Thank you to all of my reviewers! You just make me smile! I love the suggestions (a lot) so here you are:

21 new and improved ways to aggravate Edward!

By Bella and Emmett

Tell him that his shirt is wrinkled and that his clothes don't match

Paint the keys on his piano temporarily purple

Paint the keys on his piano permanently purple

Tell him that Bella has decided to become a werewolf (Not sure how, but she'll figure something out.)

Tell him that Mike and Bella are going on a date

Let Emmett anywhere near Edward's room…

Or car…

Or piano…

Or girlfriend with a can of ORANGE silly string

Use his toothbrush-the one he rarely uses- to clean the kitchen floor

Go to far while kissing…

Or anything else for that matter

Pretend to have super powers and make a towel cape…

And sing the monkey wrapped his tail around a flagpole…

In only said towel cape. (That would be Emmett… If I did that… well lets just leave it at that.)

Mention anything that has to do with Bella becoming a vampire

Saying Bella's name in the same sentence as Vampire or Change

Say anything at all about Jacob Black

Make Bella faint…

And then laugh

Switch his Debussy CD out with Weird Al

Suddenly they hear a phone ringing…


"What Emmett?"

"I think we forgot something…"

Hide his cell phone in Rosalie's underwear drawer…

And then call it.

"Emmett!" Bella exclaimed.

Edward comes charging in the door and Emmett is out the window in seconds.

"Sick twisted freak!" Edward calls out the window.