The Orphanage

Blood laid everywhere. Blood, that came from three bodies, a mother, a father and a brother. The daughter/sister hid herself in the closet. She was about 5 years old and she shook violently from what she saw. Then from the shadows a man came out. Tall with sliver hair, which shone in the dim light, he carried a knife with her family's blood on it. He looked around, looking for her.

The girl gave a whimper but then cover her mouth. Too late. Even through the shadows the girl could see him smile as he came to the cloest. He opened the door and looked down on her. The girl felt overwhelming fear as he raised the knife, ready to strike. The knife came down,,,

Kynthia woke with a start, cold sweat dripped from her face. The nightmare that has haunted her ever since her family was murdered came back to her now. Kyn, as she was normally called, looked down at her shoulder and traced the scar, which went from her left shoulder to just into her left breast, with her finger. 10 years it has been since that dream was reality. The murderer tried to kill Kyn with the rest of her family. Luckily she had moved just in time so the blow was not fatal but left a deep scar on her left side of which she was looking at now.

Kyn moved her fingers though her dirty, long black hair and sighed.

What happened after that started out well, the murderer did not get a second chance to strike before the cops came and he ran, dropping the knife. Kyn then was taken to a hospital and treated. The police searched for family to take care of her.

But that was where the good stopped. Not one of her relatives agreed to take her in for they were afraid that the killer would go after them if they did. So Kyn was taken into an orphanage.

Kynthia look around the room she was in. Dust filled walls were all around her, cockroaches moved from here to there on the floor and dirty clothes acted as blankets for her.

This is the life she entered when she came to St. Mary's Perfect Children Orphanage. Miss. Leblanc was the founder and director of the building. She was a woman who only saw kids as things that you use to make money from or to throw away.

She saw Kyn as trash, due to her scar and had put her in the state of living she is in now.

Kynthia's belly rumbled and she pushed the dirty clothes off her. "Guess it's time for breakfast," Kyn said to herself and laughed. 'Breakfast' would be no more then a couple pieces of toast and some gruel.

Kyn got up and went down stairs. When she got to the last step she looked around quickly and strained her ears for any sound. Nothing. Kyn gave a sigh of relief; she didn't feel like meeting those three just yet.

Kyn made her way through some doors and into the kitchen. It was empty, as always, with only half a peace of toast and some gray milk. Kynthia gave grunt and walked out of the kitchen. 'Today,' she thought. 'Today I'm going to get a real breakfast. A breakfast from the Front House.'

Now it should be pointed out to the reader that in St. Mary's Perfect Children Orphanage there are two parts of the orphanage, made by Miss Leblanc. The Front House is where the children who appear that they could be sold are put. A place where kids are fed three times a day, every day. Where the meals are meals. Where they have the softest pillows, beds, blankets, chairs - you name it. Where everything is clean and healthy and, well to put it simply, a display case.

And the Back House, where our heroine Kynthia lives is, to once again put it simply, a dusty old storage box. Or the exact opposite of the front house.

What Kyn was thinking about doing was unthinkable but that's exactly what she was doing, thinking.

Kynthia walked through a hallway and took a left. Already she could smell bacon and eggs. Kyn licked her lips and quickened her pace. After she took another left she found herself at the door that led to the Front House, the only door that connected the two houses. Kyn took a deep breath, walked up to the door, let the breath go and opened the door.

Aerith Gainsborough took a deep breath, walked up to the door, let the breath go and opened the door. When she walked in she was greeted by the sight of happy children running and playing with each other. The walls were a comforting red as was the furniture. Aerith only walked in a couple of feet when a women came rushing to her. Wearing a reddish-purple blouse with a same color skirt. "Miss. Gainsborough," the women greeted. "I'm so glad that you're here. I'm Miss. Leblanc; I believe we talked on the phone."

"Yes, we did." Aerith confirmed and put out her hand in greeting.

"Ooh you don't know how happy I am to greet you." Leblanc said taking the hand and shaking quite eagerly, which also shook Aerith. "I do hope you find the child you're looking for. Although I know you will, I know it!"

Aerith was able to get herself out of the violent greeting and give a smile. "I hope I can find the right child, too."

