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Summary: Giselle, a ballet from the Romantic period, is now parodied into Prince of Tennis Style! Enjoy! And don't forget to review please!


"Get your tickets! Get your tickets! 800 yen each to buy a ticket! Come and see the ballet, Giselle performed by junior high tennis players all over Japan! 800 yen to buy a ticket!" yelled the ticket booth man with his megaphone, and soon enough, a line filled up.

"Tomo-chan, are you sure?" asked Sakuno doubtfully.

"Of course, Sakuno!" cheerfully replied Tomoka, tapping her foot impatiently, "We get to see Ryoma-sama!"

"But isn't this…a romantic play?" asked Sakuno again anxiously.

"Yea, why?"

"Then don't have to have to – cough – kiss?" her friend questioned, turning crimson red. Tomoka, never thinking of that, became furious and went on a rampage.


The ticket booth had closed because of its popular sales, and was sold out in ten minutes. Those who arrived extra early got the best seats, and as for Tomoka and Sakuno, they got the ones in the middle.

"I can't wait for Ryoma-sama to come out!" squealed Tomoka as she bounced in her seat. Sakuno tried to calm her down so the noise wouldn't disturb the others.

The lights in the auditorium dimmed, and there was silence in the entire place. Everyone closed their mouths and averted their eyes towards the stage. The spotlight shone on the center of the stage, and walking out of the curtains were Inui Sadaharu and Yanagi Renji.

"This is a modified version of the ballet, Giselle, which was firstly performed in June 28, 1841 in the Romantic Era," said Inui.

Renji rattled on the explanation, "It wasn't until around the 1980's that Giselle became a worldwide hit, and one of the most romantic ballets ever."

"Giselle is about a peasant girl from a village who falls in love with a man named Loys," said Data Man One.

"But Loys was really Albrecht, a nobleman of a kingdom, who is betrothed to another woman named Bathilde," said Data Man Two.

Inui coughed and continued on the sypnosis, "Although 'Loys' swears his eternal love for Giselle, she does not realize what is about to happen."

Yanagi coughed and rambled, "A hunting party of nobles stumble upon the village, along with the noblewoman Bathilde."

And soon, the two Data Men began to argue pointlessly.

"Oh yes, I nearly forgot the gamekeeper, Hilarion, who is also in love with Giselle, although she does not love him."

"It is only a 30 percent chance that she will love him back."

"Really? My calculations show that it is twenty-eight percent."

"But she doesn't love him in the first place anyway, right?"

"However, she may give up on Loys and turn to Hilarion instead, but those chances are pretty slim."

"I agree with the slim, but preferably, I think that –"

The audience groaned and shouted, "GET ON WITH THE DAMN SUMMARY!"

"Anyhow," said Inui, adjusting his glasses, "Giselle's mother, Berthe, worries for her daughter because there is a story where women betrothed die before their wedding day."

"But Giselle dances with the hunting party anyway, and it is soon to be revealed of Loys' true identity."

"Because Hilarion knew the true identity of the peasant Loys, and he is jealous of his courtship with Giselle, he tells the entire village, especially towards Giselle, that Loys is not Loys, but rather Albrecht."

"Knowing this, and losing the man she once trusted, Giselle turns mad and dies by stabbing herself with Albrecht's sword and dancing herself to death."

"And Berthe, the mother, pushes away all invitations to reside with Giselle, and soon, she is buried in a forest not so far away."

"In the forest at night, just before the clock stroke twelve, the Queen of the Wilis, Myrtha, calls upon the rest of the Wilis, the women who die the day before their marriage, to welcome their newest member, Giselle."

"At midnight, Hilarion visits the grave of Giselle, but when he see ghosts, he runs away."

"After that comes Albrecht, who realizes his love for Giselle too late. He visits the grave of Giselle and sees her spirit, which leads him to the group of Wilis."

"The Queen and her children force him to dance till sunrise, having him die of exhaustion."

"However, because of Giselle's undying love for Albrecht, Loys or not, she stalls as much time as possible to keep him alive until sunrise, where the Wilis return back to their respective places because they lose their powers when the sun comes out."

"Her plan succeeds, and the couple bade their farewells to each other, knowing that they were never meant to be together in the first place."

"And so, Giselle's spirit finally rests in peace after the tending words which Albrecht says, and the separate pair part to their own ways."

"The end. Resources are unknown, thank you very much." The two Data Men bowed and scuttled off the stage. The audience sweat-dropped and eyed each other with puzzled looks, then turned their heads back to the curtains.

At last, the curtains swayed away from each other, presenting…



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