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Chapter Twelve: Silence

L's Lament

Cars buzzed by as people walked to and fro throughout the bustling city. A petite girl of about a hundred and forty five centimeters with short black hair made her way through the crowds of people. Her pale skin and dark purple lines under her eyes made her stick out in the crowd. However, that did not matter to her. Her only concern was that the sun remained hidden by the clouds today. She continued to walk with elegance towards her destination: a small cafe. The girl opened the door to the cafe with great ease. Not to her surprise, all the tables were empty except one. Her amber eyes focused on the occupied table. A small smirk curled across her face as she walked towards the table.

The man sitting at the table took no notice in her as she sat across from him. He seemed to be in a complete daze, separated from the world around him. She could not help but to stare at him as sympathy began to over take her body. Noticing her gaze, the man looked directly into her eyes: the two pairs of amber eyes stared at one another for a long time.

"Hello," the man finally said, "Alice." Alice smirked with glee at the man's comment.

"How did you know it was me?" she asked with a thrill in her voice. The man continued to stare dimly at her.

"Well, I was a detective."

"Yes, yes, Carlisle told me all about you L. Though with that kind of skill, you make my powers seem insignificant."

"If you don't mind my asking, what are you doing here Alice?" Alice's smile quickly turned into a frown. The aura around her became dark and somber.

"I saw what happened. L, I am very sorry." L sighed as he covered his face with his hand. He should have known it had something to do with her. The very few memories he had of her were already resurfacing. Along with those memories came the lump in his throat that seemed to appear every time he thought of her.

"It's only been three days yet it feels like she's been gone forever," his voice choked out with difficulty. The thing that had once been his heart now felt ten times heavier than it had just a moment ago. He hated this feeling that was consuming him: this feeling of grief. Alice remained silent. It seemed apparent to her that L needed someone to talk to now more than ever. "I've been traveling mindlessly around Winchester since then. I've never felt so helpless before. The paper's say that she died in a car accident..." L's hand began to tremble, "but that obviously isn't true. The least I could have done was expose those bastards for the murderers they really are. Even if I could not reveal them as vampires, I could have at least made sure they went into the hands of the justice system. But I was too weak to do anything; I was too numb to even think logically."

"You did the best you could, you carried her ten miles to find help," Alice said gently.

"I don't even remember carrying her all that way. The last thing I can remember is sitting in the woods with her and the next moment I was in a hospital. The rest is just a blur." L paused for a moment. The most traumatic part of the entire incident was when he had come into the realization that he was in a hospital. One minute he had been in the woods and then he was in that damn hospital, looking around in confusion. He had had no idea where he was or why he was there. It wasn't until he had looked down at her that he realized why he must have forced himself to travel to a hospital. The next thing he knew, a nurse was taking her out of his arms. Lucky for the nurse, he had been too numb to snap her neck or break her spine. Even after she was out of his arms, L had still felt heavier than normal. That was when he had become conscious of the fact that his clothes were soaked in blood. And after that, after that the rest had become a blur as well.

"You're lucky you didn't get in trouble for kidnapping or stealing," Alice said. L snapped back to reality and stared at Alice. She must have been lecturing him about something however he had not been paying attention.

"That's only because I left the hospital when no one was around." Although L would have liked to stay by her side, the smell of blood filling the hospital had overwhelmed him, forcing him to leave with a new set of clothes when no one was around. "I am basically a wanted criminal. Her funeral was today and I couldn't even go to that because of my identity."

"I'm sure she understands. You risked a lot to save her."

"But I ended up failing in the end," L said bitterly.

"No, I don't think you did. You gave her a family, something to hope for in the future. That's something I don't think anyone but you could have given her." L sank back into his chair, placing his feet down on the floor. He turned his attention towards the window, returning to his previous gaze. In a few months it would start to snow, and then just a few months after that the cherry blossoms and other plants would start to bloom. Then before he knew it, the leaves would be falling again. This cycle would continue forever and he would remain to see it happen forever. But what happened to the things that died and did not get to see these things forever?

"Tell me something, Alice," L said, "can you see what happens to people after they die?"

"No, I cannot," Alice said, shaking her head, "But if it helps, I think their soul goes somewhere after they die."

"To be frank, I've never truly believed in a Heaven. But I'm willing to if it means she isn't completely dead." To think, he of all the people was now willing to believe in something as illogical as God all for the sake of a girl. He looked down at his feet, noticing that they were no longer resting on the rim of the chair.

If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by forty percent.

L thought about Mr. Wammy and her again and the possibility that they could still be alive somewhere in this vast universe. Perhaps it was alright to allow his reasoning abilities to decrease by forty percent just this once.

"What about a vampire? Technically, we already died. What happens to us once we are destroyed?"

"No one knows. Some believe that we just fade into nothingness. That our souls have no where to go and are not allowed in Heaven. It depends on your own faith, L."

