Far Away From Life


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Summary: She was not important but he was. Sakura was not like the other maids she was more. He never expected to know her but Sakura had a secret that she is very different from others.


Sakura looked at the glistening sky. Has it always been pink before? Sakura thought as she admired it, slowly drifting off into a day dream.

"Sakura? Come clean up this mess!" Suddenly Sakura was snapped back into reality and she glared at the sky, letting her feeling for a slit second show.

"Yes, milady." Whispered Sakura. Sakura, with her head bowed down, she saw the Empress's daughter had spilt red wine all over the newly refurnished carpet. It was going to take forever to get that out!

But Sakura bent over it and scrubbed, hard, so hard that blood came out of her knuckles and tears mixed in with red wine. Sakura did the best to her ability to get that stupid stain out. Once the Empress's daughter was satisfied, she dismissed Sakura.

That evil witch! I hope one day she will have to suffer as I just did! Sakura cursed in her head, completely taken over by anger.

"Sakura- chan!" Called a blue-eyed girl. She ran up to Sakura and smiled at her.

"How are you?" Tomoyo asked. Sakura showed Tomoyo her knuckles and smiled sadly.

"That's what I get for having a daydream about her being a toad." Tomoyo chuckled but lead Sakura to the sink in the Maid hall and scrubbed Sakura's worn out hands.

"Sakura, you're special. No matter how much you scrub and destroy your hands, they always heal and the next day they look like porcelain doll hands." Tomoyo said as she wrapped her hands in a Band-Aid.

Sakura muttered a small thank you and grabbed a bucket. "I better get some water from the well." Tomoyo agreed and decided to join Sakura.

The two of them walked in silence until Sakura stopped short. Tomoyo turned back to look at her confused.

"What's wrong Sakura?"

Sakura looked around with an on guard look. "I feel like someone's watching us. Someone's coming!"

Like magic, Yelen, the beautiful Empress suddenly stood before the girls, with an emotionless expression.

"Ladies. Shouldn't you be in the kitchen cleaning?" She asked then looked from Tomoyo to Sakura and her face softened which led to a smile.

"You go do that alright girls?" She asked kindly before proceeding to walk past them.

"H- hai! Yes Madame!" The girls said in unison. Once the girls were out of ear shot to the royal Empress, Tomoyo turned to look at Sakura.

"Was it her?" She asked looking confused. Sakura shook her head. "It couldn't have been."

But something in Sakura just wasn't so sure…

A boy whose face was hidden by shadow, kneeled in front of someone sitting on a throne asked, "Do we get the old hag now?"

"Be patient, my friend. Be patient." The hidden man on the throne laughed evilly.

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