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Summary: Giselle, a ballet from the Romantic period, is now parodied into Prince of Tennis Style! Enjoy! And don't forget to review please!


"Sakuno, let's congratulate our upperclassmen!" said Tomoka as she dragged her best friend backstage in secret while everyone else tried pushing their way through to see the cast. Being as smart and devious as she was, Tomoka and Sakuno made it to the backstage in no time at all.

"Let's find Ryoma-sama now, Sakuno!" cried the excited girl as she continued dragging her. Sakuno could only nod her head as she tried her best to keep up. "Ah, there's Fuji-senpai. FUJI-SENPAI! FUJI-SENPAI!"

Hearing his name, Fuji turned around to see two female freshmen staring at him. "Osakada-chan, Ryuzaki-chan."

"We just wanted to congratulate you on your performance, Fuji-senpai," said Sakuno as she began to blush, looking away from her senpai.


"T-tomo-chan!" squeaked the quiet girl.

"Fuji-senpai, what's with the racket?" questioned a voice, and the two pair of eyes stared at the newcomer.


"R-ryoma-kun, you did-d a good job. C-congratulations-s."

"Hn," he replied, tipping his white Fila cap that he found after the show was over. It was a relief to hide his facial appearance once more.

"Echizen," started Fuji, "Why don't we show our best audience members the part we forgot at the end?"

"Huh? Fuji-senpai forgot a line?" asked Tomoka, curious.

"What thing?" grumbled the freshman as he crossed his arms, looking at his senpai with a deadly glare. Fuji, however, was immune to his glares and only smiled.

"This thing," he answered, and Fuji kissed him right on the lips. Echizen only widened his eyes in surprise as he felt the blood rush to his head. The girls, on the other hand, watched in surprise and horror at the sight of the two boys lip-locking. Tomoka was gaping and gasping, while Sakuno began trembling all over.

Realizing that the three freshmen suffered enough, Fuji slowly released the hot, wet kiss and smiled at his underclassmen. "That was the part, Osakada-chan." Then he turned his attention towards the actor, "How'd you like that, Echizen?" Ryoma only stared at his senpai before looking away, a bit of red blush appearing around his pale cheeks. He pulled down his cap to hide the redness and ignored everything else.


"Sakuno!" cried her best friend.


"Hmm…mada mada dane…"

Poor, poor Sakuno. She fainted.


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