"Well let me give you the tour, most children are eating right now but there are still a few who you can see."

Leblanc pulled Aerith by the sleeve deeper into the orphanage. She pointed to some of the children and told Aerith about them. "That's Jake; he's a cute little boy. That's Grace; very energetic. Over there is Sorin; good little lad and over there is his brother Hikari; a determined boy he is. Oh and there's Okan… say what were you looking for again?"

Aerith gave a deep sigh. "I wanted to find a child who can help me with my flower shop and give me company."

Leblanc raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you just hire someone to help you? In the long run it would be cheaper; I mean you only have to pay for the hours that they work. Not for their food, their clothes or anything else."

"I know, but as I had said before Miss Leblanc. I want a child who can keep me company and if I just hire a child they'll just see me as the boss. Not someone who cares about them."

"Then why not have a kid of your own?"

"I would," Aerith sighed. "But you see I have some . . . problems."

"Oh. Yes, I do see." Leblanc gave a smile. If Aerith hadn't known better, she would have said that the smile was cruel and fake. "Well if it's a child that will help out and give you company there's Alex right over there; a natural born leader. In that chair over there is Umiyuri; a very good drawer. And over there is…" Leblanc was interrupted a crash and a shout from the kitchen.

"What's wrong?" Aerith asked and went to see when Leblanc went in front of her, blocking her from going any further.

"Oh it's nothing!" Miss. Leblanc said with a fake smile.

"Someone must have burnt themselves, nothing to worry about." Leblanc turned around and muttered something about a 'Back House' as she walked away.

When Leblanc turned a corner Aerith followed slowly behind. She turned the same corner Leblanc did and walked down the hallway and stopped at a door that had 'Kitchen' on it. Through the door Aerith heard some voices but could not make anything out. Aerith put her ear to the door. "No we shouldn't do it right now." Aerith heard Leblanc's voice say. "Let's wait until Miss Gainsborough grabs a brat and leaves."

"O.K., boss." said two male voices.

Aerith heard foot steps and backed away just as the door opened. Leblanc's face went white with shock but she was able to put on her mask of false greeting. "Oh Miss Gainsborough, I didn't realized you were here. Would you like to look at more children or have you made up your mind?"

"No I haven't. I would like to look at some more." Aerith said quickly, she wanted to ask the women what they were talking about but decided not to.

Aerith thought that Leblanc's eyes flashed with annoyance. "Okay, take your time." She said with a smile.

As she was being dragged by Leblanc and half-listening to what she was saying, Aerith looked down one hall way and saw a door.

"Umm, Miss Leblanc, where does that door lead to?" Aerith asked the director.

"Oh, that," Leblanc almost growled. "It's nothing, just the storage room where we put our unwanted things." This was partly true.

As she was being dragged, Aerith turned her head to get a last look at the door.

Kynthia turned her head to get a last look at the door. She couldn't believe that she just stole from the Front house! She turned a corner and sat down. She put her head around the corner to see if anyone had followed. Nobody.

Kyn let a shaky breath go. 'Someone must be looking for a brat,' Kyn thought. It was the only explanation.

Kyn looked down at her treasure; 2 freshly baked buns, a sausage, some bacon and a hard boiled egg. Kyn licked her lips, this was a meal fit for a king by Kynthia's standers. She picked up a bun and sank her teeth into it. Tears came to Kyn's eyes at the taste of the bun; it was so fresh, so good. Kyn wolfed down the rest of the bun and the second. She turned her teeth to the sausage and even more tears came to her Kyn's eyes when her tongue came in contact with the meat. In about five minutes all the food was gone and Kyn stomach was now at least partly full.

Kynthia got back up and was about to go back to her room when; "Enjoyed your meal, Kyn?"

Kyn gave an almost animal like growl and turn to the voice.

"Took you long enough Seifer."

A boy about two years older than Kyn stepped out of the shadows and gave her a smirk. "I just thought I would give you time to enjoy yourself before I teach you your latest lesson."

Seifer was a boy who had been at the orphanage since he was

very little, younger then Kynthia. Because of his violent attitude

Leblanc had put him in the back house. Despite that, he was very loyal to the old hag.