"Well, that certainly is unfortunate for me," L replied.

"Hey, it can't get any worse than it already has. You can come to America with me and become a Cullen. You can live the rest of eternity in peace, without any worries," Alice remarked persuasively despite the fact that her family had its own set of worries.

"No," L said, "I am tired. There is no peace awaiting me in America. I don't want to live like this anymore. I don't want to be a vampire anymore. I just want to die, even if it means I end up floating into nothingness. It makes no difference to me how it ends, just that it does."

"Are you sure there's nothing that will change your mind?"

"I have never been this sure about anything in my entire life." Alice sighed at his comment.

"You know, I designed your room myself..." Alice said.

"And I'm sure it's a lovely design," L replied.

"You're really sure about this aren't you?"

"Yes. You are being awfully persuasive, aren't you?" L said. He stopped for an instant. It suddenly became apparent to him what was really going on. If his theory was correct, he could finally end his story for good. "You foresaw my death didn't you?" For a minute, Alice did nothing but looked at him coolly. However, in a moment's time she was nodding grimly.

"The real reason why I came here was to stop you from doing this. Carlisle's going to be so upset when he finds out." A slight glimmer of hope shined inside L as he heard the words pass through Alice's lips.

"Tell me how it happens. What do I need to do?" he said eagerly but in his same dull tone.

"Okay, listen carefully..."

The Point of No Return

L walked down the street towards The Wammy House. Just a few hours prior, he would have been able to see a crowd dressed in black attending a funeral for a girl that most of them probably did not know very well and if they did know her well they certainly did not care that much about her. At least they did not care about her as much as L had during the time he spent with her. Out of all the people that were allowed to attend the funeral, one would think L would be one of them. However, as he had recently told Alice, because of his old life and the fact that he basically kidnapped the girl he was unable to pay his last respects just as he was not able to pay his last respects to his dear friend Mr. Wammy.

Now as he continued to walk towards his old home, if The Wammy House could even be considered a home, L's only hope was that Alice's prediction had been correct. He slowly made his way towards the back of The Wammy House estate. The wind became stronger in the open air as L continued to travel. There, just as she had told him shortly before she died, were the two graves that had been moved from Japan.

Quillsh Wammy

L Lawliet

The two graves stood next to each other just as they had in Japan. Mr. Wammy's on the left, L's on the right. L stared at these two tombstones knowing that a body was lying just in front of one while the other had nothing. A small smile came across L's lips. It felt good to be near his old friend again.

L's attention then turned to a third tombstone, one that was placed next to L's own tombstone. It was not as old and faded as the other two. In fact, it was brand new; the marble had been untouched by nature's forces. It pained him for a moment to see her name; it pained him to even think of her name. However, the pain soon subsided as he continued to stare at the tombstone. Although his body should have been full of melancholy, L could not help but to have some happiness filled inside of him as he looked down at the tombstone.

Kaia Lawliet

And there the three tombstones stood: with L's in the middle. The memories of his life as a human rested on his left side; the memories of his life as a vampire rested on his right. The three stood together and would always stand together forever.

L's hears caught a small rustling behind him. He turned around and was not surprised to see Aramis standing there. Her face was paler than ever compared to the black dress she wore. L expected to see a smile curl across her face but none ever came. She simply walked up towards her grave and placed a flower by it. The two did not speak for some time. The only sound was that of the wind blowing.

"I'm guessing you arranged all of this," L said quietly.

"I tracked you to the hospital. You had already left by then. I could barely take the smell but I stayed," she said quietly. "I was the one who told the reporters it was a car accident. And I...also ordered the tombstone. I knew you would come here eventually. I've been waiting since this morning." She then took out a piece of paper from her purse and handed it to him. "Here, you left this at the hospital." L looked at it though it was hard to recognize that it was the last page of the adoption papers that L had put in his pocket. The once white paper was now a crimson red and the black ink was faded. He silently folded the piece of paper and tucked it in the pocket of his shirt, located close to his heart.

"Thank you...for what you did," L said, "Though I'm not exactly sure why you did it."

"I didn't think she meant that much to you. I never thought that it would hurt you this much. Oh fuck, L! Who am I trying to fool? I'm a terrible person and I deserve to live the most miserable life possible."

"I don't think you're that terrible Aramis," L said his voice still low.

"Yes I am, don't try to be a kiss ass," she replied bitterly, "I fucking killed someone for no reason! Because I was jealous, I'm selfish and cold hearted. There's nothing that can change that."

"Yes there is. You can still change by doing the right thing."

"And what's the right thing?"

"Destroying what you created." Aramis quickly looked up and faced L. Her red eyes focused into his somber amber ones. She looked away as her lips quivered.

"I can't...I'm too much of a coward..." she admitted.

