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Ch 5

A Few Minutes Earlier

"-ndry! Pendry! Where have you sent me! Damn you! I will not tolerate this! You cannot send me away like an errant child! Pendry!"

When no answers were forthcoming, Arthur Pendradon's quieted and his eyes roamed the room warily. It was a large office furnished with a desk, carpet and roaring fireplace with a couch opposite it. The walls were lined bookcases stuffed with books. Arthur shivered. Despite the warmth from the fire, Arthur was not mollified. He took a deep breath before bellowing.


When Pendry did not immediately appear, he sat down beside the fire and drew his knees to his chest, "Irritating enchanter."

He let out a soft sigh. Why had Pendry brought him to this place, to this time, only to send him away?

Arthur jumped to his feet when the door opened, but his hopes were dashed. The man was no Pendry. He was a tall man with long blonde hair and cold blue eyes. He stared at Arthur in surprise, and griped his serpent cane tightly. He raised his wand to attack, but the emerald tear drop necklace clutched in Arthur's right hand caught his attention. He raised an eyebrow, but relaxed slightly.

"Well, why has the boy sent you?" He asked impatiently, "And why are you nude?"

Arthur was unashamed of his nakedness and ignored that question, "Boy? Who are you to refer to such a powerful enchanter as a mere boy?"

"Enchanter? Hmm. That would explain it. Well, he's been may things, but simple or weak was never one of them," He said to himself before he addressed Arthur again, "Who are you?"

"Who are you?" Arthur countered.

He sighed, as though the conversation was trying his patience, "Lucius Malfoy."

"Malfoi?" He repeated dubiously, "Bad faith?"

"Indeed," He replied dryly, "Perhaps in the old French. And your name?"

"I am Arthur, son of Uther," He proclaimed confidently.

"What?" Lucius spoke blankly.

"I said; I am Arthur, son of Uther."

Lucius scowled, "I heard you the first time, you daft idiot. You are not standing here and telling me you are Arthur Pendragon."

"I am. I have returned by the call of the enchanter. He reached out to me with a desperate loneliness and I came to aid him in the battle. Never again will I abandon our friendship. Nothing can entice me from this sacred duty."

Lucius stared, "Are you quite through?"

Arthur shrugged, "I could go on a bit more, but I sense you have something you'd like to say. Please! Speak your piece, friend. Any friend of Pendry's is a friend of mine."

"Right," He said curtly, "Why did he send you here?"

Arthur scowled, "He sent me away to hide under your skirts from those that are untrustworthy. They were approaching us when the enchanter decided that I should take my leave of Camelot."

"It's not Camelot anymore. It's called Hogwarts," Lucius corrected absently.

"Hog-warts?" His eyes narrowed, "A name gifted by Slytherin, I wage. Well, I do not like to speak ill of him because he was the enchanter's favorite student. But still. A more discourteous man I never met. A most unfitting name if I ever heard one."

"Right," Lucius tried again to keep the conversation on track, "He sent you here to keep to safe?"

Arthur nodded.

Lucius scowled, "That boy deserves a smack upside the head. I am no nursemaid, nor is this manor a refuge. Well, first things first, Arthur, son of Uther," He mocked, "Let's find you some clothes. I've no desire to explain the presence of a naked and nattering stranger to my wife," He took a few steps towards the door before stopping abruptly and turning back to face the naked man, "Pendry. You said Pendry. Why do you call him Pendry?"

Around the same time

"I will not say."

"Harry," the Headmaster began patiently.

"I will not say," he insisted.

"He is probably going through magical shock. He will need specific care," Professor Snape said reasonably.

Harry shrugged, "I have full confidence in my ally."

The Headmaster raised an eyebrow, "Ah, I see you were not kidding about that."

Harry inclined his head in admission.

"All the same, Harry," the Headmaster began, "I find your secrecy on this issue unwarranted and discomforting."

"Do you trust me?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, "Do you trust me?" He countered.

"I would place my life in your hands, Headmaster, but it is not for me to place his life anywhere without his consent. I cannot act so forward."

"My beloved friend, I will not leave you or allow you to take your leave of me. Not again. I will not be convinced," Professor Snape intoned slowly, "That's what he said to you. I wonder… who does he think you are and why did he chose now to return?"

"That is assuming he had control of his return," the Headmaster murmured for a moment before speaking at a more audible volume, "from Pendragon's own words we can assume that he took you to be someone he was close with, but became separated from."

Professor Snape frowned, "That in itself does not necessarily narrow the options terribly."

"Obviously the person he is referring to is not a woman," Hermione spoke, "and it must someone who was alive when he went into the Lake, but had been away for sometime due to a circumstance that Pendragon felt responsible for. There are really only two options left."

Professor Snape raised an eyebrow at her assertion and the Headmaster nodded for her to continue.

"Salazar Slytherin or Pendry Ieuan."

He snorted in a vaguely malicious manner, "As though the Pendragon would have any regard for Slytherin after his insightful commentary on his wife."

Harry laughed softly, "Insightful commentary? He called her a strumpet in front of half the court and cursed her in Welsh before declaring he'd not return while she remained. He stormed out and took half the wizarding section of Camelot with him."