"Oh how kind of you." Kyn said with fake thanks. "Although I'm surprised that your stupid cattle hadn't come with you to 'teach' me."

"Kyn, Kyn, Kyn." Seifer said shaking a finger. "Now do you really think that I wouldn't let my best students help me with this?"

Kyn turned around quickly to see a girl with sliver-blue hair and a boy with a bulky mass and brown hair.

"Rai and Fuu." Kynthia growled.

"You shouldn't steal from the Front House, y'know!" Rai said.

"Lesson time." Fuu put in.

Seifer, Rai and Fuu, were the other residents of Back House. When Kynthia first came to Back House Miss Leblanc made an offer.

Kyn could be her little pet. A pet that stole from stores and begged on the streets for money. Money which would go straight to Miss Leblanc. She would even have Kyn spread bad rumors about other orphanages. Kyn naturally refused. Leblanc then ordered her little pets to 'teach' Kynthia how to listen to her benefactors.

Now, it was time for one of these lessons.

"Sorry guys, but you may find that I won't be as easy to bring down as before." Kyn said with a smirk and ran off down a hall, Seifer and friends following close behind.

Normally, Kyn would only be able to go down a couple of hallways before she became tired enough for the three to get her. But thanks to the more then average breakfast, Kyn had more energy to run and take sharp corners.

As the chase continued, Seifer shouted a command that Kyn did not hear. She could not turn her head because that would slow her down and every bit of speed counted. Kyn turned another corner and when she was about halfway through she felt a hard body ram against her. It banged her against a wall and blood came into her mouth.

"Great plan Seifer, y'know!" The voice of Rai said. "Now we have her, y'know!"

"Brilliant." Fuu's voice said shortly.

"You guys are too kind," Seifer's cocky voice said. "It wasn't really that hard to figure out. I knew this idiot wouldn't see it coming. Now then!"

Kynthia felt her body being lifted up by both arms. Another hand grabbed her head so that she was looking into the dirty faces of Seifer.

"Now Kyn," Seifer's voice had fake caring in it. "Would you please tell me why you stole from Front House? You know we are never to enter that place."

"Is there something wrong with getting a decent breakfast?" Kynthia spat and felt a knee jab into her stomach.

"Did you really think that I would take that excuse?" Seifer asked, bending down to her level. "We get fed well enough here. Isn't that right, Rai, Fuu?"

"Best meals you could get y'know!"


Seifer gave a short laugh. "See? We get fed well and you want to know why, Kyn? Well I'll tell ya! It's because we work with Leblanc, not against her."

"You could beat me to an inch of my life Seifer," Kyn said glaring up at the blonde haired boy. "But there is no way, in this or any other world that I am going to work for that bitch!" Kynthia felt a fist make contact with her face and then a kick at the spine.

"Kyn," Seifer growled and gave a kicked to her ribs. "You do realize that you are not making this any easier for us or for yourself."

"Give in." Fuu grunted.

"Sorry guys." Kyn said, spitting out some blood and grinning. "I told you before; I'm not going down that easily, especially today!"

With that, Kyn swiped her legs under Rai, causing him to trip and fall. The added weight and unevenness also caused Fuu to fall; only, unlike Rai, she fell on Kyn.

Kynthia realized that Rai and Fuu were no longer holding her. She elbowed Fuu very hard to get the sliver haired girl off of her. Then she got up quickly and ran down the hall and turning a corner.

All of this happened in the spam of about 10-15 seconds. Seifer was still shocked to see his companions fall and couldn't respond to Kyn's escape. Rai soon got up and was about to follow her but stopped at Seifer's voice.

"Forget it!" the blond haired boy said.

"B-but Seifer," Rai argued. "We have to get her, y'know! We still need to…"

"I said forget it!" Seifer shouted, cutting Rai off. "There's no way we're going to be able to get her right now. Beside, Miss Leblanc will punish her right after who-ever-is-here gets a brat. That'll be when we strike."

"Brilliant." Fuu commented.

"Seifer always knows what to do, y'know!" Rai said punching the air with his fist.

