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The night Takakura's phone rang was a night like any other.

He had just finished work on the farm, and he'd settled into relative comfort after preparing himself a light Tamamelo Salad and enjoyed a half a cup of wine he kept under his bed for lonely nights.

Mind you, every night was a lonely night for Tak.

Sure, Jack lived a few feet away and Tartan was potted right in his house, but Tak was a lonely man; disregarding everyone else except his best friend's son and the talking plant.

Maybe Vesta, but that was only of he wanted to compare Jack's and her difference in expertise; which was great, but slowly the gap was narrowing.

Still, he was alone.

Ever since he best friend and wife died, Tak had sort of just stayed on the farm until he discovered his best friend's will in the tool shed of all places while he rummaged around for a record he'd left there a while back.

It told him abut Jack; his estranged son he had when his wife divorced him, how he wanted Jack and Takakura to own the farm together…

So Tak had gotten Jack two years ago, and the young man had done well. He'd won a couple of cow, sheep and chicken contests, placing runner-up in goat and duck festivals, beating out Mineral Town's farmer to place runner-up to Vesta in the produce contest…

He was a good farmer.

He was also a good friend.

Jack had not only cultivated plants, but relationships. He was friends with almost everyone in town, even the oddities like Daryl, Cody and Gustafa. Confidant of older women like Romana and Nina, fishing buddy of Galen, often staying over at the Inner Inn at Tim and Ruby's repeated requests, a rival and friend to the Vesta Farm crew, often a rival of Hugh's and Wally's when it came to running, a great help to Flora and Carter at the mine and consequentially a good friend…

Tak could go on and on about Jack, but as the newest resident of Forget-Me-Not Valley had flourished into everyone's favorite farmer, he'd stayed lonely.

So, it was indeed rare that Tak be getting a phone call, especially at this hour. Looking at his alarm clock at his bedside, he confirmed his suspicions. Midnight. Sure Rock, Kassey and Patrick were probably still at the Blue Bar drinking and talking with Muffy and Griffin, but it was too late for anyone to be calling about business.

So who, Tak thought, lowering the volume on the TV and placing his wine on the table, Could be calling me at this hour?

He considered letting it ring, but his manners got the better of him, and he answered the phone.

"Hello?" he said gruffly, trying to sound as annoyed as possible.

A familiar voice spoke back to him, making his large eyebrows rise and usually closed eyes open wide. "Takakura," the voice said in Italian, "It has been a long time, hasn't it brother?"

Tak didn't know what to say…

He hadn't talked to his family in years, thirty, to be exact.

He'd left Sicily and come to the Valley that day, thirty years ago, and ever since then he fell out with his family, his father angry at him for leaving and not taking over the family business or complying with the arranged marriage he'd been put in since he'd been nine.

To hear from his brother again, after so long, it was… shocking, to say the least.

"Salvador," Tak breathed, voice dripping with disbelief.

"Is that how you greet family after three long decades, brother?" his brother asked, his voice unfamiliarly weary and tired sounding, probably with age, Tak decided, "I was expecting a great greeting, especially from you. Always the clown, the center of attention. What has happened to you?"

Tak considered not answering, but seeing as how it was his younger brother Angelo, he did. "I got older."

A laugh, strained and artificial reached Tak's ear through the receiver. "Yes," Angelo said, sobering, "I share that pain…"

An uncomfortable silence engulfed them, and Tak was relieved when his brother spoke. "I need a favor, Takakura…"

Tak stayed silent.

His brother had always been the 'ask-for-money-but-never-return-it' kind of guy, at least thirty years ago. Though they'd been close, the money thing kept them from being real friends.

With this memory vivid in his mind, Tak spoke. "How much do you need, Angelo?"

"You wound me, brother, by saying that," Salvador said, sounding offended, "In case you have forgotten, with you gone I took over the winery, and am now well-off. I need no money, I just need a favor."

"Which is?" Tak asked, eager to end the conversation.

Salvador sighed, and spoke.

At hearing the request Tak suddenly became very, very angry. "And you want me to 'take her in'!?" he exclaimed, suddenly livid, "She is your daughter! Your responsibility! Why would you want to send her so far from home!?"

Salvador's voice turned into a hiss. "That is none of your concern. All that matters is that your flesh and blood has asked you for a favor for the first time in thirty years. You owe me," he added, "And the family. You skipped out on Angela, you abandoned your heritage and family, spurned our family's name and threw it into the mud! You left me to clean up your mess, Takakura! You owe me!"

Tak cringed at these words, and upon hearing his brother's sigh of resignation, Salvador spoke again. "She arrives this week Monday at seven in the morning your time," he said, "At the city just a few miles away from that town you live in. I thank you for doing this."

Click. The phone line went dead, and Tak sighed, hanging up his phone himself.

Tak fidgeted as the people began to file into baggage claim early Monday morning. He held up a sign that had his niece's name on it, feeling ridiculous holding it up.

He wore his old hat and coat over his usual white shirt; nothing too fancy, it was just to get this girl and take her back to the Valley, was all.

He squinted, trying to make out a family trait or something that reminded him of Salvador, but to no avail. This plane had just arrived from Sicily, after all, and everyone that was getting out had the olive skin and dark hair that Tak remembered Salvador had.

Growing impatient, Tak looked up at the clock, seeing that he should be getting back to the Valley soon if he was going to perform his shipping duties at the farm.

"You must be Takakura," a voice said, and Tak turned to look at a beautiful, olive-skinned woman with beautiful green eyes and long black hair that reminded him of his mother's, "My name is Sophia; your niece. Pleased to meet you," she said in perfect English.


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