This is to show that Twilight doesn't always have to revolve around Edward and Bella's Love.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer's does.

I was so excited when I got home from school today. I had gotten two new emails, one from each pen pal. They were like, my two best friends when I didn't have Brenda and Jordan by my side. I could always stay in touch with these two… kind of like… my replacements.

I sat back in my computer chair and opened the one from Day. She was my very first pen pal, since I was in the seventh grade. It's funny how I could keep up with someone half way around the world. I usually don't pass for "smart".


To: IssyAnnMontez

From: DayLee

Subject: (none)

Hey Isabell

It's new years for us. I just came home from the New Years party my relatives

and I gathered for. As in your country, we also have fireworks and just "chill" with

friends. Ha-Ha! I bet the only difference is that on special occasions like these, we

don't eat cheetos(is that what you call those orange cheesy puffs?) And you don't

eat moon cakes. I shall have you try one. My summer is going rather well. I've

skipped a grade and I am now a senior in high school. It is not much different from

being a junior, though we do have more advantages. I am the, as you say in America,

class president. Or somewhat close to that anyway.

I hope your summer is going quite well also. I can not wait until I finally have

opportunity to meet you in person. We would have to get together, sit around and eat

buckets of "cheetos". Write back soon!


- Day Lee


I smiled and clicked the reply button.


To: DayLee

From: IssyAnnMontez

Subject: Please come to visit!

Hey Day (lol that rhymes),

My summer is turning out pretty well. I hope your New Years party was a blast! I can

hardly wait to meet you either. : ) Wait... who am I kidding? I want to meet

you now! Why wait? Let's say, this weekend maybe? While you're there, try to gather up as

much moon cakes as you can. We can sit around and eat those and cheetos! Email back when/if you

get the okay from your parents. I so can't wait any longer. : D, Bye!

Isabell Montez


Hitting the send button, I quickly reread to see if I made any mistakes --- my email takes forever. And, once it finally finished, I saw my other email from my other pen pal. I started emailing her when I was in ninth grade. Nicole Moretti. In her last email, she explained how I was supposed to say her last name. (Moe-ret-tee, while rolling the r. Rrrr.)

Yeah, I tried. Didn't get it right once.

I clicked her email, trying and trying again to say her last name… the 'right' way.


To: IssyAnnMontez

From: ItalianaChick

Subject: Crêpes

Yo Bell,

Lol, I'm only kidding. But just because I have an 'Italiana' accent doesn't mean I can't

speak American. You and your "hip-hip" language. Lol.

I can't wait for my "pops" to get me a new computer. I am in desperate need for one. I start

College this fall, I can't wait any longer! But sadly, he can not afford one right now.

I'm in a café now using their computer access. Can you believe college student get to pay 25 cents

instead of your average 50? Oh yeah, I'm special. It's my birthday, it's my birthday. Lol.

Just ordered something. The famous 'crêpe'. You should really try one. I devour those things.

I'm practically worse at eating than my brothers are, but, hey, who has to know?

Speaking of brothers... HELP! Those things won't stop bugging me. They're triple the trouble!

Please... tell me... how does a sweet innocent girl like myself, end up with bratty little triplet

brothers? Why not one? Two would even be fine. But three? Ie, Ie, Ie, just kill me now. Save me from

these devils. Take me to America! Oops, I have to go, my crêpe is here. 'Licks Lips' Yum...

Ciao Bella!(or in your case, Bell ': 0P')

Nicole M.


"Nicole," I laughed in my best Italian accent. "You are so crazy."

I quickly ran to my door and peeked out. No one was upstairs but me. Hmm, must be time I closed it quietly behind me and raced to my mirror.

Turning to one side, I raised my left hand in front of my face (palm towards me) and placed my right hand over my chest, testing my Italian yet again.

"The Count of Monte Cristo, HEH, heh, heh, heh…

"Dracula! I am here now. You! I want to suck your blood! Mwahahaha!

"Look… I am your Father!

"… But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun."

I snorted. "What a bogus line."

"Bell, time for dinner." My mom called from downstairs. My ears rang. I always regret that she had a good set of lungs.

I turned back to my computer and scanned Nicole's letter again. Three brothers? Sheesh! I could barely live with one. I copied and pasted a part of her letter into my reply box.