Kynthia did not hear any of this as she kept running and took another left. She stopped when she could not hear any footsteps behind. Kyn took in some deep breaths to clam herself down. "Man," she said to herself. "I got off easy there. Oh well, I'm not complaining."

Kyn then checked to see if any bone in her body was broken. She touched her side where Seifer had kicked her and flinched in pain. It didn't seem broken but it was badly bruised. Her jaw was okay although some teeth were loose and it hurt if she moved her back too far.

Kyn sighed, her spine and her jaw she could go on fine with but her ribs need attention. If she got hit there again today she would be in serious trouble. As Kyn went back down the hallway and took a right. She took the long way to the medicine room; she didn't want to meet up with Seifer & co again.

As she walked, Kyn thought about all the beatings she would get. Not just from Seifer, but from Leblanc and her workers. Kynthia gave a sigh; she couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into.

Aerith gave a sigh; she couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into. She knew it would be hard picking a child but she didn't think it would be this hard. There were so many to choose from, she didn't even know where to start.

There was this little boy, Xyn, who seem to be a nice boy but he was very shy. Then there was this girl, Haku, who had a lot of energy but that also went against her. To mention more would fill many books.

Leblanc didn't make things easier. The director would not let her be. Before Aerith had time to register one child, Leblanc was already talking about another. Not to mention the 'witty' jokes she constantly made. After some reassuring and threatening to leave, Aerith was finally able to get the women off her tail.

Now Aerith walked around the orphanage watching the children's behavior. Once again, for about the thousandth time, she had no idea who to pick. So many kids - so many choices. Aerith had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Out of the corner of her eye Aerith could see Leblanc looking in on her. Leblanc was gripping her skirt tightly in frustration and then turning to attend to something else.

Sighing again, Aerith made her way to the kitchen. Maybe a glass of water would help. As she walked Aerith went past a door and stopped. Aerith leaned her head back and looked at the door.

It was the same door that Leblanc had dragged her by after the 'accident'.

Aerith moved back a couple of steps and walked up to the door. She knew that, according to Leblanc, this was the storage room. Yet…there was something about it that Aerith wanted to see. She grabbed the handle and froze.

'What was there to see in a storage room?' Aerith asked herself, thinking things over. Now this was very logical thinking. After all, other then brooms, boxes and other junk, what would one find in a storage room?

So after a few seconds of thinking things through, Aerith opened the door.

Aerith coughed when she entered. Dust was on just about every surface. She jumped a bit when she felt a cockroach run across her foot.

She closed the door and went in further. Dirt gave the dust company on the walls and floor. Aerith looked at the 'storage room' in amazement and disbelief.

'If this is a storage room, it's the biggest storage room I've ever seem…and the dirtiest,' Aerith thought as she turned a corner. 'How could anyone leave any room like this?'

Aerith stopped suddenly and lifted her eyes from the floor. She thought she heard the clank-clank of glass hitting glass. Aerith strained her ears to try to catch the noise again. Clank-Clank. Aerith whipped her head to the left were the sound came from. She waited again to see if it really did come from there. The sound came again from the same spot and this time it was accompanied by some muffled swears.

Aerith slowly walked down the hallway. She stopped at a door frame with no door and looked in.

Inside there was a table, a few scattered chairs, a counter and some cabinets above it. Dust and grit covered every surface. On the counter was a person. The cabinet's door block the person's face but Aerith guessed that it was a girl.

Aerith could hear the girl moving some glass and muttering swears under her breath. Aerith took a couple of steps into the room. The girl kept rummaging through the cabinet, throwing an empty bottle on to the floor. Aerith some more steps into the dust filled room. The girl still did not notice her. After Aerith took a few more steps, the girl gave a cry of joy. She closed the cabinet door and held a faded green glass bottle in her head.

Aerith could now see that the person was a girl. She had very dirty black hair and just as, if not more, dirty clothes. Brown clothes. The dirt covered her almost like a second skin.

"Alright, I hit the jackpot!" The girl cried out, holding the faded glass up high, still not noticing Aerith. "This has got to be the cleanest potion I've found yet!"

The girl slipped off the counter and looked down gleefully on the green bottle. Aerith thought she saw something on the girl's left shoulder.