The Headmaster smiled, "Harry! I'm pleased to see you've taken a more active interest in history."

Harry smiled, "My family's library is extensive. I barely even made a dent this summer, but I was not idle. Outside of Professor Binn's class I have a rather active interest in history."

"Yes, it is a rather magnificent library," Professor Dumbledore agreed, "Is it safe for me to assume this is also where you learned some alliance traditions?"

Harry nodded, "It is."

The Headmaster looked pleased, "Your grandfather would have been very proud of you, Harry. He was fond of your mother, but he always worried that her upbringing would take precedence over James for their children."

"Thank you," Harry returned the smile.

Professor Snape cleared his throat and spoke with an uncharacteristic gentleness, "We have wandered from the topic."

"Yes, of course, Severus," the Headmaster agreed, "You have a point about Slytherin, but he and Harry seem to have little similarity in their appearance."

Harry blinked, "Is there a portrait of Slytherin in Hogwarts?"

"There is," Professor Snape said.


"He guards my rooms."

"I see," Harry murmured, "You do not believe he could have confused me for Slytherin. I take it that my physical appearance is very different from is."

"Correct. But from the diaries of Helga Hufflepuff we are informed that Pendry Ieuan had dark hair and green eyes. I wonder if Pendragon was able to see clearly after exiting whatever kind of stasis he was in. When a person is revived from Draught of the Living Death they do not always regain control of their senses immediately. If his vision was limited, he could very reasonable have taken-" he paused for a very long moment, "…. Lord Potter for Pendry Ieuan."

Harry smiled despite the discomfort that Professor Snape exhibited, "If you cannot bring yourself to use my give name, Mr. Potter is an acceptable alternative."


Harry raised his hand and the Professor halted his speech, "You owe me no explanation, Professor."

The Professor took a deep breath and nodded curtly. He had no desire to explain the circumstance around his uncommonly low place in the old hierarchy. Considering the knowledge he had already expressed, Professor Snape did not doubt that Lord Potter already knew of the situation and was going out of his way to be courteous. An expression of disgust would have been within in the realm of social acceptability and Professor Snape felt a surge of gratitude that the younger man had no interest in such an expression. He could have made life in the castle very difficult for the Professor.

The Headmaster smiled gently, but his eye twinkle was brighter than usual. He could barely hide his glee at the lack of animosity between Harry Potter and Severus Snape, two of his favorite people. He'd long wished for them to come to some kind of understanding, but when that became increasingly less likely he'd at least hoped for an aloof politeness. He was pleased that Severus was comfortable revealing his true temperament around Harry and equally pleased that Harry was accepting it in stride.

"You may very well be correct, Severus."

"What?" Severus tore his surprised gaze from Harry, "Oh, yes. It does seem the most likely explanation."

"I cannot convince you to explain to me where you have sent Arthur Pendragon?"

Harry shook his head.

"Then perhaps you will explain your actions in my class," Professor

Snape inquired. "I can no longer bear the loneliness. Were you attempting to drown yourself?"

The Headmasters eyes widened in surprise and Harry tensed, but did not look offended by the question. He took a moment before he replied.

"I was not trying to drown myself."

"Then why did you throw yourself into the lake?" the Headmaster asked.

"I was not trying to drown myself," he repeated firmly, "I was doing…something else. I didn't go into the lake until I realized what was happening."

"How did you know?"

"I cannot," he hesitated and amended his statement, "I will not explain anymore of this."

The Headmaster sighed, but did not argue, "As you feel is best, Harry. Do you intend to remain at Hogwarts?"

He tilted his head, "Why ever would I not?"

Hermione answered his question, "You have decided to take up the duties of Lord Potter."

"And that excludes me from eligibility to be at Hogwarts?" Harry asked in surprise and a little concern.

The Headmaster chuckled, "Of course not. Students who receive or accept Lordship do not traditionally remain at Hogwarts. They hire private tutors to prepare for their NEWTS as their other duties allow."

"I'd rather remain here, Headmaster. I give you my word I will not use my title for anything unseemly," Harry said earnestly.

"Thank you for the assurances, Harry, but that was not one of my concerns. You will always be welcome at Hogwarts, my boy. May I ask when you intend to remove Arthur Pendragon from seclusion?"

"I have no intention to confine him. The Pendragon will do as he sees fit, I imagine, once he is well enough to. My ally will merely house and assist the Pendragon as it is needed, that is, once my ally recovers from the shock."

The Headmaster chuckled, "Indeed."

"I imagine I'll receive a rather strongly worded letter about this issue," He smiled, "Unless there is anything else, may Hermione and I be excused?"

The Headmaster and Professor Snape remained by the lake long after Harry Potter and Hermione Granger had returned to the castle.

"He's hiding a lot."

The Headmaster nodded slowly, "I see no reason not to trust him. In fact, in the past my lack of faith in him has turned a bad situation into a much worse one. He's matured. I feel like I barely know him. He's respectful, but withdrawn. I fear I'm losing him, Severus. Perhaps I never should have allowed myself to become so attached to him. It's clouded my judgment."

"Haven't you always told me that Lord Potter's greatest ability is his capacity to love?"

The Headmaster nodded.

"It's yours as well, Albus."