Chapter Twenty-four: War Bringer

A black zipper void opened up with a loud sound, Shinigami below, paused in their routines to look up and take notice of the opening, and what might come through. The day was nice, beautiful almost, lovely, yet this thick black crack in the sky did not seem to block out the sun even though it took up almost all of the sky.

There was a loud screech, a howling, so threatening and vile that it created a gust of wind that surged all the way down and into the empty street's of Karakura Town. Some of the less powerful Shinigami had to hold their hands up to shield them selves from the blast, though it was not invasive.

A moment passed and then, horde upon horde of Hollows came flying from out of the crack between two world, screaming with carnal hunger and a taste for battle. Shinigami on the ground, pauses for a moment, becoming wide eyed before looking back to one another. A single word went out, almost in unison across the town.

"Sound the Alarm! Aizen makes his move!"

A loud siren went out, and on the pillars, all four, Black figures started to swarm across the scaffolding erected around the stone monoliths. It seemed, there was a weapon, a rifle of some sort every five feet or so on each level of the scaffolding, allowing for a 360 degree view. Countless Shinigami began manning the different stations there, cocking the weapons and aiming towards the gathering gloom of Hollow.

Behind that mound, countless Menos Grande could be seen filing out.

Seated officers on the scaffolding shouted an order to fire and red bullets of Kido energy began firing out of those weapons, impacting into the wave of hollows, stopping the advance in it's tracts. Hollows began to fall away from the explosion, dissolving as they did so, dead.

On Each Pillar, the officer assigned to command the division guarding the tall stones, appeared at the very top, over looking the battle. Isshin, Hisagi, Chad, Kyoraku, Komamura, Iba, Toshiro, Rangiku, Chad, Gantenbainne, and all the rest. It was just in time to, because who ever had control of the Gergatura now had ones opening directly over each and everyone of the pillars, a fresh new wave of hollows baring down on the groups gathered.

Swords were drawn, Fullbring brought to life, and the first person to do anything was Sajin. "Tenkin!" He shouted as the wave of hollow grew ever closer to him and his Leuitenant. His sword swong across the air in front of him, and a giant first appeared, plowing into the equally sized wave of Hollow. Smashing, breaking, and killing them. He sheathed his sword in one swift action as the Gargantua closed.

"Nice one Captain..." Iba commented.

"Stay Alert..." Was all he got in response and the Shinigami on the scaffolding kept up their fire. The wave was starting to break through now as hollows now circled around some of the pillars, causing the weapons on the scaffolding to be occupied with the closer threat. Hitsugaya, Chad, and Kyoraku were now air borne, fighting different hollows. They were easy, but moving from one Hollow to the next was stamina draining. One could guess that this was part of Aizen's strategy.

Rangiku let Heinko clear the upper part of the sky, in a multiple killing attack. she may have been lazy, but she was powerful and naturally talented. Being lazy in the Gotei 13 only holds you back, but if you're a natural, you can excel, much like this busty blond.

Toshiro kept the Hollows at bay with his, Guncho Tsurara, shooting volleys of Icicles at hordes of hollows.

Karin, still with Meiyotou waiting for the call to join the battle, kept her senses tuned on her beloved, as well as her brother and her father. She was growing anxious and wished to joing in. The urge to protect was coarsing through her Kurosaki vanes.

A hand reached out and grasped her shoulder, it was her Captain, Meiyotou Takahashi. "Karin... they'll be fine... I promise..."

She nodded, but went back to watching the battle from the Commanding Headquarters.

Ukitake Rushed out from the temporary housing for his division in the streets of Karakura town and gaze upon the unfolding battle. He took note of the Menos now coming through and slowly making their way towards each Pillar. Most of the Captain's guarding the Scaffolding were now too busy defending the pillars from the hordes of hollows to be worried about the Giant Hollows just yet.

The White haired Captain ran now, finding a hell butterfly. "Get Kenpachi's people down here now. Wake him up if you have to! We need reinforcements!"

One of the Menos was still far off, but he caught it with his eyes just as it started to power up a Cero. Right at Sajin's Pillar.

"Ah... Captain..." Iba said to the Large Wolf of a Captain.

"Yes Iba?" Komamura responded as he turned to see Iba pointing at the Menos charging it's cero right at the Pillar from some distance off.

"Stand Back Lieutenant... Tell the Division to brace for impact! Ban..."

Before the 'kai' in 'bankai' could even be said, a stream of powerful and large red energy short towards the pillar at the speed of light. However, there didn't seem to be and impact. Instead, the attack was instantly pressed in to one small focal point. That being one of Joshiro Ukitake's Shikai's swords. The whole stream was absorbed before he pressed the other sword towards the Menos, the charms lighting up as he did so, and the same amount of energy fired back out at the large hollow.

After the light had cleared, there was no evidence, other then a large gash in a few buildings that there was ever a Menos Grande there.

Ukitake flash-stepped to the Top of Kommamura's pillar.

"My Thanks, Captain Ukitake." The Seventh Captain would thank, he eyes still in disbelief.

"No problem, Captain Komamura. We all look out for each other." The white haired Captain would nod and take his leave.

"Okay boys!" The boisterous and crazy voice of Zaraki Kenpachi shouted as he over looked the battlefield, a thousand crazy eyed Shinigami standing behind him. Ikkaku, Yumachika, and Soifon stood next to him, all with crazy grins. Except for Soifon, of course. She just looked embarrassed. "Go have some fun!"

Ikkaku raised his sword in the Air, and with a giant grin on his face shouted, "It's a god damn lucky day!" and charged for the waves of hollow's poring into the battlefield and swarming the now out numbed Shinigami on the pillars. Ometsikido and Second Division members flash stepped passed the two Captains while the Eleventh Divisioners had a less the subtle approach to things. Yelling, screaming and shouting battle cries that would go down in history.

