Title: Death Note Drabbles

Rating: K

Genre: Humor

Pairing: None (but is L/Light if you tilt your head to the right and squint one eye)

Fandom: Death Note

Summary: L drinks boba for the first time

Author's Note: The first time I drank Milk Tea Boba, my friend told me that the tapiocas were doggy doo and i was disgusted. That and I dont think that L had ever consumed Boba before. So...moving on.

Chapter Two: Milk Tea

L looked at his Milk Tea in what could only be described as morbid curiosity before sniffing the concoction

Then, he eyed the brown stuff on the bottom of the flimsy plastic cup and stirred it with the straw before turning to Light with a frown.

"Light-kun, I believe that a dog has defecated on my drink."

Matsuda who was sitting next to L spit out his drink before turning to the detective, fear evident in his face as he might have drank milk tea with feces in it as well.

It was Light that remained calm and spoke to L in an even voice. "That's the boba part of the milk tea, Ryuuzaki."

L sharply turned towards Yagami Soichiro-san, waiting for him to reprimand his son for name calling. When none came, he turned towards Light and frowned.

"Light-kun, it's not very nice to insult people."

Light sighed. "It's just tapioca, quit over analyzing it."

"It looks like excrements from a chihuahua." L murmured and Aizawa stood up and threw his still full taro slush in the trash.

"It's not." Light spoke.

"You try it first then." L said, his voice sounding as reasonable as a three year old as he pushed the drink in front of Light's face.

Light merely shrugged as he drank from the cup, consuming half of the whole thing and smiled inwardly as he heard L screech in a childlike voice, "Eew! Light-kun is drinking tea with poo!"