changing room, "Did you say something Goten?"

Then to Goten's surprise, and utter shock, Trunks hair still wet from his shower, wearing a pair of sweat pants and a clean work out shirt walked out.

Goten was sure his mouth was open, as he looked from one Trunks to the Other. The Trunks that had walked out of the changing room looked just as surprise as he felt, but the Trunks that had woke him up only looked shocked for a moment before composing himself.

Silence fell into the room, and no one spoke for what seemed like a long time. Finally, after opening and closing his mouth several times, Goten found he could say only one word, "Trunks?"