The Revenge

Part 1

By: Kary G.

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Just weeks ago all the rangers from Company B, knew that Bolger, Grangus and their "new friend" Ramon Ortega were out for revenge, now the rangers had to keep and eye on their wives but also their kids, they were all gathered on Walker's ranch, trying to figure out a way to protect their families, Sydney was on the couch with her 2 month-old daughter Sienna and her husband next to her, trying not to think of Ramon Ortega she was tough and could kick butt, she hated to admit that she was scared and she was strong but now she was scared not only for herself but for her daughter.

"Are you ok, shorty?" Gage asked to his wife.

"I don't know Gage" Sydney said not meeting her husband eyes rocking back and forth to her daughter "I'm afraid for Sienna, specially with Ramon Ortega out there" Gage took her chin and move her to see his eyes "I swear I will protect you, don't be afraid" he said kissing her forehead making her daughter to smile to her daddy, Sienna had her daddy blue eyes, like the sea, and her hair dark like her mother's, Sydney looked at Gage.

"I know you will, is just that I am not the only one in danger, Sienna is too, and...and what about Max and Angela?"

"Sydney calmed down" Walker said entering the room being followed by his partner, and their wives with their babies on their arms.

"How can you be so calm when Ramon Ortega is out for revenge and he is not the only one, besides your daughter is at danger too, you should be worry"

"And I am Sydney the only thing that we can provide to you is 24 hours under protection" looking at the raven-haired ranger

"Walker...but" Walker cutt off Sydney

"But we thought it would be better if we all stay with our wives and kids, minutes ago I talked to Capitan Briscoe and he told me that we all needed a vacation so he agreed to kind of give us at least 3 weeks off" pointing at his partner and at Gage.

"That's great" Sydney said grinning ear to ear. Gage looked at his wife and smile at her "So?" Sydney said, Gage noticed that his wife knew something he just giggled "so we decided to take you all to...rafting?" he paused for a moment thinking of what his boss said when he and Alex went rafting ", uh let's just say camping that is not only a great distraction for us but I think for the kids too"

"but Gage, honey in Dallas?"

"No, in Utah so tonight we are all headed that way, so what do you think?" Sydney started to laugh and giving Sienna to her daddy, she looked at Alex and Erika doing the same thing.

"Alex? Erika? That means that right now we all need to go..."

"Shopping!" the 3 women said at the same time bursting into laughs

"Ok so now you are going to be baby-sitting for maybe 4 hours" looking at the funny face of Gage

"4 hours!" the 3 male rangers said, the 3 women laughed, Erika looked at Jimmy "don't worry honey" Alex looked at his friends reaction "Yeah, Jimmy don't worry, bye-bye" Sydney just shrugged her shoulders "Gage take good care of Sienna, see you in a little bit" smiling at her husband and to her friends, James Trivette looked at the women exit the house and shooking his head he said "women!"

"Trivette!" Walker and Gage said.

"What?" he said looking at his son in his arms instead of a sleepy baby on his arms, now was crying but he wasn't the only one, Sienna and Angela were too.

On the Mall

The 3 women walked to the different stores of the big and crowded mall, they had 30 minutes left before their trip so they decided to ordered coffee.

"So Alex, are you ready for this trip?" Sydney asked to the blonde D.A.

"Actually I am, I was waiting for this moment to come, besides with everything that's been happening you know Ramon Ortega and your sister Sara"

"Yeah you are right" Sydney answered

"Speaking of your sister Sara, How is she?" Erika Trivette asked, her mind travel to those days when she saw for the first time the strong and tough Sydney Cooke broke down for her sister's "death".

"She is fine Erika, I talked to her yesterday she is with a friend and my niece is having a good time too"

"That is great" Alex said looking at her watch "oh, time to go girls" they all stood up and walked to where Sydney car was parked they all entered the car and put in gear. The night was beautiful the moon shinning down lighting up the road and hearing a soft and beautiful melody on the radio station, suddenly a car passed them, the girls didn't saw the car suspicious, not until the black car stay at the same constant speed as Sydney but in the other lane of the highway, she saw the window of the black car starting to go down, she feared the worst but all she saw was a face, not that face again, "Good night Sydney" the man said pointing a gun to Sydney's face, Alex and Erika gasped, Sydney pushed all the gas and the black car lost in the white and blurred fog. They finally arrived to the Ranch trying to figure out a way how to tell their husbands they didn't want o ruin this trip, they opened the door and thought that everybody was asleep they walked upstairs but that's when the light of the living room went on, The 3 rangers seeing their wives faces, it was fear mixed with confussion. Sydney looked at Erika and Alex and said to them "We need to tell them" with a puzzled looked the 3 rangers asked "Tell us what?" they 3 girls sat on different sofas that were there with their husbands next to them, Sydney started to talk.

"We were driving and we saw a black car, the person who was in the passenger seat open the window and pointed a gun at me, I speed up as fast as I could and we lost them in the distance and I...we were sure enough that the person who was in that seat was...Ramon Ortega".

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