Disclaimer: I don't own PoT, or there would really be evil talking pumpkins. XP

Now let's just imagine everyone in chibi form.

Warning for some swearing, randomness, overuse of caps, and evil talking things.

Thanks to FrauleinRose for beta reading for me.


Niou was a pumpkin. No really, he's a pumpkin.
A big, round, orange pumpkin.
When he walked into the room everyone stared at him.
Marui, who was eating a cake, just happened to walk by.
"OH MY GOD THERE'S A PUMPKIN!" He spazzed out.

"What?" Niou asked, turning around.

"OH MY GOD!! IT TALKS!!! TAKE EVASIVE ACTION! RUN!" He grabbed Kirihara who happened to be behind him.

"TALKING PUMPKINS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!" And with those last words he ran out, dragging Kirihara with him.

He dived head first into a bush and Kirihara got dragged in it.
"Akaya, do you know what we have to do?" Marui asked, serious.

Kirihara who was covered in dust, leaves and the such, said in a dazed voice "What?'

"We have to get rid of the talking pumpkin, before it takes over the world!" He shouted.

People turned to look at the talking bush.
A random kid that happened to hear what the bush was saying, suddenly started to run around in circles, waving his arms madly.


Everyone stared at the kid ,after shrugging, they also started screaming while running around in circles with their hands in the air.
Marui and Kirihara who were still in the bush started to spazz out too when they heard the screams.

"OMG THE PUMPKINS ARE STARTING TO TAKE OVER ALREADY!" Marui screamed and grabbed Kirihara.

"We're not safe! RUN!" And he ran off again, with Kirihara getting pulled along.

Marui found another bush and jumped into it.
They came up with a plan.

Che, why do I have to look for those brats? Niou the pumpkin thought. Why? Because Sanada told him to go look for them.

"Why couldn't Yanagi or Jackal do it?" He muttered as he walked along random streets. He came across the street where the everyone was screaming and spazzing out. Something about talking bushes or something.

"WTF?!" He stared, shrugged and moved on.

Marui and Kirihara watched from the bush as Niou started to walk towards them.
As he walked past Kirihara jumped out and tackled him.

"What the hell?! Get off me!" He struggled, but Kirihara wouldn't get off.
Marui emerged from the bush and starting laughing evilly.


Niou started struggling even more when he saw Marui.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! I'm not an evil, talking pumpkin!"

"Right...and I have a gorilla for a head." Marui said sarcastically.

"It's me! Niou!" He shouted.

Kirihara looked down.

"Niou-senpai?…" He blinked and got off him.

"About time." Niou stood up and brushed dirt off himself.

"Akaya don't fall for that! He's just trying to trick us!" Marui warned.

Niou, getting irritated at their antics, shouted at them.
"I'm just in a pumpkin costume, today's Halloween!"

Marui held up a err…stick, a pointy stick. The kind of pointy stick that could poke your eyes out.

"Beware evil talking pumpkin! I have a pointy stick and I'm not afraid to use it! Now back away slowly, with your hands up in the air. Wait… do pumpkins even have hands? Put up your leaves or whatever in the air then! Akaya and I will be asking you some questions and you better answer them if you know what's good for you!" He warned.

Kirihara started asking random questions.

"What do pumpkins eat?"

"Where do pumpkins come from?"

"Are there crayons there from where they lived?"

"Do pumpkins have hair?"

"Why were they orange?"

"Do they sleep?"


Kirihara got cut of, because Marui wacked him on the head with the stick.

"Shut up Akaya! I'll ask the questions then." Marui yelled at him, annoyed.

"Fine." He muttered, rubbing his head.

"Now were do you come from and what is this Halloweeny thingy? Some kind of alien holiday?" He asked.

"ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HALLOWEEN IS?" Niou demanded, surprised by Marui's stupidity.

"No." He answered blankly, as if Niou was speaking alien.

"…" and then..

"I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!" And with that the pumpkin--I mean--Niou stomped off into the city which was going up in flames, because they thought evil talking bushes were taking over the world.


Yes it's random. I think I had too much sugar or something. XP
I'll write part two sometime later. :3