Fawkes glanced across his perch over the table awkwardly. Amber eyes met his levelly, reassuring him that everything was alright. He turned his gaze back to his food, picking absently at a mouse with one long talon. He still could not believe he had worked up the nerve to ask Hedwig on a date. He still could not believe she had accepted, either. But here they were, at a gourmet local restaurant that kindly offered to serve birds such as themselves.

Their waiter appeared and topped off their water dishes (supposedly this water was intended to be 'gourmet' as well, but he could not taste the difference in the slightest. Would Hedwig think him cheap for this?). Hedwig cooed a small thank you, and Fawkes nodded politely in approval. The waiter left.

Fawkes, daringly, reached a wing across the table to lightly touch one of Hedwig's, to ask if she was having a good time. She ruffled her feathers pleasantly, confirming that she was. The pair finished the rest of their meal in relative silence, occasionally sneaking peaks at the other. Fawkes then took several sickles from his money pouch and placed them on the table, but when Hedwig made to do the same he shook his head firmly and laid her share of the bill out as well. Slightly embarrassed, she bowed her head into her chest, but he made a noise in his throat to assure that he wanted to pay for her. Both birds raised their wings and flew slowly out the door into the night.

Flying together under the starry sky, Fawkes felt a wonderful peace envelope him. This was where he wanted to remain, forever. But the evening had to end eventually. They both reached Hogwarts and landed on the front steps, ready to go their separate ways.

Fawkes purred a deep musical sound, and Hedwig hooted in reply. Her eyes were bright on his. Tentatively, he moved closer and nuzzled his head with hers. He felt his stomach lift and topple sideways when she responded and nuzzled him back. They stayed like that for several blissful moments, then Fawkes realized, sadly, that he needed to rejoin the real world again. He pulled away, cooing gently that he would see her again. She blinked at him dreamily, and bobbed her head. Spreading his wings, Fawkes took off into the sky, knowing that somehow, someday, they would meet again.