More Than One

Chapter Five

The sun peeking through his windows, and the smell of breakfast, hot and ready on the table woke Goten up. His hand groped around his tiny bed, silently looking for something and when it didn't find it, Goten ventured to acturally opening his eyes to look. His coal black eyes swept over the small area of his bed that he didn't occupy, and found it empty. The young demi saiyan arched an eye brow in confusion, and licked his lips, "Trunks?"

If the older boy had been anywhere else in Goten's room, the closet or under the bed, he didn't come out at Goten's call. In response to the room's heavy silence Goten smacked his lips, maybe a bit irriated, but mostly still asleep.

It wasn't the first time Trunks would just up and leave in the morning, without even a goodbye. In fact, Goten would say it was usual, but he didn't hold it against his friend. Trunks was being groomed to take over his mother's company, he had people he had to meet, things he needed to do, his day was a hectic jumble of meetings and paper work.

A loud rumble from his stomach jerked Goten out of his thoughts. He looked over at his alarm clock which reinforced what he had been thinking, that it was time for breakfast.


As he made his way downstairs, the smell of donuts, coffee, and eggs wafted up and filled Goten's nose. The sound of voices also came up the stairs, one, Goten recognized with a smile, was his brother.

It wasn't often Goten got to see his brother. Since Gohan had gotten married to Videl, and started working for a small corporation, life for the older brother was just to hecktic. And then Pan was born, and life got even more crazy. However, he would stop by every now and then, and these visits were always a welcome thing. But ever since his brother had gotten married Goten could feel the bond with his big brother start to wear thin.

When Goten walked into the kitchen, his family all turned to look at him. All with their matching black eyes, all with the exception of the brilliant blue eyes that stared at him. Goten stared back, slightly surprised at the presence of the eye's owner.

"Morning Goten," Mirai greeted, flashing Goten a warm smile.

Gohan turned in his chair to get a better look at his younger brother, "Hey Goten, you slept in pretty late." A playful smile tugged on Gohan's lips, before he brought his cup of coffee to them.

Goten ran his hands threw his mop of hair, taking his eyes off of Mirai. He forced a loud yawn out of his mouth and smiled, "Yeah, it was a long night."

Chichi turned from her place at the stove, to give Goten a concerned look, "Long? Honey, you went to bed awfully early. Are you feeling ok?"

"Oh Chichi I bet he's fine, Goten's just a growing boy." Goku reassured his wife, as Goten made his way around the dinner table to an open chair.

As soon as he sat down, a plate with a large stack of eggs was placed in front of him by his mother, who still looked a little weary. "Oh I know," she sighed, "Its probably just something teenagers go through." She shook her head a little before turning back to the stove.

Goten scooped up a fork full of eggs, and plopped it into his mouth. His eyes glanced up for a moment, with the intention of trying to catch what his brother was currently talking to his father about when he noticed Mirai starring at him. Quickly the younger saiyan dropped his gaze.


Vegeta knew someone was in the room before the door even opened. He also knew who this someone was, and when this someone came in he made sure he was ready. "What do you want brat?" came his gruff voice.

Even at the age of eighteen, Trunks would always be a brat, and even after eighteen years of being called on as such Trunks bristled at it. "I have some questions."

Vegeta smirked at this, he knew what this was about to. "About Mirai?" he asked.

Trunks strolled threw his father's training room, until he stood almost side by side with the saiyan prince. "Yes and no." He waited a moment, to see if his father would ask anything more. When Vegeta remained quiet, he continued, "I just… I feel so agitated when he's around. Is it… because in some weird way he is me?"

Since Mirai's arrival this was the first time that thought came to Trunks. He had instinctively tried to keep it away. His reaction to it, was fear, and also it hurt his pride. Something he, like his father, held high. If Mirai was him, Mirai was a older, more battle worn him. Someone Trunks wasn't sure he wanted to be, or maybe someone he secretly wished to be.

Whatever Trunks thought his father would say or do, it was not bark in laughter. The noise startled Trunks, and he stared at his father in disbelief until Vegeta seemed to get himself under control. "Brat," Vegeta said turning to look at Trunks for the first time since his son entered the room. The mere action made Trunks take a step back. "It may be because of this, or it could be because he is another unmated saiyan you see as a threat."

Trunks raised a elegant eye brow at his father, "What does that have to do with anything."

Vegeta gave his son a long look, but kept his voice even, "Your instincts are telling you he's a threat." The prince explained, as if it was simple.

"But I don't react this way with Goten, and he's unmated. Besides, why would I think Mirai is a threat, I'm not interested in any girls right now." Trunks countered.

Vegeta was quiet for a moment, before finally saying, "That's just it, you are not interested in any girls."