'…Take me to America! …' she wrote.


To: ItalianaChick

From: IssyAnnMontez

Re: Crêpes

Hey Nicole,

Stop making fun of me and my American 'hip-hop' language : P.

'... Take me to America!...'- by Nicole.

Don't worry. That's exactly what I plan to do. Though I can't takeyou to America, you're going

to have to do that on your own. Lol. Email back ASAP if your parents say it's

okay. I know its last minute planning, but it should be just enough time right? A week of plan-

ning and, this should encourage you, getting away from your brothers! Lol. I know what you mean by

them being a "pain". I have one myself. But of course you already knew that : P.

Astalavista Nikkie!



"Bell!" my mom called again.

"I'm coming!" I growled.

I hit send and stomped my way downstairs. I almost tripped on the last one and my heart skipped a beat. Gawd I hate when that happens.

"You're still cooking…" I glowered at her.

"Yes, I know that, but you needed to come down here anyways."

I sighed and headed for the stairs.

"Where do you think you're going Bell?" she called from behind.

"Back upstairs, there's no need for me to be down here."

"No you're not. Sit down, now."

What? She can't talk to me this way. She's way passed crossing the line. She knows I get ticked off easily for no purpose at all sometimes, and now she's only making it worse! That's it, she is so not the boss of me.

"You couldn't at least wait, what, five minutes until you were done?"

"Isabell –,"

"You expect me to just come down here and watch you cook?"

"Isa –,"

"I have more important things to in my room, and you are taking away my time!"

"Isabell Ann Montez. Do not use that tone with me young lady."

Here comes my little brother Jacob rushing to my side, "Yeah don't use that tone with mom!" He always had to get between 'mom and daughter' arguments.

"Jacob I can handle myself."

"Yeah, mom can handle herself!" I mimicked his tone.

"Bell." My mom protested.

"Bell!" Jacob yelled in my face. Eww, hot breath!

"Jake." My mom protested again.

"Jake!" I mimicked him again.

"Stop it!"

Everything went quiet. My mom was furious. I could tell. Her whole face was flushed and so was her arms and chest. Thin strands of her golden locks danced in the air above her head.

"You've done it now." I kicked Jacob in the shins.

"Ow! What'd you do that for?" he punched me hard in the chest.

"Jake that hurt! You punched me in the wrong spot! You should know a girl is sensitive there!"

"What wrong spot? You don't have anything!"

I gasped.

Ugh! He just makes me so angry! "Why did mom have to adopt you?"

"I'm not adopted!"

"Then I swear were not related!" I turned on my heels and stomped back upstairs. Behind me I could hear mom say something about dinner.

"Whatever! Just send it under the door or something, I'm never eating with that brat again!"

Slamming the door with my foot, I plopped face down on my bed, and screamed.

o o o

'You make me feel, out of my element.'

I mouthed the words to my favorite song as I continued to gaze out the window. This is so unfair. Why did I have to have such a bad family? I'd rather live with any family but this one. Why me?

'Like I'm walkin' on broken glass.'

I felt my face scrunch up. Why couldn't I be Japanese, like Day Lee, and have special family gatherings and eat moon cakes all day? Why couldn't I skip a grade and become a senoir like her? That would take me closer to college, then I'd be outta here.

'Like my world is spinnin' in slow motion.'

Why couldn't I be Italian like Nicole? She'd shown me her picture. I would kill to have her light tanned complexion. And her figure… you could tell she had all the curves in the right places. Why couldn't I get a chance to go to fancy café's like her and eat crêpes and get away from my brother? I could barely go anywhere now without having to take him with me.

'And you're moving too fast.'

Life is so unfair. Correction… my life is so unfair. And dangerous at that. I bet no one has come as far as me on a near death experience. My brother practically tripped me on my way downstairs last Friday, and that wasn't even his first.

And one time he unscrewed the legs on my bed while I was sleeping and when I rolled over, the whole left side collapsed from under me and I landed face forward on the hardwood floor. I had a big purple bruise on my forehead for six week.

