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The Two Dragons

Chapter One: Fire

Karin Kurosaki wasn't the kind of girl to stand around and be idle while events just passed by her. Her brother was gone. Just disappeared, out of the blue, and went off to some distant waist land looking for a fight. Typical. So, she was stuck here with literally nothing to do. School was out for break and her friends had gone to their relatives.

With every step she took to the Urahara Store, the more enraged she became. Why should I be left behind…? I need Training…I'm a good fighter…Right? She thought back to the time when Toushiro saved her. She wasn't strong then. I need to be able to look after myself, can't have that shorty looking after me 24/7. Who would have thought Toushiro was a Shinigami…Well at least he told me what Ichi-nii was up to.

Karin Stopped in front of the store. It seemed deserted, plus Jinta and Ururu where no where in sight. She shrugged it off and stepped into the shop.

To say the least the place was dark and vacant, not a soul in sight. Just then a surge of Sprit Pressure caught her attention, much similar to the monsters she saw… but some how different. I seemed like it was coming from underneath the shop. She decided to investigate.

Eyes glued to the floor, Karin began her search. She had made her way to the back of the store when she stumbled upon what seemed to be a trapped door. With caution, she opened it revealing just a little bit of what it was it led to. It started with a ladder which stopped at the bottom of what seemed to be a huge chamber. There was an explosion or two that rumbled from the room but this just increased her curiosity. She proceeded to climb down the ladder, which now revealed the chamber to be a vast underground room with dirt and mounds of rocks creating artificial mountains.

Karin made it to the bottom rather stealthily, or at least she thought she did. She dusted her shorts off before turning around to see two women fighting. One had Purple hair and the other… The other was, "Tatsuki?" Karin said out loud to herself. She felt a surge of that Spiritual Pressure again before Tatsuki's arms glowed blue and she attacked the purple haired women. The women on defense quickly avoided and instantly appeared behind the karate champ and landed a well placed chop to the back of the younger girls neck. Tatsuki started to falter but turned the fall into a cartwheel of sorts and regrouped.

Unknowing to Karin, who was way to caught up in the cat fight currently being fought in front of her, Urahara had snuck up on the soccer champ. He smirked and took out his famous fan, placing it in front of his face. "Young Karin Kurosaki I presume… Hehe" He spoke in his calm surfer voice.

Karin nearly leapt out of her skin as she turned to face the one addressing her. She put herself in a combat stance and looked over the man who stood in front of her. He wore a green and white striped hat and… clogs? Who is this guy? "W-what's it to ya?" She asked.

"I should ask you the same question, you're the one tespassing, but for now we'll look past that." Karin couldn't see it but the blond man smirked, "I was wondering when you would get here. I'm a friend of your brothers, Kisuke Urahara, at your serves." He gave a small bow.

Karin just nodded. She still wasn't sure about this guy, he was a little weird to say the least. A few moments passed by with out any words before she broke the silence. "Mr. Urahara, sir… I um…" She didn't know how to say it.

"You wanted to know more about what Captain Histugaya told you, no?" He smiled evilly as if he had some crazy plan. Well doesn't he always?

Karin replied with a nod, still cautious.

"Well, if you'd care to join me for some tea, I'm sure I can help you in that area." He smiled, leading her off to one of the mountains away from the fight between the two vicious women.

It felt like hours as Urahara explained the situation at hand with the Arrancar and Orihime being kidnapped. He also went over the fine points of Soul Society and the different kinds of Shinigami, Hollows, and Pluses. It was all done over a nice cup of tea and it seemed like everything fell into place after that long chat. Karin took a sip before asking a question. "So why is Tatsuki here?"

Urahara smiled "The same reason you are. She wants to protect those around her and fight for justice and all that good stuff. Yoruichi is doing a good job with her. We'll have to begin your training soon, though..."

"Really?" Karin said almost excitedly but bit it back and reassembled her cool. "I mean, of course."

"Only if you can commit and really have the will to do such things…" Urahara stated with a serious tone.

Karin responded with a, "Who do you think I am?"

Urahara just laughed "I thought so…"

Karin was deep in thought about her training when her mind wondered to Toushiro. Where was he, shouldn't he be here helping her train? She hadn't seen him for a few days and she was a bit worried. "Mr. Urahara, where's Toushiro?"

Urahara just smirked behind his fan.