She opened her eyes to find flashing red lights and a bright light with orange and yellow colors. She went to pick her head up when pain shot through not only her head, but her body as well. She looked straight ahead and noticed she was in her car. Her eyes slowly closed and everything went black.

He waited in the waiting room for news on his sister. He was at work when he got a call about her accident and she was taken in for serious injuries. He covered his face not knowing how to handle the thought of his younger sister being in the hospital.

"Mr. Malloy?" he heard.

He peered up to find a doctor standing in front of him. "How's Kaylin?" he asked worriedly as he stood up.

"Follow me," the doctor said. The doctor led him to a private room. "Mr. Malloy…"

"Todd," he said, "Call me Todd."

"Okay, Todd," the doctor began, "There is good and bad news on your sister. The good news is that your sister will live."

Todd sighed with relief that he wasn't about to lose his sister along with their parents. "What's the bad news?" Todd asked.

"Your sister won't remember anything when she wakes up. When the other car hit her, your sister's head hit her steering wheel and the air bag never came out. The only memories she will have will be from the time she wakes up until the end."

Todd could feel tears forming in his eyes. His sister was never going to be the same. "Will her memory ever come back?" Todd asked through tears.

"We're not sure," the doctor said, "It may come back a little at a time but we're not 100 positive."

"Thank you," Todd said, "Can I see her now?"


Todd walked into Kaylin's room and walked up to her bed. He wiped his eyes free of tears. He pulled a chair up to the side of her bed and sat down. His mind wandered back to their lives.

They became orphans a little over two weeks ago. Their parents were part of their hometown's fire department and died trying to save two workers to a factory that caught fire. His girlfriend of four years cheated on him. Kaylin's boyfriend of one year moved away due to his parents dying. All of their friends turned their backs on them. They only had each other. Todd would make sure that Kaylin would have a great life when she was well enough to leave the hospital.