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Chapter One

"You ready for tonight?" asked Sirius excitedly, a big grin plastered on his boyish good looks.

"We're only off to a night club," said James, running a hand through his messy black hair. "There's not much to get ready for."

"Not much!? Only a night club!?" exclaimed Sirius huffily with a pout. "Not only is it the best wizarding night club in London it's out last night together. Our last night as the Marauders. Our last-"

"Cut it out Padfoot," sighed Remus, sending a cushion hurtling to Sirius's head. "There's no need for theatrics. James is only teaching for a year and you'll see him on Hogsmeade weekends and holidays."

"That's not the point," protested Sirius, now smoothing down his hair where the cushion had ruffled it up. "He'll never be able to have fun anymore. Being a professor is going to make him all responsible." To prove his point he shuddered and Remus and James laughed at his antics.

"Padfoot you know me," chuckled James. "I could never be responsible. Especially when you're around."

"But I'm not going to be around," said Sirius, pouting again. "You're going to be at Hogwarts and I'm going to live in your apartment."

"Sirius, it's not as though I'm dying," smiled James. "I'm going to see you all the time and I'll write to you every week if it makes you hap-Hey wait a second! What do you mean living in my apartment?"

"Because yours is so much better," grinned Sirius devilishly. "Besides you always bring more girls home than me. I figured it can't be because of looks because everyone knows I'm so much better looking so it must be because of your apartment."

James and Remus glanced at each other before both picking up cushions from James couch and repeatedly hitting Sirius with them.

"Hey watch the hair!"

Around five hours later Remus, Sirius and James were all ready for their night out. Sirius had been right earlier, James thought. It really was their last night out. At least for a while. James was determined to make it a good one. Despite the fact it was a wizarding club most people wore muggle clothing. Wizarding robes were awful in most cases but even more so when you're in a hot, enclosed space. James was wearing baggy faded jeans and a plain dark green shirt and tennis shoes. He had left the first couple of his shirt undone just enough to catch a glimpse of his lean muscular chest. His raven coloured hair was just as messy as always but it had the sexy windswept "just got off a broom" look.

He scanned over Sirius and Remus who both had similar attires to him apart from Sirius's shirt was plain black not green and Remus was wearing a pink and white pinstriped shirt. They all looked pretty good, in James's opinion, and they were all going to have a very good night if things went well.

They apparated from James's penthouse apartment to outside the wizarding nightclub, Bacchetta Magica. The name was Italian for Magical Wand. It was a relatively new, but incredibly popular, nightclub opened up by an Italian company who already has an established chain of nightclubs in their own country. Like he said, it was popular, probably why the queue to get in was huge.

"Sirius, can't we just go to a different club?" complained Remus. "One where the queues aren't quite so large."

"But this is the best one," exclaimed Sirius. "And you go to the best club for the best time."

Before Remus could argue back James held up a hand to stop him. "Don't worry; I'm pretty sure I can handle this. Come this way."

James confidently walked right up to the front of the line with a slightly less confident Remus and Sirius in tow. The huge burly bouncer probably had to do with their low confidence levels.

"What do you think you're doing? Get to the back," grunted the whale of a man. He was shorter than James was but a lot wider although James suspected that was more fat than muscle. He had thinning dark brown hair and a big moustache.

"Do you know who I am?" smirked James, folding his arms. Several of the girls in the line seemed to know though as they were screaming his name. He did a little wave and flashed them all, his famous lopsided grin. "James Potter, that's who."

The man's eyes widened and he started to stutter. "I'm sorry Mr Potter sir; of course you and your friends are always V.I.P here. In you go."

He unhooked the rope that went across the entrance and James, Sirius and Remus went in grinning.

"You know you shouldn't use your name like that," said Remus, afterwards.

"Why not?" asked James, bemused. "It got us in didn't it?"

"Yeah but you know it makes you look all arrogant and haughty."

"I only did it so we could get in a little bit faster," explained James. "I don't do it everywhere I go and you know I hate the publicity I get."

"Will you two stop having your pathetic conversation and have a good time!" demanded Sirius, they weren't even properly in yet and he had somehow managed to get a drink.

Remus and James glanced at each other grinning before stepping into the main area of the club. It was a nice night club and it helped that only magical people could go. It meant there was no chance of a wizard or witch exactly saying what they were when they were intoxicated. There were some cozy little black love seats along the walls with silver tables. The bar stretched out against the back wall and the rest of it was the dance floor. The entire club was silver and black and James had to admit, it looked good.

"I'll go get us some drinks," said James, walking up to the bar.

"Three firewhiskeys please," said James whilst leaning up against the bar, scanning the crowd. One girl stood out in particular. She had long ruby red hair that fell down her back in loose curls and a slim curvy body. She was too far away to see her facial features clearly but she looked pretty in the distance. She was attired in a short denim mini skirt that hugged her hips and a black tube top that had rode up just enough to see a thin strip of flesh at her flat stomach. She was dancing rather provocatively with a tall blonde guy. Lucky guy thought James.

"Twelve sickles," said a bored sounding barman, with short spiky brown hair, pulling James out of his thoughts.

"Oh sorry," muttered James, handing him a galleon receiving five sickles back. He quickly put the silver coins into his pocket and carefully carried his drinks over to his friends who were sat thankfully on the nearest couch.

