Right after the third book of maximum ride and Edward and Bella are married and seeing her mother for the last time.

Max POV:

i was sitting in Ella's room reading a magazine when Ella came dashing up the stairs.

"You have to meet my Bella, your other half sister." she was ecstatic.

Another half sister? I feel bad as it is having a family, and none of the other kids don't.

Then a beautiful looking couple came in the room. I couldn't believe how beautiful a guy can be.

Though he had onyx eyes he was still the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

The girl, i presume, Bella was beautiful too. I hated her and i got the feeling she hated me too with that stupid fake smile plastered on her face. How did she ever land a guy like that, he looked so nice and caring with the sweet smile on his face, and she looked the opposite.

Ella was clueless of what was going on in our heads. "Max this is your half sister Bella, and her husband Edward,"

They were married? They didn't look very old. I extended my hand and shook both of their hands. Edwards hand was ice cold, much to my surprise.

I still didn't like Bella, even as she walked out the door.