Tifa woke up in a cold sweat, with the rest of her SOILDER group crowded around her.

"You okay there man?" Zack leaned over her. "We got to the room and you collapsed."

Tifa felt around. Her helmet was still on... so it was just a dream. Tifa sighed with relief. Lucky me. "You might want to take the helmet off you-" Zack was cut off by Tifa, immediatly grabbed her helmet.

"Im FINE."

"Whatever floats your boat, but its time to eat... can you eat through a helmet?" Tifa's stomache rumbled. She was hungry... in her haste to leave the house, she forgot to bring food with her.

"Maybe I can." She retorted.

"Okay... follow me." The group trailed behind Zack as he led them toward a cafeteria of sorts. The walls were paneled with a metal, and there was no tables in sight. insted, the room was swarming with blue-clad SOILDER's, all eating a sandwich-like food. Zack ran up to a box and grabbed some, tossing them to the group. "Okay, this is where we eat, if you want to sit, use the floor."

A SOILDER raised his hand. "This stuff is gross."

"Suck it up." Zack said. He took a seat on the hard floor, and unwrapped the food he had. Tifa walked over and asked "Where's the bathroom?"

"A the far corner of this room, there is a little door. It leads to a hallway. First door on the left."


"Yah sure you're okay?"

Im FINE. I told you."


Tifa walked off, in search of the bathroom. After passing through mobs of people, she finally reached the place Zack described. She ducked into one of the stalls and removed her helmet. "Ahhhh..." The fresh air felt good on her hot and sticky forehead. She unwrapped her sandwich and began to eat. It was'nt very tasty, but it satisfied her hunger. How did such a small samdwich fill me up? Tifa wondered. She examined the saran wrap, which was giving of a greenish tinge. What do they put in this stuff?

"There you are!!" Zack cried as she stepped out of the bathroom. "Man, I couldn't find you, and if I lose a recruit on the first day, i'm toast! Lets go!" He moitioned for her to follow him, and they procceded to the rest of the group, who was finishing up their food. "Lets roll."

"But i'm not done!" Whined the same SOILDER as before.

"To bad."

"Fine!" He dropped his sadwhich and stood up. The rest of the team followed suit, and followed Zack as he led them away from the mob of their comrades.

"We will be training next."