Now before you read my story, there are some things I need to go over. One, this is a crossover between Death Note and Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse. The second is that this is not just your average crossover. Hardly any of the characters from Twilight will make an appearance. The only characters that you will see are the Volturi. So don't get your hopes up to see anyone else unless I change my mind. The only reason why this is a crossover is because it takes the Death Note characters (primarily L) and follows the rules of vampires described by the author of Twilight. The final thing is this a story meant to test L's morals and have him experience inner conflict so don't expect too much romantic moments between any of the characters. This is my first story that is rated M so please be nice and if you have nothing nice to say I would prefer that you not say it at all unless it is constructive criticism. I hope you enjoy this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Death Note characters nor do I own Stephenie Meyer's ideas about vampires and her characters. The other characters in this story, however, are indeed mine.

Darkest Days

Chapter One: A New Beginning

Death Comes Knocking at My Door

"Watari...Watari!" L desperately called into the television knowing that Watari was able to see and hear him. But there was no reply. All that remained was utter silence.

Why? Why was this happening? L had known from the very beginning that either he or Watari could lose their lives attempting to solve this complex string of murders. Even still, the idea of Watari being gone forever seemed to stun his mind. From the moment he had entered the Wammy House, Watari had always been there. He was the only father figure L could look up to for guidance. Had he not visited Watari's office just that very morning? The idea of him being gone forever was something L could not cope with.

No, maybe Watari is not dead. Perhaps this was just a plan of his. He could not be dead...he just couldn't be...

All Data Deletion. L looked angrily at those words that flashed across the many screens that filled the room. Watari was indeed dead. This was proof. And there was nothing L could do about it. Nothing he could do to turn back time.

"Data deletion? What's going on here?" Light's father yelled an edge of fear in his voice. That was right; L still had work to do. He had to pull himself together before he lost his own life as well.

"I instructed Watari to delete all the data if something unexpected should happen to him," L forced himself to say, desperately holding back his anger.

"Unexpected?" Aizawa asked.

"It can't be!" Matsuda exclaimed. The room was now filled with utter terror. Almost everyone in that room was fearful of their lives. All except two. Light Yagami for the reasons being very simple. He was the mastermind behind all of this. He was the one who had sent Watari to his grave by using the Shinigami Rem. The other was a very young detective, the only female on the task force. She was strikingly beautiful almost inhumanly beautiful. Her skin was just as pale and smooth as the famous detective's; her eyes were icy red that sent a chill through anyone who dared to look at her piercing eyes directly. Amaris was her name. She stood very still very unafraid of the death that was about to approach one of their own. But she had nothing to fear, she did not fear death one bit.

"The Shinigami," L said, noticing that the Shinigami, Rem, was no where to be found.

"That's right she disappeared," Light Yagami's father noticed.

"She's not here!" someone else called. The world was spinning, spinning for everyone. Everyone's minds were beginning to cloud with fear. They could no longer think calmly, rationalize their possibilities. They were sitting ducks, waiting to be butchered. All except those two.

"Everyone the shiniga--," L started until a surge of pain stopped him from completely the sentence. This was it. He was dying. His mind was spinning in all different directions, desperately trying to focus his mind on other things as the stabbing pain in his heart increased. L felt himself fall over his chair, crashing against the cold hard floor. But he did not care. He just wanted the stabbing pain in his heart to cease. As the old saying went "when you are about to die your life will flash before your eyes". L's life, his childhood, good memories, bad memories, all were flashing in front of him. Every once in a while he caught a glimpse of Light looking down at him, a triumphant smile spread across his face. This whole time he had been right. Light Yagami was Kira.

But then something unexpected happened. L suddenly felt his body lifting. Someone was lifting him. Within moments, he felt like he was flying but the pain in his heart still remained. How much longer before he was able to finally rest in peace? How much longer was this pain going to continue?

What seemed to be sudden, everything was still. His eyes barely open, L tried to conclude where he was exactly but failed. Light was no longer looking down at him and the rest of the task force was no where to be found. Instead, L stared into a pair of piercing red eyes. Amaris smirked down at him. L gave a pleading look at the young woman, as if asking to stop the pain. His heart was now slowing down, the pain still there, as he began to let go and close his eyes forever.