Aerith moved a little more into the room, half hoping that the girl would notice her. She didn't. The girl moved the potion to her lips and was about to drink it when Aerith tapped her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Aerith asked.

The girl gasped, whipped around to face Aerith and dropped the potion that came crashing to the ground. Aerith jumped back to avoid the scattered glass. She looked down at the smashed potion then she looked up at the girl.

The girl stood open mouthed, looking at the now broken potion. The girl slowly lifted her head and looked at Aerith. Aerith could see a mixture of hate and fear in the girl's eye. The girl moved her mouth around trying to form words but gave up and looked at the ground, clutching her fists tightly.

After a tense moment the girl finally said. "My rib is hurt OK!?" She turned to look Aerith straight in the eye. "If I'm going to beaten every day you can't expect that I'm not going to get somekind of serious injury! I just need some kind potion, any kind of potion! Then you can beat me to bloody pulp! How does that sound!?"

"Beaten!?" Aerith asked a startled and confused. "What do you mean beaten?"

The girl scoffed at Aerith's confusion. "Oh don't try to give me that bull!" She shouted. "That has got to be the lamest trick in the book! Although, I'm glad to see that you half-wit morons are coming up with new things!"

Aerith shook her head. "I really don't know what you're talking about and it's not a trick! Most importantly, I do not want to hurt you in anyway." Aerith tried to walk to the girl but she backed away.

"You must be new," the girl said as she backed away. "The new ones always say that. 'Oh we're not going to hurt you, we want to be your friend, we just want to help you…' and other such bull!"

Aerith shook her head again; she couldn't believe what this girl was saying about her. No one had ever said these kinds of things to her, ever.

"Please," Aerith pleaded and a few more steps towards the girl. "I really don't want to hurt you. Why won't you believe me?"

The girl scoffed again, still backing away. "Persistent aren't you, with that whole playing dumb act. I have to admit, though, I'm almost believing you! Of course, there's no way that I am going to fall into that trap. I'm too…" The girl stopped talking when her foot touched a wall and she realized that she had backed herself into a corner.

The girl looked back and then looked at Aerith, complete fear was in her eyes. Aerith was in front of her and blocked any means of escape.

"Just get it over quickly," The girl begged. "Seifer already did a beating on me and Leblanc is going to have her turn just as soon as who-ever is here leaves with a brat."

Aerith sighed; she did not want to tell the girl that she was that who-ever. There was no way that the girl would believe her.

Aerith looked at the girl for a moment then she reached out her hand. The girl closed her eyes and turned away, bracing herself for the 'punch'. Aerith stopped her hand; the girl's reaction hurt her deeply. After a few seconds Aerith continued to move her hand towards the girl until it rested gently on her head.

The girl's eyes snapped open and she turned to look at Aerith. Confusion was all over her face.

"I told you," Aerith said gently. "I don't want to hurt you and I really don't know what you are talking about."

The girl looked at Aerith for a bit and then shook Aerith's hand off.

"You're clever," The girl said with a laugh. "Almost had me for a bit. Almost got me to believe. No one has ever tried that on me." The girl shook her head and gave another laugh.

Aerith gave a very deep sigh. 'How am I ever going to get this girl to trust me?' Aerith thought and then she got an idea.

Aerith got out her purse and started to rummage through it. "You said that your rib was hurt, right?" Aerith asked, still looking for something in her purse.

"Yeah…" The girl said confused.

Aerith had to move some things around before she found what she was looking for.

"Good thing I always keep at least one of these with me." Aerith said and took a shinning potion. "Here, this should make it better."

The girl stared at the offered potion and then at Aerith, looking for some sign of trickery.

Aerith gave a smile. A true, gentle smile.

The girl looked down at the potion again. Reached out her hand, stopped, then she snatched it quickly from Aerith. The girl held the potion close and looked up at Aerith, to see her reaction.

"Go ahead, drink it. I'm not going to take it and it's not poisoned." Aerith said softly.

The girl looked down at the potion again and, after some moments, drank the whole bottle in one gulp. She coughed as some of the liquid went down her windpipe but most of it went into her body.

"There! How do you feel now?" Aerith asked.

The girl coughed a little more but answered. "A lot better thanks." She gave Aerith a smile.