Without further preamble, the new wave of Shinigami clashed with the Hollows in an epic explosion of sword play and Kido use. Some Shinigami dropped to their deaths, others, more experienced ones, sliced and diced different Hollows, giving a boost in moral to those on the Pillars and Scaffolding. Soifon and Kenpachi joining into the frey only moments later.

This left the Captains more open to deal with the looming threat of the Menos. One has already managed to take out a level of scaffolding. They were lucky Ukitaki arrived just as the Cero hit and absorbed the rest of the blow.

Ishida and Ichigo arrived not long after the Second and Eleventh began their first counter attack, dropping Hollows here and there. Uryu, brought out his bow and sent a flurry of arrows in the direction of a more populated section of hollows and erased them from very existence. Ichigo, flash stepping, moved to help take care of the Menos, ordering his men to join the first wave in their efforts. Byakuya dropped in as well, using Senbonsakura in much the same way Uryu was using his arrows, to help lessen the number of lower level and smaller Hollows.

It was chaos, there was no doubt about it, and it was clear that this was going to be a long battle, and just the beginning too. These were just the foot soldiers of Aizen's army.

It felt like hours to Ichigo, but finally the numbers on both sides had thinned out. Scaffolding laid wrecked on the ground, covered in stains of blood of the Shinigami that had died in the crash. The Pillars remained intact though, the Shinigami put in charge to protect them having done their job successfully.

What was left of the lower level hollows were falling back into one Garganta, away from the battlefield, that had shrunk to a few handful of small scattered groups fighting. The waves had stopped sometime after Ichigo, Byakuya, and Uryu arrived, the two former being able to handle multiple targets at once with their abilities.

He glanced down from his position in the air, resting Zangetsu against his shoulder. He saw Rukia down there, freezing a Hollow with her beautifully white Shikai. He smiled softly, glad she was safe. He was keeping a close eye on her Reiatsu of course. He didn't want what happened back in Hueco Mundo to happen ever again. It was too much to bare.

He saw Karin, The third wave now in the frey as well, and she had not even used her sword once. Instead, the young women would use brute for to bring the straggling hollows into submission. Her fist, when it impacted, would ether shatter the mask, or add yet another hole to the heartless creatures hide before it died. She was indeed powerful and he caugh himself thinking, that maybe she didn't need his protection anymore. It was a concept he'd have to get used to.

Rukia appeared next to him a moment later, Her sword now in it's sheath. A hand went up to touch his arms lovingly and he smiled down at her.

"Thay all grow up, sometime, Ichigo." She would smile, and all he could do was nod.

The other Captains started to gather around him, and those who helped them that were of different species did as well. Yamamoto even came out to survey the scene. They all stood there in the middle of the sky for some time before Kenpachi finally spoke up. "Damn cowards... they called that a fight?"

Yamamoto, gazing at the sky with a somber and wise expression replied to the fight loving warrior, "There is more to come Kenpachi... and it should be arriving at any point now..."

"More?" Ukitake commented, Isshin frowning a bit at the white hair Captains Ignorance to the strategy played here.

"Reports from the fourth division say that were are down to Fifteen percent our total number. Most of your divisions were wiped out in that massive attack. Only the most powerful survived." Yamamoto said sternly.

Komamura's head dropped, "They shall never be forgotten."

"However..." Yamamoto continued, "We must also take into consideration that Aizen's retreat of his main attack wave must mean he's lower on Military strength then we are. Hollows are much less loyal then Shinigami ever will be."

A pair of hands started to clap a few meters off and Toshiro and Karin arrived at that moment, along with Uryu, Meiyotou, Miaku, and Byakuya. Everyone was now gathered in one place. They all turned to look towards the noise that seemed to pierce the now silent battlefield.

"Captain Commander, your acuity for the obvious never ceases to amaze me..." Aizen would taunt as he stepped out from the blackness of a Gargantua. Behind him, what was left of the Espada. Halibel, Stark, Yammy, Wonderweise, and Barragan.

The Old Man grumbled and held out his wooden stick. The wood began to evaporate. "Everyone, stand back." And as Ryujin Jakka became clearly visible he unsheathed it's blade and the whole world seemed to burn at that moment. His spiritual power erupted and even made the Espada flinch. He brought his blade up high, it's orange, red and yellow flames pulsating with deadly unbearable heat. "I shall end this in one blow..."

The other Shinigami did as requested before the release and simply watched on as the Old Man confronted the problem directly.

Just as Yamamoto was about to swing down, A weird shaped Arrancar appeared before him. He thought he recognized the face, but his body was clearly different. No mind,he thought, This swing will surely kill them all.

Wonderweise's hand shot up and caught Ryujin jakka. And suddenly, the flames were gone.

"Herm?" Yamamoto pondered.

"This is Wonderweise, I created him for the soul purpose of negating your abilities in battle. You are, even more powerful then myself Yamamoto. There is no denying that. But you're headstrong even in your old age."

There was a brief moment when there were two Aizen's in Karakura town. The one standing in front of Yamamoto, and the one standing behind him. Blood erupted from the Old man, and a lot of it. Wonderweise let out a simple. "OOOaaahhh." Before letting The Captain Commander fall towards the ground. His Zanpakuto sealed and his body limp and unconscious.

The crowd of Captain's and their Allies looked astonished. Isshin had a somber look though, like he had known something like this would happen. Ichigo had a blank stare, and Karin's face almost mirrored his. In fact, at the same time, the both of them said two very interesting words. "We're Fucked..."

Toshiro and Rukia looked to their significant others, then to each other, before Toshiro spoke up. "For once... I think Kurosaki might be right..."

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