"Aramis, if you have any decency, you'll destroy me. Do you really want me to be miserable for all eternity? Please, Aramis." Aramis continued to stare at him. She was tormented by the decision that she had to come to. After all, no one else would be willing to destroy him.

"Do you have a match?" she asked as she sighed. L promptly took one out of his pocket that he had bought before coming here. Aramis took the match from him and began to walk away most likely putting her purse a safe distance away.

L turned his attention back towards the three tombstones. He couldn't help but smile as the wind blew through his hair.

"I really wish this would have happened in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan. I think Kaia would have liked that." At this point, he did not particularly know what he was saying. He had never felt so close to both Mr. Wammy and Kaia at the same time. It was a wonderful feeling considering he may never get to see them again.

Before he could continue his train of thought, L suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his arms. He gasped at the sudden lurch but quickly gritted his teeth to prevent himself from screaming in pain. Panting as he felt his arms being ripped off of his body, L looked down at the ground.

"No matter what, don't stop Aramis. Even if I beg you to stop, don't," L panted, barely getting the words out. It was finally happening, he was going to die. Without warning, he shrieked in pain as his arms were finally removed from his body. He hit the ground hard but made no notion to pick himself up. L panted as he caught a glimpse of one of the tombstones. He tried to close his eyes and slip into unconsciousness but the pain was unbearable. What made it worse was the process was taking so much time. But it could not be helped, Aramis was only one vampire. Had there been more, he probably would not have felt a thing.

Another surge of pain flowed through him as he felt his legs being removed. Yet not once did he cry for it to stop. There was not one point which he wanted it to stop. He wanted the pain to continue in hopes that it would soon end and he would soon be free. His body continued to be ripped into pieces until finally he felt Aramis wrap her arms around his neck.

"I'm sorry, L," she whispered.

"It's alright, I forgive you," he said harshly, forcing himself to let the words pass through him. L quickly shut his eyes again, awaiting to hear the sound of his neck snapping off his body and the pain consuming him completely. But it never came. He either truly slipped into unconsciousness or it happened so fast he did not feel a thing. Almost instantly, he began to feel small warmth tickling him. At first, he thought it was the fire Aramis started but soon he realized what it was and he smiled.

Aramis stood in front of the flames as L's body began to burn. The smell was unbearable but she stood there none the less. L's body was now in front of his grave. Now the three tombstones and the three souls would always stand together forever.

"You're wrong L, I'm not going to change... but at least you got to change. And I think your change is going to pay off in the end. After all, death is only the beginning," Aramis said as the flames flew into the October sky.

Under the Cherry Blossom Tree

It was late spring as petals fell from the cherry blossom tree. L slowly opened his eyes as petals lightly fell on his face. He rose from against the tree and stretched. What a nice nap that had been.


L looked up as the little five-year-old ran towards him. She stopped abruptly in front of L. "Daddy! Look what I found!" she exclaimed as she shoved a flower in his face.

"It's very pretty, Kaia, thank you," he said as he took the flower from her, smiling. She took his free, warm hand as if examining it. His skin was once again the color tone it had been before he was a vampire. In fact, all his previous physical features had returned except for the dark bags under his eyes. Those had vanished for good.

"No more scars!" Kaia said triumphantly.

"No more scars," L agreed. He kissed Kaia's forehead; she sat on his lap, leaning her head against his chest. Their breathing became in sync as well as their heart beats. L rested against the tree once more and gently stroked her hair.

The sound of footsteps lightly touching the grass became apparent followed by a soft shadow hovering over the two. L glanced up, immediately smiling.

"Hello Quillsh," he said.

"Hello L, I believe we are going to the sea today, yes?" Mr. Wammy said, petals gently falling on his suit. At once, Kaia rose up.

"The sea! I want to go," she shrieked with excitement as she stood up. Kaia delicately clutched L's hand; attempting to pull him up. "Come on Daddy, let's go." L arose from his position, scooping Kaia into his arms. Both L and Mr. Wammy began to walk in the direction of the sea.

"When we return, we can have some sea salt ice cream, how does that sound?" Quillsh said.

"Ice cream!" Kaia exclaimed. L laughed as the three continued down the path towards the sea.

That sea went on forever, into the blue distance

That road went on forever, continuing straight ahead

The person who sincerely laughs first wins

The person I love most is laughing

Even if I were farther away than anyone else, would you still smile for me from here?

When I close my eyes, suddenly I can smell the scent of a summer day

Playing in that river, just the two of us, we were covered in mud

I'm chasing that cloud... if I reach it, I'll be happy

The one who runs up this hill fastest wins

Aiming for that place we like best

I have so many memories that I almost don't need anything else

When I close my eyes, soon I can smell the scent of that sea

Summer comes again, shining silver

Our shadows reflected on the surface of the water

Even if I were farther away than anyone else, would you still smile for me from here?

When I close my eyes, suddenly I can see that day's blue sky

Under the cherry blossom tree

The End

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