"Kaijin." The red light enveloped Miaka as she spoke the word. The deity appeared before her, dazzling in his appearance.

"He's almost hard to look at," the priestess said softly, thinking aloud. Suzaku didn't mind much.

"What is your final wish, Priestess?" he asked as he made eye contact. This was supposed to be the last time he saw his Priestess face to face, and was sure to embed her determined face in his memory.

Hotohori's suggestion flashed through her mind as she composed herself.

"I want to turn time back to when I first found the book."

This was a wish Suzaku never expected to hear. Wasn't she supposed to pray for the safety of Konan, or for an everlasting love?

"What do you intend to do then? Are you going to just leave Konan in the state it was in before?"

"Not at all," Miaka kept eye contact as she shook her head. "I want to redo everything. I want to be a better priestess this time, and prevent such horrible things from happing to everyone. Hotohori and the others wouldn't have had to die if I were just more responsible and stopped getting myself into trouble! I can't let that stay on my conscience! After you grant this wish, I will do things the right way." Her hands were clenched and her heart was racing; her words had been filled with emotion.

"I see you've grown and learned from your mistakes," Suzaku had a hint of an amused smile. "However, this could turn out to be a far greater mistake, if you hold any of this experience dear to you."

Miaka didn't want to be challenged on this, but she nodded so that he would elaborate.

"The Universe of the Four Gods is a world inside a book, as you know. No matter how many times you reread it, the plot does not change."

She bit her lip. He had to be wrong; she was determined to change it.

"Characters, on the other hand, are at risk of being rewritten. Would you be able to stand it if your Tamahome in this plot was really Nakago in the next?"

None of this is what Miaka wanted to hear or even consider, but her determination pushed all fears aside.

"I'm confident that everyone will have a happy ending if I do the job I should have done in the first place. This is my wish, Suzaku. Please grant it," she finished, her head bowed in sincerity.

Knowing he was in no position to refuse, Suzaku granted her wish, and a red light sent back to her world, before she had ever entered the library and come across the book.

It was chilly day- as Miaka now expected, and therefore dressed appropriately-- and the junior high students were anxiously studying for their exams.

"What are your plans today?" Yui asked her, sounding chipper.

"My plans?" Miaka broke a smile at the irony. "I'm going to the library."


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