Aerith smiled back and said. "Now about that hair of yours." She was about to look through her purse again when she heard footsteps behind her.

Aerith turned and saw a white faced Leblanc and two men behind her, one was fat and round, the other was as skinny as a stick. The girl gave a sharp intake of breath.

"Miss Gainsborough!" Leblanc shouted. "What are you doing here!?" Then she said in a gentler tone. "You really shouldn't be here Miss Gainsborough, who knows what could have happen."

Leblanc grabbed Aerith by the arm and as she pulled Aerith away, she saw the girl.

"W-what, what are you doing here! Haven't you gotten yourself into enough trouble!? Let's go, Miss Gainsborough," Leblanc hissed. Then said to the two men. "You know what to do!"

"Yes boss!" The men answered.

As Aerith was dragged out of the room, she tried to look back to get one last glimpse of the girl but Leblanc gave a hard tug which turned Aerith around.

The two women did not speak until they were out of the 'storage room'. There Leblanc turned and said, "I'm sorry you had to see that, Miss Gainsborough. It is most unfortunate what happens in there."

"What does happen in there and what is that room really?" Aerith asked, glaring at the director.

Leblanc sighed and it almost looked like she was on the verge of tears. Almost. "You see Miss Gainsborough, here at St. Mary's Perfect Children Orphanage, there are some children who just don't fit with the others, or society. Whether it's because they are too violent or they just don't look good, these children like to keep themselves apart from the others. They go into what we call the 'Back House'," Here Leblanc pointed to the door. "You see that is their sanctuary, there place of peace. Oh, we try to get the kids out of their shells, and sometimes it works, but unfortunately we can not help them all."

Aerith was not satisfied with this.

"But why is it so dirty in there and what are the 'beatings' that girl was talking about?" Aerith asked.

"Well, the room is so dirty because whenever we try to clean it the children always chase them away." Leblanc answered.

"And the beatings? What are those men doing to her right now?"

"Oh you mustn't listen to those kids, they lie through their teeth and those men back there, very fine men they are, are just calming that girl down."

Before Aerith could ask any more questions, Leblanc changed the subject.

"But lets not have such disturbing talk ruin your day. After all, you still need to find a child."

Aerith gave her a cool stare. "There's no need for that Miss Leblanc, I've already chosen."

"Wonderful!" Leblanc said, suddenly as happy as a clown. "We must go to talk of the matter." Leblanc lead the way to her office.

Leblanc's office was a comforting red like the rest of the orphanage (or a least half of it) and Leblanc sat down on a high comfortable looking chair. Leblanc made a sign for Aerith to sit in a chair right in front of her.

"So," Leblanc said getting right down to business. "Who's the lucky kid that's going home with you?"

Aerith look Leblanc straight in the eye. "What is the name of the girl I was talking to in the 'Back House'?"

Leblanc blinked a few time then asked annoyed, "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Please, I would like my question answered," Aerith said, her voice even.

"Well…her name is Kynthia but, by all that is good, why do you want to know that!?"

"Because, Miss Leblanc, it is this girl, Kynthia, who I am adopting."

For about the third time that day, all of Leblanc's color drained from her face.

"B-b-but," Leblanc stammered. "Why!? Why do you want that misprint of a girl!?"

"Because Miss Leblanc," Aerith said her voice still cool. "I believe that that girl would be perfect for me and if you refuse to give her to me, I will tell the CAS. I'm sure they would be very interested in that Back House."

Aerith looked at the other person, wanting to see what the she would do.

Kynthia looked at the two men, wanting to see what they would do.

"You really have caused quite an uproar today," the skinny one said.

"Yeah, you're lucky that the boss hasn't done anything till now," the round one added.

Kyn walked slowly to the left, trying to find an escape route. She scanned the room and found a gap between the two men. It would be slim; if they caught her they would beat her even harder.

But Kynthia didn't care, not since the Angel came. In fact, she wanted them to beat her harder. They might as well kill her if she could not see the Angel again. Kyn knew that she would never see the Angel again, so what was the point.

Kyn ran, she got through the gap and to the doorway when she felt a hand grab the back of her shirt. She was jerked back and landed on her side. The two men stood above her.