L's eyes shot open as he felt a sudden rage of pain filling his body. It was a different kind of pain that had consumed his heart only moments ago. This pain was burning throughout his entire body with the focus point being in the side of his throat. What...what was this? It felt as though something had bitten him in that very spot. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Amaris leaning over him, her cold, dead lips pressed against his neck. Was this the cause of the pain, he wondered to himself. This burning sensation. He could not help but to cry out in pain. Stop! Make it stop. He just wanted to die already, to ultimately become a part of the Earth. But the pain wouldn't go away. It would not cease no matter how much he pleaded. He tried to break free but Amaris was too strong for him. How was this woman able to pin him down so easily?

After a few moments, L realized that his blood was being drained. Was it from Amaris? It felt that way. Who, or what, the hell was she? He had never believed in Shinigami until he found proof of their existence. Were there other creatures that existed in this world? Creatures that were meant to stay hidden for all eternity. Creatures that lurked at night and hid during the day.

L gasped for breath as the bloodsucker continued to feed off of him. He wanted, no needed, to fall into unconsciousness. For once in his life, he wanted to fall asleep yet for some reason he could not no matter how much pain was surging through his body. It was then that he realized he no longer felt pain in his heart. No tightness, no excruciating pain. In fact, he could not feel his heart beating at all. No pulse. No beat. What was happening to him? What was he turning into?


Three days. Three long days. Three days the pain had continued for. Three days that burning sensation had filled L's entire body. He was forced to live through every hour, every minute, every second of that pain. No matter how hard he tried, he could not make himself fall asleep. But today, the pain had stopped. Today it was finally over and now it meant that Amaris had some explaining to do.

L rose from the bed that he had been laying on these past three days. He looked in the direction of Amaris who was sitting on a chair across from the bed. She gave a devilish smile while L tried to show no emotion.

"Why hello my L. Had enough pain for one century?" Amaris said in a small, childlike voice.

"What did you do to me?" L asked, ignoring her statement. The woman giggled with delight.

"Why I do believe I saved your life. You should be thanking me," she replied.

"What did you do to me?" L asked again coolly.

"Hmm...I'm not sure if I want to tell you right now. Explaining complex situations like this is just so boring!" Amaris said.

"You will tell me what happened to me or I'll..." L began but he had to stop. He wasn't good at making threats towards others. Amaris noticed this and laughed again in delight.

"You'll what? Kill me? Sorry but I'm immortal," she said simply, "and so are you."

"I...immortal?" was all L could manage to say. The last part of her statement shocked the detective for a moment. He was immortal? But how? How did this happen to him? The idea of never dying intrigued him.

"That's right. I changed you, you see. It was the only thing I could do at the time," Aramis explained, "Though I would rather we discuss this later. During the day. I'm starving. Haven't eaten in three days since I've had to baby-sit you. Wouldn't want you to lose control, you see. That would be a very bad thing and I did not want the Volturi to get involved. I've probably already broken a rule of some sort by speeding out of the investigation headquarters to save your life."

While Aramis continued to babble about topics that did not make sense to L whatsoever, L tried to calm his mind. This had never happened before. Normally he could think calmly but now his mind was frantic. Mathematical equations, the periodic table, Italian, Latin roots, Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, bio chemistry, all were filling his head at once. He needed to calm down, to think things through as he ate a piece of strawberry shortcake. He needed to remember what had happened three days ago. L recalled the many screens that filled the main room for the investigation containing the words "All data deletion". He also remembered calling out to Watari after a moment of silence from his faithful assistant only to come to the horrible realization that he was dead. Then he remembered that stinging pain in his heart as he looked up into Kira's eyes only to suddenly feel the wind being knocked out of him as Aramis carried him to safety. Just moments before he was about to die, to let his body go, that burning sensation was filling every part of his body. He cringed at the remembrance of that horrible pain he had just finished experiencing.

"Hello? L, are you listening to me?" Aramis snapped, finally realizing that L was in a complete daze.

"No," L said flatly, "I refuse to listen to your pointless babbling that makes no sense." Aramis glared at him for a few moments, her red eyes burning. It took a few moments before her eyes softened again.

