I walked through the hallways stopped as I heard Edward singing. I put my ear to the phone and listened in.

"Vampires."- [Parody of "Teenagers"-by MCR

They gonna clean up your fangs,

and give you some eeemmmooo bangs,

to make a vampire out of you,

beacause they sleep with stake &

swim fast in the lake,

so they can doing anything yo do,

because the blood never works,

they gonna give you a smirk,

'cuz they got methods of sucking you dryyyyy,

they're gonna rip out your viens,

your sanity's gone down the drain,

another vamp in the murder machine.

(Chorus)- They say those vampires scare the living shit outt of me.

They could care less, as long as someone'll bleed.

So darken your clothes,

and strike a violent pose,

they won't leave you alone and not me.

The boys and girls in Volterra, the awful mess that they're in

You're never gonna fit in much kid,

but if your hungry and & hip,

what you've got under your lip,

will make them pay for the things that they did.


Whooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yeaaaa.

(Random Intermission)

(Chorus x3)