Oh and I can't forget the time dad took us to a gas station, this happened about three years ago, and my idiot brother took a lighter from a compartment in the car and threw it out of the window. It hit dad, he jumped, the gas pump came out of the gas tank, splashed all over the lighter and caught on fire. And so did dad. And so did the car. Do I need to go into detail? I think you get it. My life is so unfair.

My stomach growled. I'd forgotten I hadn't eaten any dinner. The last time I ate today was at two.

I glanced at the clock. Twelve – fiftysix.

Just great. Its past midnight, tomorrow is a Monday, wait scratch that... today is a Monday, and I'm still hungry. Could this night get any worse?

I un-clutched the pillow I was holding to my chest, and lured myself off the bed, careful not to make any squeaky noises.

Then, as I was crossing my room, leaning forward to reach the door, I tripped on something and landed with a hard thud on my chin. Apparently this night could get as far as it was willing to.

I grunted, reaching under my foot, and came across something small round and long. Pulling it closer to my face, I examine it more. Lip gloss. Hmm, Raspberry. Opening the lid I sniffed and plastered some upon my lips… then licked them clean… so good.I could never do this in front of my friends. They would think I was a freak. But wearing it in public just urged me more, so I hardly wore it at all.

I brushed myself off and, very, very carefully this time, made my way to the door.

Come on. Almost there.

…'Close you eyes, shut your mouth, dream a dream and get us out'… My phone sounded off behind me. Dang it. I ran to pick it up. I'd forgotten to put it back on vibrate.

And hey, don't start. A girl can have 'The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava girls - Dream song' as her ringtone if she wants. It's a catchy song you have to admit. …Why am I arguing with myself?

…Hit the hay, fast asleep, dream a dream you little bl –…

"Hello?" I demanded, my voice barely a whisper.

"Bells?" a familiar answered from the other end. My ears rang – for the second time tonight – she could be so loud when she wanted to.

"Dang it Brenda. You sure did pick the perfect time to call! Here I am trying to be all quiet, and here you are calling me way past midnight. My phones not even on vibrate!" I hissed at her.

"Well, jeez, how am I supposed to know when you're about to be sneaky?"

I ignored her. "What do you want?"

"Okay, just listen." Her preppy voice was back. "How do you get out of a room with no doors, no windows, and nothing but a table and a mirror?"

"I don't know, how?"

My stomach growled again. Sooo hungry.

"Brenda, I –,"

"You look in the mirror and see what you saw."

"Brenda, I already know –,"

"You take the saw and cut the table in half."

"Brenda, you don't have to –," she cut me off yet again.

"Two halves make a whole. You take the –,"

I flipped down the lid and turned it off. I didn't really have time for one of her silly jokes.

Ugh, time. I was almost scared to look at the clock. One - o - one. Might as well just get this over with, I threw open my door. I didn't care at this point if I woke anyone. I probably already woke the whole neighborhood with my fall. And with my kind of luck, that was actually not bad.

I ran down the stairs and headed to the fridge… but something stopped me. Weird noises. Noises from my parents' room. Leaning within earshot, and trying not to stumble, I listened.

Someone sniffled… my mother I think.

"I don't understand Danny (Dan-nie)." She sniffled again. "I just…,"

"Shh, shh. Don't worry about it Carol (kare-ole). I bet it's just puberty."

Puberty dad? I better remind myself not to have that conversation with him.

"I don't know Danny. It could be anything. It could be that I'm not paying enough attention to her… or drugs… or she may be sleeping with someone." She whispered the last part. "Am I not having enough talks with her? Maybe she's gotten too used to me. Maybe she needs someone else to have these talks with her."

There was silence. I could almost see dad and his 'no way, not me' expression on his face.

I leaned away from the door and looked around the small kitchen. Better just settle for an apple, I reached over the table top and grabbed one.

So mom thought I was doing drugs? No... sleeping with someone? Yuck, I shuddered.

My bare feet were getting cold. It was pretty cold down here. And I didn't feel right... I didn't feel right at all.

I turned around, suddenly aware that someone was watching me. I felt eyes that burned into the back of my neck, making my hair stand on end, watching… waiting. Waiting for me to make the wrong more or something. But no one was there. Probably just Jacob, I rolled my eyes.

Turning back around, I crossed my arms over my chest, apple still in hand, and listened to only silence as I leaned back into earshot of my parents doorway before heading back upstairs.