"Man, you aren't too smart today are you?" the fat one asked.

"Indeed," the skinny one agreed. "It seems as though Seifer hasn't been doing his job."

"Well we'll just have to do it for them!"

Kyn felt a kick at her back, then one in the knees. She was lifted and a fist made contact with her stomach. As the assault continued Kyn just stayed limp, she saw no point in fighting back.

The skinny one was about to throw another punch when he heard someone call their names.

"Logos, Ormi!" It was one of the attendants.

Both men stopped what they were doing. Logos (aka 'the skinny one') looked back and shouted. "Sorry but we're a little busy right now!"

Ormi (aka 'the fat/round one') dropped Kynthia and shouted, "Yeah, Boss's orders."

The attendants appeared in the door and leaned on the frame.

"Well these are the Boss's orders too," The attendant said. "She wants me to bring the girl to her office."

Logos and Ormi stared at the attendant. Even Kynthia lifted herself up a bit and stared. All three were thinking the same thing; 'What would Leblanc want with her?' (Except Ormi thought 'Boss' and Kyn thought 'the old hag')

"B-but WHY!?" Logos asked, bewailed.

"How the hell should I know?" The attendant said shrugging, she then turned to Kynthia. "Get up you filthy whore, I want to get out of here as soon as possible."

Kyn did as she was told and followed the attendant, leaving behind a stunned Ormi and Logos.

Soon they were out of the Back House. As they made their way to Leblanc's office Kyn noticed that the attendant was taking a lot of corners, probably so that none of the children saw her.

Before Kyn knew it, they were standing in front of a door and then turned sharply.

"Now," the attendant hissed. "I want you to behave yourself while you are in there, or else! Understand?"

Kyn nodded, still not knowing what was going on. The attendant opened the door and Kyn walked in. She gasped.

Not three feet away from her was the Angel! Kynthia could not believe it. Here thought that she would never see the Angel again and yet, the Angel was here.

"Miss Kynthia," Leblanc said, snapping Kyn from her thoughts. "This here is Miss Aerith Gainsborough."

Aerith got up from her chair outstretched her hand.

"Hello there," Aerith greeted with a smile. "Sorry I didn't introduce myself before; I guess I just did not know what to say."

"Hi," Kyn said, shaking the hand.

Leblanc gave a groan of disgust and said, "Now Miss Gainsborough here has made an interesting proposal. She would like to adopt you." Kyn's heart stopped. "Of course you'll have to agree to this an-"

"I'll go!!" Kynthia yelled. "I'll go, when can we leave!?"

Leblanc gave a groan and Aerith had a triumphant smile on her face.

"Well," Leblanc groaned on. "Miss Gainsborough will first have to sign some papers and pay the fee."

"Alright," Aerith half laughed.

Leblanc showed Aerith some papers. Aerith signed most of them; some Kyn had to write her name as well. During all this time Kynthia was in a daze, time seemed to have slowed.

After an eternity, Aerith handed over the check and turn to Kynthia with a smile.

"Well, you ready to go home Kynthia?" She asked.

"Yeah," Kyn said, still in a daze. Home, she had not heard that word in a long time.

"Thank you for coming to St. Mary's Perfect Children Orphanage," Leblanc grumbled.

"Nothing to it," Aerith said and left the room, Kynthia following close behind.

As Kyn followed Aerith out of the orphanage, she noticed all of the children and attendants staring at them. Kyn figured that the children were trying to figure out who she was, while the attendants were wondering what the heck she was doing outside of Back House.

They finally made it outside and Kyn looked around. It had been many years since Kyn had been outside of the orphanage and what would have looked like a normal parking lot to us, with some grass and some trees, was a beautiful place to Kyn.

"Kynthia" Aerith called out.

Kyn shook her head and saw that Aerith was at her car while she was still on the door step. She quickly made her way to the car and got in. Aerith gave a laugh and also went into the car.

Though it has been many more years since Kyn had been in a car, she still knew how to put her seat belt on.

As the car pulled out of St. Mary's Perfect Children Orphanage Kynthia looked out the window. It was then that she realized that for the first time in 9 years, she was going home.

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