"L...have you ever read any horror fiction novels?" Aramis asked casually, fiddling with her silver hair.

"Pardon?" L said, completely baffled by this random question.

"You know classic horror stories. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, The Black Cat...Dracula?"

"I believe I have. Why?" L questioned.

"So you know about vampires?" Aramis inquired. This was completely ridiculous. Did she take him to be an idiot? What foolish questions these were. However, L could not forget what had started that burning sensation just three days ago. He recalled seeing Aramis leaning over him, sucking his blood with pleasure knowing well that she was also sending pain throughout his limbs. But he rather not think about that.

"So you are suggesting that I am a vampire," L concluded.

"I'm not suggesting anything. I'm telling you you are a vampire," Aramis urged.

"That is impossible. If I were a vampire then that would make yourself a vampire yet you have been out and about during the day while we worked on the investigation regarding the Kira case." Aramis rolled her eyes at this comment.

"You of all people should know not to believe in everything you read. We can go out in the day just as long as it isn't sunny. But I think it is best for both of us if I explain all of that a bit later. I'm sure you're hungry as well." L paused for a moment, trying to decide if he was indeed hungry or not. He did not think he was. He had no need for any sweets whatsoever. No chocolate cake or even just a simple cookie. L paused for a moment and he felt his face become drawn with horror. Aramis smirked, reading his pathetic expression.

"That's right. There is no need to eat sweets anymore. This is feeding hour for us. Hardly anyone is out and about in this area so it will be easy to pick a random morsel."

L felt completely disgusted at the thought. There was a pit in the bottom of his stomach. Disgusting. Absolutely horrendous. Yet, for some reason, he could not help but want a taste of blood. Just a little bit of human blood to quench his thirst. Just enough to make his dry throat moist again. No. He had to resist otherwise he would become just another murderer like Kira.

"No. Absolutely not," L said. Aramis raised an eyebrow, clearly shocked by his answer.

"I don't think I've ever met a newborn that could resist the taste of blood so easily. Oh well, you're going to come around eventually. Eventually you will need a human. You will need their blood. Take my advice, listen to your creator, and come hunting tonight. You will only be making it harder on yourself. Mine as well face the music and get it over with. Just don't lose complete control or you could get us both killed."

"I thought you said we were immortal," L challenged.

"Well not completely immortal," Aramis giggled, "Let us just say it is very hard to kill a vampire."

"I can resist. This is all about the mind and self control. I will not lose that control," L said firmly.

"Alright, if you say so," Aramis shrugged. Within seconds, she was gone out to hunt and quench her thirst. L stared at the doorway for a moment before resting his head on the pillow. He desperately wanted to close his eyes and fall asleep even if it was just for a moment. Perhaps not sleeping was another condition of being a vampire. It wasn't completely illogical. L closed his eyes and tried to listen for a heartbeat, his heartbeat. Nothing. Nothing but utter silence was deep in his chest. First Shinigami and now vampires. What other creatures existed in this vast world?

Frustrated, L rose from the bed and walked into the nearby bathroom. He effortlessly turned the faucet of warm water on. Before splashing his face with water, he looked down at it for a moment. For a split second he thought the water that ran down the drain was red and that the faucet was supplying blood. Human blood.

Eventually you will need a human. You will need their blood.

L snapped back to reality or at least what was now reality. For almost everyone else in world, this was beyond reality. But the idea of seeing blood frightened him. He was not going to kill. He refused to kill anyone. What sort of symbol of justice killed innocent lives? Not him. He was justice and he would resist temptation. L quickly turned the faucet off, afraid that by splashing his face with water it would remind him of more blood. He looked up in the mirror that hung above the sink. At first, he didn't recognize himself. His hair was still a big mess and he was still wearing the same clothes that he always wore. But his face. His face was completely different. His skin was still as pale as ever but it no longer looked human. L's face seemed smoother than it had ever been exactly like marble. He felt his cheekbones to confirm that his skin was indeed smooth and marble like. L also noticed that his eyes now had a tint of red to them just like Aramis. So it was true. He really was a vampire. He didn't like this at all. At least the heavy bags under his eyes still remained.

So this was the new him. This was his new life whether he liked it or not. Cursed to walk the Earth for who knows how long.

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