Goku gave a heavy sigh, and patted his stomach as he finished the last of the pancakes. "That hit the spot." The saiyan hummed cheerfully to himself.

Gohan quickly followed, placing his own fork down and looking over to his mother, "Yeah, breakfast was great mom thank you."

"Oh I'm just happy you joined us this morning Gohan," Chichi replied wistfully as she walked over and gathered up the plates.

Goku perked up once his plate was taken from in front of him, and turned to Mirai, "So you ready for a nice spar Mirai? Its been a while."

"Spar?" Goten questioned, his mouth full of eggs, "You're going to spar?"

"That is why Goku and Gohan invited me this morning," Mirai replied.

"Its time we catch up," Gohan replied, in sync all three men stood up. Goten dropped his fork on his table, and began to stand up as well, until a small hand fell on his shoulder.

"Oh no Goten," Chichi sang out, "I need you to stay here and do the dishes."

"What?" Goten exclaimed, turning to his mother, "But mom!"

Chichi shook her head, "No, I'm going too. Videl will be there with Pan and we're going to watch. These dishes won't wash themselves."

Goten turned his pleading eyes on Goku, who looked just as lost, "Sorry son, do what your mother says."

He could feel Chichi vigorously nodding behind him, "You can come outside when the dishes are done."

The group dispersed outside without another word. Chichi leading the pack, and Mirai last, giving Goten one apologetic glance before leaving. Goten felt his heart quicken at the look, he turned on heel to the dishes that waited for him. Away from those piercing blue eyes.


Trunks stared at his father for a long time. He tried to talk a couple times, but his vocals refused to work, and when they did finally work a ugly gruggling sound came out of his mouth, before he quickly spurted, "What are you trying to say."

"Why do you think you haven't been jealous of Goten, another unmated saiyan?" Vegeta asked.

"I don't know," Trunks snapped back, "Maybe because he's my best friend."

"Best friend, and mate." Vegeta added. His son made a loud frustrated sound, which Vegeta shrugged at, "There's no need to be angry. Kakorot and I have known for a long time that you two would probably mate."

"You've known," Trunks all but screeched, "But I haven't even known… does Goten know?"

Vegeta paused at this, seemingly thinking it over before shaking his head, "I doubt it. The boy does take after his father in naivety." Trunks' eyes narrowed at his father at the mention of Goten, and Vegeta smirked when he noticed this, "See you're already getting protective of him. Its nothing to be ashamed of son, saiyan males use to mate with each other all the time on Vegeta-Sei, the fact that your mate is a male does not concern me. He does have saiyan blood."

Trunks stood silently for a moment, as he soaked all this in.

Goten and Him? It seemed silly at first, but with more thought to it, Trunks had to admit that he enjoyed spending time with Goten much more then he ever had with any of his girlfriends. They already had such a strong bond, from being raised with one another. Goten could tell when he was feeling happy, or stressed, or depressed, and he could do the same for Goten.

"I need to talk to Goten," Trunks said in a rush turning on his heel to leave the room.


His hands were soapy, and wrinkled, he wasn't even half way through the dishes. How did his mother do this every morning. Goten sighed, and picked up the next dish he needed to clean, when he heard the front door open.

Or great, they're already done.


Goten tensed at the voice. He spun around and saw Mirai walk into the kitchen. His hair and body was wet with sweat, and face flushed slightly from the work out. Goten worked his jaw, and felt a heavy gulp make its way down his throat. Mirai greeted him with a uneasy smile, "I came in looking for some water," Mirai said.

"Oh," Goten answered dumbly, "Uh… mom keeps some bottles in the fridge." He nodded his head towards the fridge, then turned back to the dishes.

Why was he always so nervous around Mirai? He never got flustered around Trunks? Never. So why-

"Goten?" came Mirai's voice, from right behind him.

"Uh?" Goten's head snapped up, and he turned to talk to Mirai but found himself staring at the older boys firm chest.

Mirai's chuckling filled his ears, "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Mirai explained, "I just thought I'd ask how you and Trunks are."

"Oh," Goten exhaled slowly, "You… You were right. We've made up. He was just being…"

"Himself." Mirai finished nodding, "Its good you two made up. But Goten, If I can say something." Goten was quiet, and Mirai carried on, "From what I can see of your friendship, you seem to give to Trunks a lot more then you receive."

"What?" Goten asked, confused by this statement.

"It just surprises me how much you put up with him." Mirai sighed, "In my opinion you can do so much better."

Mirai's next movement was so sudden, and surprising, Goten, who was already dazed as he considered the older saiyans words, didn't even realize that Mirai's soft lips were brushing against his own. When he did realize what was happening, the lips was gone just as quickly as they had appeared.

Mirai pulled back and smiled at Goten, "Much better."

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