"What took you so long?" asked Sirius, downing the drink in one. "Ahh that is nice."

"It's busy," shrugged James. "I presume you've already picked out your prey for the evening."

Remus snorted as Sirius wiggled his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

"Well now you mention it," started Sirius. "That hot little blonde over there has caught my attention."

"You do like your blondes don't you," snickered Remus.

"Blondes are more fun," mused Sirius, craning his neck to scan the crowd further. "Although that redhead looks as though she could be fun." James looked to where Sirius was pointing to find the same redhead he had seen from the bar. There was more of a closer view of her from here and he could now see her face clearly. She was pretty in the distance but she was gorgeous now. Her eyes drew him to her. Almond shaped and green like emeralds. They were dazzling.

"I think I'll go with the blonde though," grinned Sirius, waving a hand in front of James's friend. "Cause James looks quite taken with the redhead."

Remus laughed as James glared at them both. "So what? You can't deny that she looks good."

"No I can't," replied Remus. "But neither can the rest of the male population in here."

James looked around and knew he was right. Nearly every guy on the dance floor was staring at her or glaring at her raunchy dance partner. James enjoyed doing both.

He turned back around to see Sirius gone and Remus smirking at him.

"Sirius has gone to make the hot blonde his prey and I'm going to see if the cute brunette sat over there wants a drink," he explained. "You do whatever you want to do because I doubt you'll see Sirius again tonight and hopefully you won't see me either."

James grinned. Trust his friends to go off with girls practically as soon as they got there. Especially as it was their last big night out. It didn't stop him from having some of his own fun though.

Two hours later though and the amount of fun he had had was low. All he had done was danced with the various girls that had asked them to. Sure he could have gone home with anyone of them because they were all gorgeous girls they just weren't her. He couldn't enjoy dancing with any of them when he could see her out of the corner of his hazel eye dancing with different guys but usually going back to the same blonde guy.

He found himself sat at the bar quietly sipping on a bottle of beer when the mysterious redheaded girl came up to the bar with the blonde guy's hands firmly on her waist as he stood behind her. James could hardly stop himself from over hearing their conversation. They were after all right next to him.

"I'm getting tired of dancing," she said pouting angelically. "Can we just sit at the bar for a bit?"

The blonde guy grinned at her flirtatiously. "Let's get out of here. Your place or mine?"

"How about both?" smiled the girl, clearly loving the sense of confusion in his baby blue eyes. "You go to your place and I'll go to mine."

James could almost see the clogs turning in his head. This guy wasn't smart. After a moment he started glaring angrily at the girl.

"You've been teasing me all night you little bitch," he proclaimed furiously. James sat up a little straighter, ready to intervene if things got nasty. Although he probably didn't have to because he soon found out this little lady had a tongue on her.

"That maybe but unfortunately for you being a bitch gives more satisfaction than you ever could," she replied coolly.

James could see the anger bubbling on this guy's face. He looked several years older than her too; he looked older than James himself for that matter.

"You know that I could hurt you," said the man in a low deep voice.

She seemed unaffected by it though. She rolled her eyes and said, "Save your breath for your inflatable girlfriend and leave me alone."

The blonde guy grabbed her wrist roughly and she shrieked.

"Let me go," she pleaded, breathing deeply, now scared.

James had had enough. He stood up and looked at the blonde guy menacingly.

"Are you going to let her go or not?" asked James, glaring at him. "Or am I going to have to make you because after the crap evening I've had, you'd do best not to tempt me."

"What's it to you?" grunted the man, the girl's beautiful emerald eyes had widened and were now staring helplessly at James.

"I don't like jerks manhandling girls in front of me," answered James, whipping out his wand. "I'd like to take this time to point out that I'm an auror so technically I could arrest you if you dared to attack me."

The man seemed alarmed to discover he was arguing with an auror and let the girl go. She fell to the floor as he had practically been holding her up as he was a lot taller than her. James helped her up as the man fled from the club.

"Thanks for that," she said, smiling weakly. As she sat back on her stool she gestured for the barman to get them some drinks.

"Hey you don't have to get me a drink," protested James, as a bottle of beer was placed in front of him.

"I think you'll find it's the least I could do after what you just did for me," smiled the girl, tucking her red hair behind her ear. "I'm Molly Stevens."

"James Potter," he grinned.

"I kind of guessed that," laughed Molly, her green eyes glowing. "You were in the Prophet not so long ago for a deatheater arrest."

James nodded. "Yeah they made me out to be this big hero and I did it all on my own but there was five of us on that raid not just me."

"Why weren't they mentioned in the paper then?" inquired Molly curiously.

James shrugged. "No idea. Probably cause then it wouldn't be front page worthy," he said with a laugh. "How old are you by the way?"

"Twenty one," she answered smiling. She had very nice and white teeth James noticed. "And you?"

"Twenty two," replied James, running a hand through his hair. "Sorry, I was just being curious; I know some girls are uncomfortable with sharing their age and all that.

Molly laughed. "That's just stupid."

"Tell me about it," chuckled James. "You look younger."

"I've always been baby faced, I guess," shrugged Molly. "I've only just turned twenty one. Another beer?"

"I'll get them this time," said James firmly as Molly just smiled. She had a very nice smile, James decided.